Saturday, December 16, 2017

Our Case For Andrew Gillum

Tallahassee mayor and Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has all the ingredients of a winner: a visionary platform, name recognition, a new savvy finance chairman, and charisma. Oh, and he is African-American.
Gillum electrifies the demographic that is vital to Democrats, especially in off-year elections.
None of Gillum’s opponents in the Democratic primary would be able to come within light years of what he is capable of achieving in a general election.
Gwen Graham and Phillip Levine are old guard and come nowhere near the definition of progressive. Graham, for example, voted for fracking as a Congresswoman; Levine, as mayor of Miami Beach, praised Donald Trump. Both are attempting to reinvent themselves as left leaning to score in the Democratic primary. more

Eustis, Florida Police Arrest 93-Year-Old Woman For Not Paying Rent

 Eustis police arrested a 93-year-old woman accused of trespassing after the independent living facility in which she lived reported that she has refused to pay rent for the past three months. here

Trump Fights Fight For 15

Trump's appointees on the labor board just made it harder for workers to fight big chains like McDonald’s. here 
Want to FIGHT BACK? 
STOP eating fast food! Eat Local

Florida's Miccosukee Tribe Says Not So Fast

Florida water managers say water running from conservation areas into the Everglades is cleaner than ever.
“This is one of the most successful environmental projects in the history of the world,” South Florida Water Management District board member Jim Moran
But the Miccosukee Tribe, which won a landmark case forcing the state to clean water, said the district continues to exclude polluted water on tribal land from monitoring reports.
“You’re showing deceptive information and everybody wants to sing Kumbaya. Let’s take the sample today and you tell me that’s the truth.” Truman “Gene” Duncan, the tribe’s water resource director. here

Tanja Vidovic And The Good Old Boys At The Tampa Fire Rescue Department

They tried to shut her up. They tried to make her go away. They made her life miserable. Yet Tanja Vidovic — persisted.
Her sin? Wanting to be treated with civility, professionalism and respect. 
She was just awarded $245,00 in her federal lawsuit against the city of Tampa. They could of simply cut Vidovic a check, give back her job and fire the dolts who caused her so much grief. Instead, the city went ahead to trial. 
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn has a dark, almost irrational, blindside when it comes to courting the first responder community. For years, Buckhorn has failed to hold Tampa Fire Rescue accountable for its tawdry historic and systemic mistreatment of women within its ranks. here


Friday, December 15, 2017

Our Corporate Overlords Take Complete Control

For now our corporate overlords are in complete control. What will happen to activist who depend on the net to organize? Without the Net Neutrality rules, companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon will be able to call all the shots and decide which websites, content and applications succeed. here
Smoke Signals? 
You will need a permit.
You will need.
*Date and time it is scheduled to start and be finished (30 day maximum)
*Copy of warranty deed for property
*Letter from the owner of the property giving permission for the bonfire/campfire to be held and naming the responsible adult in charge
*EPA approval required, in writing here
If the censorship comes.
Points of unity (In code for Tampa folks only.)

 37th state in command of a vessel

Cooks Dept Store

On the Horizon 

Tampa aviator in the bay

Florida GOP Pam Bondi Calling The Kettle Black

Ms. Bondi on this blog

Brand GOP: Republicans Kill The Internet

As expected, the vote was 3 to 2 along party lines, with Chairman Ajit Pai and Republican Commissioners Brendan Carr and Michael O’Rielly voting in favor of the order, and Democratic Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel voting against. here

The Adjustments In Seminole Heights

Tonight 8 PM
Red Rock Bar

Florida GOP Culture Of Corruption

In one case a female Florida Department of Transportation worker was grabbed by the throat and beaten by her male supervisor. He was not fired.
 In another, a Department of Corrections worker was photographed fully nude by an inspector who erroneously told her photos of her naked body parts were needed to investigate an inmate complaint against her.
In a third case, a female Department of Health worker was sexually harassed and later put on administrative leave. She was relocated after reporting the incident.
Snapshots of harassment settlements, mostly related to sexual misconduct, agreed to by Gov. Rick Scott’s administration since he took office in 2011. Source 

