Monday, June 1, 2020

Boarded Up Ybor

Ybor City, Florida

Chris Cano on City GOV.

Tampa leaders vote down police body camera deal HERE
---So, we have a militarized police department, enabled by a Mayor that turned a blind eye to police corruption under her tenure as Chief, that is now issuing ultimatums to halt protests and you all didn’t think it wise to spend money on the very camera systems that hold these corrupt killers with badges accountable?
Please explain...and if you choose to not answer or untag yourself, we are all watching.
Appreciate all the members of the city council today who have reached out since posting this story, bill carlson, guido maniscalco, orlando gudes, luis viera. glad this vote is to be revisited. body cameras are a good first step...yet the citizenry needs real power to hold accountable its police when the justice system fails to deliver. citizen’s review boards with subpoenas and punitive power are the logical next step.
Christopher Cano