Monday, June 29, 2015

St Pete Street Pride Festival

Sunshine State Secret Illegal farmworkers share stories of abuse in Florida

Run Mary Run

We want Mary Mulhern to run for Congress in Florida District 13.
Like her page on Facebook

Florida For Bernie Sanders 2016

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Arroz Con Gandules
With Red Beans and Tostones
At Borinquen on Central Ave, St. Pete Pride 

Jeb Bush's Voter Purge Part 2

Jeb Bush still doesn't have a good answer for his effort to purge Florida's voter rolls of convicted felons in 1999, the year before the infamous election in which several hundred Sunshine State votes would secure the presidency for his brother, George W. Bush. here 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

St Pete Street Pride Festival 2015 Activist

Florida's Best

Florida Senate Poll: Alan Grayson Wins

"This is what happens when you stand up for what you believe in." 
Susan Smith

Marco Rubio Supports Amendment To Prevent Same Sex Marriage

Kimberley A. Johnson's Letter To Bristol Palin

Dear Bristol Palin,
I heard you're dealing with another unplanned pregnancy. I feel for you. I don't think you're a whore or a slut though. However, you have been a hypocrite because you preach abstinence only. Evidently you weren't taking your own ignorant advice. Abstinence only works when you don't have sex - It's kind of tricky that way.

Liberals really aren't judging you for your sexcapades. Sex is fun and we think it's great! The people who are judging you and implying you're a dirty girl, well, that would be the radical religious right (your mom's crowd) .... and more specifically, Jeb Bush. Ol' Jebbers thinks you should be publicly shamed and that you need to find yourself a man. He's an asshole.

You might want to re-think political parties if you're going to keep sexing it up. Our side doesn't judge good sex - we celebrate it. We judge hypocrites who slut shame. 
Something to think about.

Toodles, Kimberley

Florida's Culture Of Corruption

Florida’s federal lawmakers and their staffs took 103 privately sponsored trips in 2014 valued at more than $350,000. Foreign destinations included Sweden, Peru and Japan. In a number of cases, relatives came along and had their expenses covered. here 

Topping the list was Rep. Ander Crenshaw, R-Jacksonville. 
Other top travelers at a private group’s expense include 
Rep.Ted Deutch, D-West Boca Raton ($20,713),
Sarasota's Rep Vern Buchanan

And Miami Cuban Mafia members 
GOP Sen. Marco Rubio ($37,255), 
GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami-Dade, ($36,084),
 GOP Rep, Mario Diaz-Balart ($28,922), R-Miami-Dade 

What Stogie Had For Lunch

House Special Fried Rice
With Wonton Soup
At China Wokery in North Port
Visit them here

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mario (Frado) Diaz-Balart Is Out Of Touch And Should Be Out Of Office!

This past June 18th the House Appropriations Committee passed its FY 2016 Financial Services Appropriations bill. It contains three "Cuba-specific" prohibitions that were drafted by one of the most out-of-touch members of Congress - Mario Diaz-Balart. These prohibitions are a threat to the universally lauded advancements in U.S.-Cuba relations and seek to effectively end president Obama's highly successful "people-to-people" policy that has generated interest among all Americans to go to Cuba and see for themselves the devastating effects of the embargo. These measures will also hurt Cubans on the island who have benefited by the influx of tourism. 

How can Diaz-Balart claim he is a champion for the Cuban people when 97% of them are in favor of normalization? His judgement is clouded by his family's involvement with Fulgencio Batista, a dictator who suspended democracy in Cuba. Regarding Cuba, it's personal with him and that long-standing vendetta is getting in the way of the inevitable process of normalization. here

WMNF Has A Long Road To Travel

WMNF has 65 hours of prime time programming and only 3 of those hours are by programmers of Color (African Americans and Muslim Americans).
The News program has been cut to 15 minutes and 5 of those are dedicated to NPR. How can we realistically cover a diverse community of some 4 million people with such little time?

