Sunday, April 22, 2018

I Am Now A Democrat

Only took me 42 years!
Please no hate mail or comments. The blog stays as is. This is just temporary so that I can vote for Andrew Gillum and Tamika Lyles. Hopefully by 2020 Florida will be an  open primary state and I won't have to do it again to vote for Bernie. 
I registered to vote in 1976 as an Independent (Now NPA). I never thought much of party politics. A fellow local blogger became an American citizen (No not from a shit hole country) in 2016 just so she could vote for Bernie. I should of done it then, but I didn't. A friend has shown me the importance of being able to vote in the primaries. So I am not going to let that happen again.  
If you want to take back our government you should too. 
By the time the general comes, it is too late.
Thank you Nina!

Earth Day 2018

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Candy Lowe's Black Business Bus Tour Tampa 2018

Candy Lowe

Local Civil Rights Icons
Jeanette Bradley and Mr. James A. Hammond

Connie Burton

Mariella Smith

Sky White

Kim Overman

Debra Bellanti

Emily Rachael

Lisa Montelione

Cissy and Frank

Beth Shoup

Mark Nash educating us on how bad 
our county government is.

Scott Shoup

Elvis Piggott

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay

Always a warm welcome at African Extravaganza

Michael K. Snow
of Priority 1 Protection with friend

Thanks to our driver Albert 

Bus #3
Thank you Candy Lowe for another 
great bus tour!

Friday, April 20, 2018

National Student Walkout - Blake High School

Tampa Bay Democratic Socialists

Graham,Lillie and Roberta Shelor

Kara and Syd


Howard W. Blake High School - Tampa, Florida

National Student Walkout - Hillsborough High School

The Organizers

The ever-present Susan Lee

Hillsborough High School - Tampa, Florida