Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rick Scott’s War on Zika in 14 easy steps

Whenever a new Zika case is confirmed in Florida, I will immediately rush to that county and stage a “round-table” discussion. If no actual round tables are available, I will settle for a rectangular one or (if absolutely necessary) a square one. I’ll invite a sufficient number of local office-holders and health officials to fill all seats at the table. This will give the appearance of harmonious teamwork. It will also discourage Sen. Marco Rubio from showing up to steal the spotlight, because there won’t be any more chairs. 
More steps here

Ybor Paparazzi

Kent Bailey of The Sierra Club
At Pat Kemp's office

The Stogie Recommends

Clerk of Circuit Court: 
Kevin Beckner
County Commissioner, Dist. 6:
Pat Kemp
13th Judicial Circuit Group 24:
Isabel Cissy Boza Sevelin
School Board Member District 7:
Randy Toler
Florida State Senate:
Ed Narain
Yes on 2

'Souls to the Polls' march in Fort Lauderdale

Nearly 300 voters pushed strollers, held placards and chanted as they walked Sunday afternoon from the New Hope Baptist Church to the African-American Research Library a mile away to cast their ballots on the final day of early voting.
For the mostly black participants, voting early was not only a way to encourage others in their community to cast their votes in the primary but also to fulfill their own civic duty. here

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pat Kemp Poll Disappears From Local Website

A poll showing Pat Kemp with a commanding lead in her race for Hillsborough County Commissioner has been taken down from the pro-establishment website
"St. Petersblog". here
Screenshot above

Laila Abdelaziz Endorses Ed Narain

Ed Narain (In my opinion, Ed is one of the most impressive state legislators we have. Although he has served a short time in the State House, electing Ed to the State Senate would do a lot to strengthen the State Democratic Party’s leadership) here

Dixie Chicks are down with the #Fightfor15

Remember that band that made a stir when they stood up against injustice during the invasion of Iraq? Of course the Dixie Chicks are down with the #Fightfor15. They have a long history of standing up for what's right.

Demand Action In Ybor City

Don't throw your Cans, Bottle or Plastic in garbage cans. 
Leave on top. Demand a recycling option from the city of Tampa.

Kofi Hunt Endorses Pat Kemp

Join the team here

Jungle Prada In St. Pete

Friday, August 26, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Quarterly Resident Happy Hour - Candidate Forum

Kevin Beckner and Dave Cutler

What an honor, I met Mr. Beckner's nom and dad.

 Local Treasure Joe Redner with friends

Ed Narain with friends

Members of 'Heights Urban Core Chamber" with Pat Kemp

Stop TBX

At The Brew Bus in Seminole Heights here

Vote Pat Kemp For All The Right Reasons

Fight For 15

Stop TBX

Yes On 2

Computer Mentors

Gay Pride

Ben of Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream

Keel & Curley Winery

 Gabrielle Perham 

Chris and Norwood of Solidarity Sunday

Asher Edelson

Kelly Benjamin and Wayne Schucker

Riverside Berners, Mayra and Kelly

The incredible activists of Solidarity Sunday
Sorry, don't have any pics of the other candidates 
becouse they have never been there. Ms. Kemp is there all the time!

And Betty and Kathy Castor, Jim Davis, Ed Turanchik and The Sierra Club.

vote early now!