Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sanders vs. Trump 2020

We have received a lot of hateful e-mails since my post on November 23rd, we have no say in who you pick as your leader. But please consider this: 

 The 2020 presidential election is Senator Bernie Sanders’ race to lose, according to a new survey of more than a dozen top Democratic strategists.
“His people have never gone away,” Democratic strategist Brad Bannon told The Hill. “And he has a loyal core following out there that will be with him come hell or high water.” Sanders is the most popular politician in America, with an approval rating of 75 percent, according to a recent Harvard-Harris poll.
Since 2016, Sanders far-left politics have been embraced by Democrats at large. “The Sanders wing is becoming the dominant wing of the party,” Source
So when Florida Democrats pick a new leader please take your head out of your ass and chose wisely. Remember your ways are not working and your voters want change.
Republicans control all three branches of the Federal Government and the majority in the SCOTUS. And Republicans have control of 32 State Houses.
Get a backbone and stand for something. You cannot be the anti-Trump party forever.
And to all the haters, please post your hate on the blog so everyone can see it. You can comment anonymously and no one will know who you are, including us. When you send it to us via email we have your email address. And BTW we are not Malcontented Mad Men or Communist, we do lean Socialist but as you can see above we are fast becoming the majority.
"in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Unknowed

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Meet with Kathy Castor in Tampa

Nov. 29, 2017 at 10 a.m.
To discuss the HR 3990 bill and if 
she will oppose it.
4144 N Armenia Ave

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Florida Fake Progressives

Florida Democratic Party Chair
 Progressive vs. Corporate 
Stacey Patel - Alma Gonzalez 
What a great opportunity to see who the real Progressives are and elect one of our own. But the real treat will be watching the fakes come out of the closet.

Support Stacey here

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Grilled Churrasco & Eggs
With Beans and Rice
At El Puerto in Ybor City
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Future of Our Party - Amos Miers

We need a State Chair who will allow our party to critique itself. A State Chair who will restore our democratic soul so we can take back Congress and the White House for the People of this nation, giving us a chance to continue to have a future on this planet.
We cannot afford to be on the sidelines in 2018.  This is the time for a State Chair who can convey a bold plan of action that we can all work together to enact. more
By Amos Miers

Florida GOP Supports Trump's Tax Scam

Florida GOP Carlos Curbelo, Mario Diaz-Balart, Brian Mast and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen support it. 
A George Washington University researcher studied 30 years of public opinion polls for The Washington Post. He found only one piece of major legislation that had less public appeal than the Republican tax plan. That was the Republican plan this year to repeal the Affordable Care Acthere

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We Support Stacey Patel for FDP Chair

"I think the time has come for the people to take back the power of the Florida Democratic Party.
What if we built a party people could really believe in?
What if we gave our party back to the people, and spread the power of the few to the many?
What if we returned to our roots & inspired our neighbors with our love for justice and for one another?
What if we adamantly refused to compromise our values, and bought back our party from special interests?
What if we worked together to show Florida what democracy looks like?"
Show your support here

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Trump Tax Scam Rally In Tampa

Debbie King and Tim Heberlein
Of Organize Florida - Tampa Bay
Join Them here

Straz Resolves to Buy Tampa Mayorship

Tampa mayoral hopeful David Straz, who was awarded an ambassadorship but has never held elective office, will unleash a torrent of cash in an effort to become the next mayor of Tampa, according to longtime political insiders in this town.

The whisper number is $2 million, a ton of dough for a guy with name recognition but a pittance for a privileged man of wealth . If he does spend anywhere near that figure, it might stand as a national record for a city this size

win or lose.

The daunting war chest is so many nickels to a billionaire. He announced this week that he added $10,000 to the already $100,000 in rewards for information leading to the arrest of the Seminole Heights serial killer. That equates to 50 cents for the average person; do the math. And the publicity he reaped from the area's most prominent fake news source won't be reflected as a campaign expense.

Apparently Straz and his brain trust aren't worried about peaking too early. The election is in March, 2019; the new mayor takes office on Apr. 1, 2019--496 days from now. That's an eternity for an insulated elitist unaccustomed to answering for past pronouncements, prior political proclivities, and public policy plans.

There will be candidate debates, community forums, and challenging questions from both the mainstream press and internet bloggers. Straz will be forced to appear in sections of Tampa he has never set foot in.

His life and associations, past and present,

will be an open book.

The race will have national implications as supporters of Donald Trump and his Trojan horses attempt to pick off big city, local races. See Rick Baker.

Straz voted for Trump in 2016 but now that he is running for mayor in a predominantly Democratic city, he has declared he won’t vote for Trump in 2020. That shabby, comic declaration illustrates his disdain for the electorate.

Straz better get used to the forbidding glare of the spotlight. Even $10 million won't help him cope with those demands.

