Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Drug Free Florida Propaganda

Amendment 2 fears were already rejected

Jon Mills, a state constitutional scholar, is a former speaker of the Florida House and dean emeritus of the University of Florida College of Law. He defended the Amendment 2 ballot wording before the Florida Supreme Court. 

Read what he has to say  here

Marc A Caputo @ the Miami Herald, “It's no surprise Drug Free Florida Committee is making such a large buy so far out from Election Day. 
When your basic position runs completely counter to public opinion, 
millions in misleading advertising is the only strategy available. 

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/09/14/4348193/marc-caputo-the-politics-paradoxes.html#storylink=cpy

Lyft Driver Lisa Roberts On Local Cabbies

"Sorry these old cab drivers spent so much money, but people spent a lot of money on 8 tracks and DOS computers, which didn't stop technology or progress.Riders prefer Lyft because our cars smell better, we don't mind short rides, they don't have to argue with us about payment and most importantly, we don't leave them standing on a street in the middle of the night!"
Tampa Cabbie/Blogger Tim Fasano fires back here

Legal or not, Lyft is a fantastic service that is a necessity, especially in a city with Poor public transit like Tampa.
We continue to show the world that we are (What the late great Neil Rogers use to  call us) "A nose-picking town."

Rick Scott appointing fewer black judges than predecessors

After nearly four years, Gov. Rick Scott has appointed fewer African-Americans to Florida judgeships than either Charlie Crist or Jeb Bush did in the same period of time. here

"He has no interest in diversity,he wants to stack the courts with people who think like him. It's that corporate mentality that 
he brought to the governor's office.""  
Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa

The Great Annette Taddeo Tells It Like It Is On The Ed Schultz Podcast

Mr.Turanchik Please Put The Ferry Terminal Somewhere Else

We definitely want the ferry, but we want to keep The Fred and Idah Schultz Preserve the way it is. here

Another Pat Kemp Party In Tampa

Tuesday September 23rd
5:30 - 7:00
5003 West Spring Lake Drive, Tampa
 *rsvp, or to join host committee:  pat@electpatkemp.com

Local greats 
Yolie Capin, Linda Saul-Sena, Mary Mulhern,  Susan Smith, 
Lisa Montelione and Mark Nash will be there. 
What about mayor Bob?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Florida's Culture Of Corruption: Big Sugar And The Florida GOP

U.S. Sugar and its allies are not just interested in influencing an upcoming water policy debate in Tallahassee. They are quietly pursuing big development plans on land the state has an option to buy to protect the Everglades. here

GOP Voters we know you guys like to take it deep so we are still offering a free tube of Warming Jelly to make THE Experience More Memorable. Dems if you don't get out and vote you will need a tube of your own.
Send your name and address to
1 tube per victim, please.

Florida, 7 Old Guys Think They Can Ruin Our Party

Seven former Florida Supreme Court justices signed this column that explains why they oppose Amendment 2 on the November ballot that would legalize medical marijuana. They are former Justices
Parker Lee McDonald, Leander J. Shaw Jr., Stephen H. Grimes, Major B. Harding, Charles T. Wells, Raoul G. Cantero III and Kenneth B. Bell.

Vote Boys And Girls, it's your time!

 Amendment 2 fears were 
already rejected
Here is what Jon Mills, a state constitutional scholar, a former speaker of the Florida House and dean emeritus of the University of Florida College of Law. He defended the Amendment 2 ballot wording before the Florida Supreme Court. Had to say

Victory Party 
11.4.14 - 7:00 PM  info
@ Tequilas in Ybor

Everything You Wanted To Know About Stacy White By Scott Adams

George Zimmerman Threatens To Kill Again After Road Rage Incident

The truth is, marijuana is good

It is good for the earth.
It is good for our bodies.
And it's good for our minds.

Don't believe us?  Check this out

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tampa Cabbie Tim Fasano Calling For National Taxi Strike

Tim, you are filming a video while you are driving?

They're after us. Time to fight back

The opposition to medical marijuana just bought $1.6 million in advertising - and is clearly poised to buy a lot more.
Their goal? To keep those suffering from cancer, MS, AIDS, epilepsy and other conditions from accessing the medicine they know works. We can't let undecided voters hear their fear-mongering and lies without hearing the facts from us.

We need you to contribute (or contribute again) now.  Please do so

"Against" - Gwen Graham for Congress

Florida Superstar John Morgan In Gainesville

John Morgan, the Orlando attorney known for  his boisterous support of medical marijuana, hit Gainesville on the speaking circuit Wednesday. He rolled up to The Swamp restaurant and bar across the street from the University of Florida campus in a red, white and blue tour bus decorated with the message “for the patients.” here
Mr. Morgan when are you coming to Tampa?

Chris Christie In Florida To Campaign For Rick Scott

Scott campaigning with one of his party's least-liked major candidates to run for president, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie? The last time Christie came to Florida, he hid from the news media. here

Charlie Crist gets Bill Clinton, Scott gets this guy.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wingnuts Of The Week

Florida's Culture Of Corruption

U.S. Sugar the company that paid for Texas hunting trips for Florida Republican leaders has a deal in the works to turn 67 square miles of agricultural land on the northwest edge of the Everglades into housing and businesses. here

Local Road Pigs

Northbound on Florida Ave at Busch Blvd.
This driver is too good to wait in line like the rest of us. She has to take the vacant turn lane and cut in front of another driver. Does this ever happen to you? Do you let them in? Would you let someone cut in front of you if you were standing in line at the store? the bank? etc?

Weekend of Action In South Tampa

Sunday, September 14ᵗʰ
Shifts begin at 12:30 pm 
2533 W Maryland Ave, Tampa


White Board Series: The Pier Process

Florida State University's Right Wing Takeover

Florida State University Faculty Senate members Wednesday questioned the university's search for a president and showed their disdain for candidate Florida GOP Sen. John Thrasher. here

Friday, September 12, 2014

Vote By Mail Florida

For Florida progressives, voting has never been more important...or easier. Voting by mail is convenient and secure, and you’ll have the time to research and 
vote the entire ballot. Sign up to vote by mail right now. Get started by filling out this form

Florida used to be the No. 1 producer of solar energy in the nation

Currently we're 18th
Over the years utilities have grossly influenced the 
Public Service Commission. Florida's largest utilities — 
Florida Power & Light, 
Duke Energy Florida 
and Tampa Electric
want to reduce conservation goals by more than 90 percent and have attacked solar as unreliable and costly. A new coalition will push for increased use of renewable energy in Florida. here

Tampa Group Raíces en Tampa Press Conference With Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

On September 12, 2014 (Today) starting at 11:00 AM Raíces en Tampa will be holding a press conference with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. At the press conference we will announce important policy changes affecting the undocumented community of 
Hillsborough County.
Hillborough County Sheriff's Office - 2008 E. 8th Ave. Ybor City, Fl

Police Hate Being Filmed in St Lucie County

What do you love about Florida most?

Please pledge to vote yes on 
Amendment 1 
today to protect the Florida you love!