Thursday, August 28, 2014

What happens when you say no to St. Pete PD

Welcome To Tampa

Expect Delays
phosphate mine and railroad doing their thing.

Dunedin: Home of the Arts In Tampa Bay

Chances are, if you know anything about Dunedin, you know it as the home of beautiful Honeymoon Island and for the raucous Highland Festival that celebrates all things Scottish. Locals also appreciate the small central Pinellas town for Spring Training baseball and its devotion to delicious craft beer. Now the citizens of Tampa Bay’s answer to a quaint Scots village are vying for a new title – Home of the Arts. here

WMNF Birthday Luau at Ella's!

WMNF's 35th Birthday Party
 Ella's 5119 N. Nebraska Ave, Tampa
 Monday, September 8, 6pm - ?
 $35 in advance, $40 at the door. 
Buy them here or at Ella's!

Pinellas County Kicked Our Ass

Pinellas County led voter turnout in the 
Tampa Bay area by a wide swath, 
with 23.95 percent of its 617,925 registered voters casting ballots .  
Hillsborough County lagged far behind. here
Broward second worst. What the hell happened to you guys?

DREAMers Protest Rubio

Maria Palacios, of United We Dream-Tampa Bay, was one of the demonstrators who showed up at the event in Anderson, S.C. Some of the demonstrators went to Rubio's Miami office last week with a similar message. "If Sen. Rubio wants us deported, we're here to ask him to tell us to our faces," Palacios said in a statement. "
We went to Sen. Rubio's office in Florida, but his staff hid and closed the doors on us, so we're here to let him know that Dreamers do not forget, and that we will fight to keep our DACA. The Florida immigrant community must see that 
Rubio does not stand for us." more


It's bizarre. Florida leans ever so slightly Democratic in high turnout presidential elections, but Democrats are virtually powerless and irrelevant in Tallahassee. No question the state is trending Democratic. here @adamsmithtimes

Right Wing Venezuela

Ybor City

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How To Handle The Burger King Situation In Tampa Bay

Eat here instead

Biff Burger in St. Pete
Based out of Clearwater when it opened in the 1950s. Now, some 70 years or so later only two locations survive, one in St. Pete and the other renamed Beef Burger in Greensboro, North Carolina. There use to be one in Ybor. My mom would take me there when i was a boy. Visit them here

 El Cap in St.Pete, visit them here
Hamburger Mary's in Ybor City, Visit them here
more here 

Helen Gordon Davis Equal Pay Protection Act

Recognizes the importance of the AWI and the Commission on Human Relations in ensuring equal pay. Requires the AWI to conduct studies and provide information to employers, labor organizations, and the public concerning the means available to eliminate pay disparities between men and women. Creates the Governor's Recognition Award for Pay Equity in the Workplace, etc. Sponsored by Senator Joyner and Representative Cruz. here

Judithanne McLauchlan is honored to receive the endorsement and support of our incoming State Senate Democratic Leader Arthenia Joyner and State Representative Janet Cruz. They are true champions for middle-class families and for women, fighting every day to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal

Florida: GOP claim on Obamacare rated Pants on Fire

St. Pete Waterfront Public Kickoff Event

Jon Rector Speaks Out

And, for the incessant Republican robocallers: We voted for Charlie Crist. Florida has suffered enough at the hands of the Chief 
Executive Orifice Prick Scott. 
After Scott and his minions threw their support to Nan Rich, she was no longer a viable candidate. A vote for Rich would be the same as a vote for Scott.

Tampa Fights Police Brutality

On a rainy afternoon, Aug. 23, 70 people rallied in downtown Tampa demanding justice for Mike Brown of Ferguson, Missouri. Gathering at Lykes Gaslight Park, the people protested outside the Tampa Police Department and the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Middle District of Florida. Protesters showed solidarity with the people fighting back in Ferguson by demanding the jailing of killer cops in Tampa.

Alekos Zambrano of Tampa Dream Defenders said, "We are here today to demand justice. We demand the immediate arrest and prosecution of the officer that shot Mike Brown. The immediate arrest and prosecution of the officer that killed Javon Neal. The immediate arrest and prosecution of the officer that killed Arthur Greene. We believe that these demands are reasonable. We believe that these demands are just. We also demand that here in Tampa, the police wear forward facing cameras so we no longer have to take their word for it, when they tell us that our young sisters and brothers forced them to pull the trigger. And we demand the police records of arrest, detainment and questioning, not ending in conviction. here

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Florida Dems We Recommend Nan Rich

Get out and vote today!

Local Community Activist Marisol Márquez

Florida GOP paid $227,000 for use of a private jet owned by a Naples business whose only officer is Ann Scott

Gov. Rick Scott's campaign and the Republican Party of Florida have paid more than $227,000 for use of the private jet that Scott also uses for official state travel. The Cessna Citation is owned by a Naples business whose only officer is First Lady Ann Scott. The jet tail number ends with the first lady's initials. here

Burger King's Tax Dodge Scheme

Burger King is cooking up a new scheme to avoid paying taxes, and as schemes go, 
 it's a whopper:
Denounce Burger King's Tax Dodge Scheme.
 Sign the Petition!

 Pass on the Ybor City Burger King, Stay Local, Visit 
Tampa Bay Locavore
Sorry Canada you guys are cool and all but we prefer American Burgers.

GOP BS: Murican Enemy Number One

“I think people are very upset, and people have really been awakened to the immigration issue where they haven’t been before,Right now at this current time, I would say immigration is the No. 1 issue on people’s minds.” first-term GOP congressman, Scott Perry said. here

It’s funny how they claim that immigration is the number one issue for many people. It’s downright hilarious that they are using the bill they voted on before their August recess to prove to the American voters that they care about working on the issue. The bill would speed up the process to send the migrant children back to their dangerous countries. It would also end Deferred Action for the Dreamers.

Victory Party 7pm Ybor City, Florida

Sue Carlton, Tampa Bay's Best Columnist

Paul Ryan Flops In Brandon

Paul Ryan has a book signing at Books-A-Million in Brandon on Sunday and only a few dozen people show up. here

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tampa Bay Bucs Welcome Richie Incognito

Sleazy Richie Incognito is getting an in depth look by the team today. Why would Lovie Smith sign a notorious locker room cancer, a 31-year-old most thinking people consider a racist? Joe Bucs Fan

Peter Schorsch, I Am Not A Grinch

A pay it forward chain that began in a St. Pete Starbucks linked more than 750 strangers in a two-day act of coffee kindness. But it was ended by one customer — who refused to take part in the Pay it Forward movement. 
St. Petersburg blogger 
Peter Schorsch asked that readers don’t call him a “grinch” for allegedly ending the pay it forward chain. here

Florida's Oath Of Office

"I do solemnly swear that I will support, protect and defend the sugar industry interests of the state of Florida; that I am duly compromised to hold office under the legalized bribes of various vested interests in this state, and I will well and faithfully perform the duties of a compliant shill and will to the best of my abilities follow the hunting laws of the great state of Texas for which I am about to board an airplane for an all-expense-paid trip by agricultural lobbyists to butcher unsuspecting critters, so help me (a lot!) the Republican Party of Florida."