Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Stop TBX: What Democracy Looks Like In Tampa

@ Amalie Arena

We were told that the fight is over? Educate. Recruit.
 The fight has just begun. Join Sunshine Citizens here

This republican doesn't like his picture taken!

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Mario Nunez said...

Sorry I was forced to leave early. The Delegation did their damnedest to insure we went last, and even cut our time to just one minute. I wanted to direct my comments at Jeff Brandes who is an arrogant bully and doesn't deserve our respect. He looked me straight in eye and lied about the TBX costing only $3B and that it would pay for itself. He claims, "people are coming, we need to add capacity". Follow the money on this, someone is getting a kickback. It's shameful.

Mario Nunez
Tampa Natives Show host