The Florida Aristocratic Party

A lesson for Florida Dems
The Florida Democratic party has been more like the Florida Aristocratic party with elitist state chairpersons like Allison Tant and Stephen Bittel.  Paying lip service to neutrality in the governor’s race while quietly promoting  former Gov. Bob Graham’s daughter would be another in a long history of costly unforced errors by party elders. more
Florida Democrats need to take a cue from events in Alabama and Tampa or they will have learned nothing and likely never will.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tampa's Dark Ages

 Tampa City Councils first reading of the "bathhouse" ordinance: an outdated law used to target the lgbtq community in the 80's now weaponized against sex workers, trans folks, people of color and undocumented folks.
This ordinance is being proposed as an anti-human trafficking law, but it serves only to arrest victims and further harm these vulnerable communities. here

It's a Family Affair in Oak Park

Dec. 16  1 PM - 3 PM
with  Candy Lowe
50th Street and Columbus Dr.

Tampa Hoods

Palma Ceia

Problem Putnam

In Memoriam | A Homeless Memorial In Tampa

Tonight - The Portico

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Questions For Alma Gonzalez

Ryan Ross and us want to know
1. Why did you want to prevent Stacey Patel from winning? You could have just declined the nomination, but you also directed others to vote for Terrie.
2. Do you stand to benefit from Terrie Rizzo as FDP Chair in a way you would not if Stacey Patel had won?
3. At which point did you decide to change your view of who should be FDP Chair and what recent conversations and factors affected your decision?
4. Do you feel that you let your supporters down and will you be writing a statement of explanation to them?
5. As late as 24 hours before your declination, you were actively promoting your endorsements from politicians and organizations. Have those politicians and organizations reached out to you and asked why you sought their support and immediately withdrew from the race after receiving it? If so, what did you tell them?
** I welcome critical engagement. I think we need to be informed about the inner workings of our party. Transparency should be more than a buzzword. here

Happy Hour On HART 360LX

5 PM Big Crowd

Candy Lowe Holiday Black Business Bus Tour!

Join Ms. Lowe and DPCTB 
President Jessica Vaughn 
December 16th on 
Candy Lowe's
 Holiday Black Business Bus Tour! 
Staging begins at 8:00 am at Bounce Boy Fun Factory, 5008 10th Ave, Tampa, Fl (Corner of 
Columbus Dr & 50th St).
Buses leave promptly at 9am. For more info click here or call (813)787- 6652 
or (813)394 - 6363

Millennials For Net Neutrality In Tampa

Asher and crew
South Dale Mabry

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Sonny

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tampa Paparazzi

Friends in Tampa, Florida

David Straz's Self-Serving Operatives

The sweet smell of money is an aphrodesiac to political operatives whose main focus is to sell hope to a hopeless candidate, not trying to elect the poor schmuck.
I talked to Straz at his open to the public spaghetti dinner Sunday at the Italian Club in Tampa.  Outside of a couple of media people, it was south Tampa socialites mixing with longtime political grifters. 
But there’s a ton of money at stake for these operatives who have to do nothing more than stroke the ego of a 75-year-old elitist who supported Donald Trump and propagandize to the gullible.  
Three city council members have sold their political futures in backing the farcical Straz candidacy: Yolie Capin, Frank Reddick, and Guido Maniscalco.
By Jim Bleyer - Tampa Bay Beat

The Merchants Of Ybor

Tabanero Cigars

Enthusiastic Trump Supporter Ron DeSantis

 He is expected to launch a Republican bid for Florida governor in 2018. He flew with Trump on Air Force One from Washington to Pensacola.
He tweeted: Great ride to Pensacola! Thanks to @realDonaldTrump for the lift! here

Tampa Hoods

Ybor City

Monday, December 11, 2017

We Found Another Nice HART Driver

He took me from South Tampa to downtown on LX360. Good morning and have a good day to everyone who entered and left his bus. 

Protest Vote to Gut Net Neutrality In Tampa

12.12 - 11 AM
South Dale Mabry and Swann Ave

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ban Fracking Rally In Tampa

Brooke of Food & Water Watch - Florida

Tim of Organize Florida - Tampa Bay

Fort Brooke Park, Downtown Tampa