We are demanding a one hour program with 5 minute reports on the environment, People of Color, housing/homelessness, foreclosures, poverty/food distribution, immigration, women's issues, etc.
We are also demanding integration of the staff of 15 with only two People of Color. Thank you for your support!

Jeb Bush's Felon Purge

The felon purge wrongfully denied thousands of legitimate voters the ability to participate in a presidential election pitting Republican George W. Bush against Democrat Al Gore. Ultimately, a few hundred Florida ballots would determine the presidency, and with it, the nation’s path for the next eight years and, really, well beyond. here

URBN Tampa Bay

URBN Tampa Bay is United Residents for Better Neighborhoods. We are a non-partisan, grassroots group advocating for better urban neighborhoods.
Like them on Facebook here

Bob Buckhorn Let’s Be Real Here

“Let’s be real here — the mayor did not support Charlie Crist. Everybody knows that, and that decision was made based on his political position…those in the political arena know that. He made it known that he wasn’t supporting Charlie Crist….and for a city employee, a city administrator, someone who invested that many years with the city, and that person is denied that investment by a few months. What kind of city is this?” Frank Reddick


Friday, June 26, 2015

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Terry
He is from Maryland
Homeless since June 3rd

New Hillsborough EPC Director Parties With GOP

Last Friday, soon to be director Florida GOP Janet Dougherty attended the Hillsborough County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, its largest annual fundraiser. here

Hillsborough County's environmental commission on Wednesday rebuffed an attempt by her to soften a proposed ban on her political activity. Dougherty is supposed to start as director next week. She has twice run for county commissioner and has long been active in local Republican circles. She criticized the ban as "ambiguous.

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Foot Long with Coney Island sauce
and Onion Rings
At The World Famous
Coney Island Drive-Inn in Brooksville, visit them here

Let's make the Sunshine State go solar!

Until the end of the month, the Florida Public Service Commission has asked for public comments on "ways to more effectively promote solar energy in Florida." In other words, they want to hear from you! Now is our best opportunity to put pro-solar policies into place.

Tell the PSC it's time to bring solar power to the Sunshine State. Here's how

St Pete Street Pride Festival 2015

June 28th 8am - 6pm

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hialeah Cop Jesus Menocal Likes To Play With Himself

An LGBT teen claims that an officer with the Hialeah police department illegally detained her. She says she was taken to an isolated area, where she was forced to take off her clothing, while the cop touched himself, sexually. here

Jeb Bush: Florida Right Wing Propaganda

"The party in the White House" is responsible for "a massive tax increase on 
the middle class."
Jeb Bush on Monday, June 15th, 2015 in a speech launching his 2016 campaign

An Announcement from Mike Reedy

Welcome To Tampa

Expect Delays

A Major Oil Leak Has Polluted the Gulf of Mexico for Over 11 Years

Bill Nelson Votes For Fast Track

Florida's Bill Nelson was one of the 41 enablers who allowed Fast Track to go through. Please sign and send a message giving him a piece of your mind. here

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Def Leppard Rocks Tampa

Def Leppard and Styz 
rocked a packed house at the Amphitheatre
Awesome concert after we got in, The Amp would not unlock the gates and made us wait outside in a lighting storm. Def Leppard thank you for starting your tour in our city. Styz, great job.
Sorry Tesla! 

New Dem Love Fest In Tampa

A bunch of Tampa Bay New Dems will be joining Gwen Graham for a major fundraiser at Pat Frank's house.

The list includes
Mayor Bob Buckhorn,
St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman,
Janet Cruz, Dwight Dudley,
Ed Narain, Amanda Murphy,
Hillsborough County Property Appraiser
Bob Henriquez
Sen. Arthenia Joyner,
former Gov. Charlie Crist, 
Tampa City Council members
Harry Cohen and Mike Suarez, 
Alex Sink and Jim Davis. here

Why are Progressives Rick Kriseman, Dwight Dudley,
 Ed Narain, and Amanda Murphy attending? 
And Pat Frank just helped us make up our minds on her race with Kevin Beckner.

Team Cannamoms

July 11, 9am - 12pm
Gadson Park - Tampa