Mountains of dinero haven't run off potential opposition : city council members Harry Cohen and Mike Suarez, former County Commissioner and civic activist Ed Turanchik, and former Police Chief Jane Castor remain strong possibilities, according to their supporters.

By Jim Bleyer - Tampa Bay Beat

Florida Corporate Democrats Running Scared

It seems the left has the corporate overlords of the Florida Democratic Party running scared. With progressives winning a special state senate election, an important mayor's race, passing progressive resolutions and rewriting policies on consultant contracts. 
They have pushed Stephen Bittel
(Which the FDP should of taken care of a long time ago)
and Sally Boynton Brown out.
They are already on the move. This from 
Ty Javellana, Statewide Organizer at 
Gwen Graham for FL

"(Corporate Dem) Alma Gonzalez Dnc Florida is whispered to be a prospective candidate for the Florida Democratic Party Chairmanship. If she chooses to toss her hat in the ring, we wish her good luck. Alma would be a great Chair of the FDP. She would have my support." 
Her cover photo on Facebook was one of her and Ms. Graham (Not the one above)which she has changed and apparently deleted.
Update 11.21

Hillsborough’s Alma Gonzalez to run for FDP Chair

"We have been given a voice within the party for the first time in my nearly 12 years of involvement. If that voice is again marginalized, and if Sally leaves, I'm not sure I will continue in my role with the caucus." Susan Smith

Join the conversation here
Cheer up comrades, change is in the air. Let them and their followers (Locally you know who you are) continue their losing ways, In the end, we will prevail. 
Update: One so called progressive and two corporate Hillsbough County Dems are working for a Trump supporter for mayor of Tampa.

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Kerstion, again

Hillsborough County Dems, Greens, NPA Vote

How does this happen? 
The Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners today selected Commissioner GOP Sandra L. Murman as chairman, and Commissioner GOP Victor D. Crist as vice chairman, during their annual organizational meeting. Commissioner GOP Stacy White will serve as chaplain. Source
Hillsborough County Registered Voters
Dems: 322,352
Other: 240,736
GOP: 263,278

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Smothered Pork Chop
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At The Open Cafe in Tampa

MLB And Ken Hagan's Fleecing Of Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County taxpayers, take a look around.  If you can’t find the sucker, it’s you.
Anyone favoring a new taxpayer-funded stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays is either in the cabal of grifters that will share in the $600M+ windfall or baseball aficianados that have bought into the sport’s bribery/blackmail playbook.
It’s a game plan designed to enrich team owners, local real estate interests, bond attorneys, and public officials who expedite the travesty.  In Tampa, that public official is Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan who negotiated with landowners and the Rays in secret, then last week presented his fellow commissioners with what amounted to a fait accompli as to the new Rays site in Ybor City.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Shame On Guido Maniscalco

Democrats Yvonne Yolie Capin, Guido Maniscalco, and Frank Reddick are co-chairs of a movement to make a Trump supporter Mayor of Tampa.
We would expect this from Capin and Reddick. But Guido? We are very disappointed! We always thought he would be remembered for being the only dissenter on the 13-1 vote by the MPO on TBX back in 2015. 
We were wrong. 

He is no longer in our Circle of Trust!

Tampa Bay Homeless

Homeless living in Tampa

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Patients In Florida Wait Months For State Medical Marijuana ID Cards

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hanging With Sky U. White In Jackson Heights

The Open Cafe - Tampa

Ms. White is an activist not a politician. 
She needs your help to get on the ballot. 
If you can help, contact her here
Like her on Facebook

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Sonny
He is from Mississippi

Stop The Latest Threat To Florida's Coast: No On HR 4239

HR 4239, given the purposely misleading title of “SECURE American Energy Act,” would greatly undermine our coastal ecosystems, communities, and economy by fast tracking the use of seismic airgun blasting and other industrial activities up and down the Atlantic Coast. This would open up one of Florida’s greatest assets - our coast and beaches - to oil drilling. here

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Gwen Graham's Keystone Pipeline Vote

The Keystone Pipeline
Gallons of oil on the ground in 
Marshall County, South Dakota
FOR gutting Dodd Frank.
FOR a classic ultra-right wing initiative to require cost/benefit analysis of every regulatory change (which even the Republican controlled FL legislature has repeatedly vetoed), 
FOR a ridiculous change to the ACA which does nothing more than punish working families while simultaneously putting more money into the pockets of WalMart. And this is only her FIRST WEEK in Congress." 
Source Tampa Bay Times here
Tired of losing. Tired of voting for Democrats beholden to Wall Street. Following groups that support these Dems? You are not alone. A recent poll shows that most Democratic voters want the party to move lleft.

The party would be best served in embracing its more liberal wing rather than appealing to an
 ever-dwindling group of centrists.