Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sky U. White Fans



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Citrus Taliban Terry Kimple Endorses Cindy Stuart

Kevin Beckner is the best and only choice for Hillsborough Clerk of the Court! 
Cindy Stuart should immediately denounce Kemple’s endorsement!
Terry Kemple has long been on the wrong side of history and he is still peddling his hate-filled, bigoted, and discriminatory rhetoric. Kemple, has endorsed Cindy Stuart for Clerk of the Court. Cindy should immediately denounce Terry’s endorsement as he does not represent Hillsborough as a community. Terry Kemple has even spoken out against the Hillsborough Domestic Partner Registry, which benefits more than just the LGBTQ community. HERE
Check out Mr. Kimple on this blog HERE
Cindy Stuart HERE

Vote Warnock

The Warnock on the shirt is talking about Raphael Warnock. He’s running for the U.S. Senate seat Kelly Loeffler currently occupies. HERE

Check out Mr. Warnock

Self Isolate Blues

Disgusting Florida Republican Rick Scott

While Homeland Security defended the deployment of federal officers to counter protesters in Portland, Oregon.
Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott labeled
 the protests as "disgusting." HERE

The Candy Lowe Endorses Kevin Beckner

Candy Lowe has been a strong advocate in our community for years, especially for our children. Thank you for all your hard work and passion to help make Hillsborough County a great place to live and raise a family, Candy. I’m Incredibly grateful to have your support. KB


Kai Reyes enjoying the back seat in Tampa at night

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Florida GOP Wants A War With Hillsborough County

The Florida Department of Education has barred the Hillsborough County school district from moving forward with an online-only plan for the first month of the school year. In a letter addressed to Superintendent 
Addison Davis and Chair Melissa Snively, 
Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran said the district has only three options for 
reopening schools. HERE
“The Hillsborough County School Board needs to follow the law, it’s that simple."

School board show us what you got!

Bernie: Our Movement is Winning

All across the country, up and down the ballot, progressive candidates are standing up for working people, fighting back against their establishment-backed opponents, and winning their primaries.
We saw it just this week with Cori Bush's remarkable victory in Missouri, and Rashida Tlaib's landslide win defending her seat 
in Michigan.
We've seen it in New York and Washington, with congressional candidates like Jamaal Bowman and Pramila Jayapal. With district attorneys and prosecutor races, too, like Amy Padden in Colorado and Eli Savit in Michigan.
These victories are happening nationwide because our movement has stood together. And now, more progressives across the country with primaries happening very soon are counting on us to stand with them.
Making calls for these progressive candidates is the most impactful thing you can do to help during the final stretch of their primaries. HERE
In Tampa (I) recommend
Sky U. White
Kevin Beckner
Jen McDonald
Gary Dolgin 
 Jessica Vaughn
Bill Person

Self Isolate Blues

Tampa GOP

Tom Lee
Tony Morejon
Sandy Murman
Amber Mariano
 Jackie Toledo
James Grant
Linda Chaney
Mitch Thrower

Helicopter Tour in Tampa with Fly Venture

Commissioner Pat Kemp Gets Her Buses

HART now will have our first electric buses with $2.7 million in s federal DOT grant.
"I've worked for four years to get HART its first electric buses and for some time met with strong resistance. I couldn't be more thrilled. HART needs go all electric -- saving on costly fuel and greenhouse gases. Transit agencies across the country are going 100% renewable. HART needs to do so as well!" Commissioner Pat Kemp

Friday, August 7, 2020

DeSantis says Hillsborough County schools should reopen

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis said that school districts have a legal requirement to offer in-person instruction this fall despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
The governor was responding to the decision in Hillsborough County to start the school year virtually 
for all students. HERE

Tampa City Councilman Charlie Miranda clips coupons during Black Lives Matter presentation

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Meat Lovers Pizza
From Westshore Pizza