Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Caribbean Crazy Ants Invade Myakka City

They're called Caribbean crazy ants and it's a good name. "They drive me really crazy," says 9-year-old Daniel Morris. Daniel's family lives near Myakka City and the ants have infested their home and the five acres around it. Everywhere you go there are "ants, ants, ants, ants, and ants........here

Brian Blair And Stephen Dibbs

The billboard on Ehrlich Road in north Tampa touting the re-election of Hillsborough County Commissioner Brian Blair reads, in fine print at the bottom, "Political advertisement paid for and approved by Brian Blair, Republican for Hillsborough County Commission, District 6." It appears, however, that his campaign did not pay for the billboard advertisement........here

W. - Final Trailer

JoJo Pellegrino At The Ritz In Ybor City

Friday - 11/28/2008 - 7:00 PM
For Tickets......Gasparilla Tixx

Residents Fighting Yet Another Bottling Plant in Florida

In Florida, an overwhelming number of residents seemingly oppose issuing a permit for another water bottling plant on the Santa Fe River (five permits are in the works), yet a denial of the permit is hardly a done deal - even though the water bottling company involved has yet to be identified by the property owner..........here
Flow The Film

Kevin Costner loves the Tampa Bay Rays

Costner and his band Modern West have just recorded a song for the Tampa Bay Rays to celebrate their AL East division title...........here

How Florida Voted On The Great Swindle of 2008

Democrats -- Yes: Alcee Hastings, Ron Klein, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Robert Wexler, Kendrick Meek, Tim Mahoney, Corrine Brown, Allen Boyd. Democrats -- No: Kathy Castor.
Republicans -- Yes: Ander Crenshaw, Adam Putnam, Dave Weldon. Republicans -- No: Jeff Miller, Ginny Brown-Waite, Cliff Stearns, John Mica, Ric Keller, Gus Bilirakis, C.W. Bill Young, Vern Buchanan, Connie Mack, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Mario Diaz-Balart, Tom Feeney..........here
Thank You Kathy Castor. Shame On You Robert Wexler.

FL-25: Real Trouble For Mario Diaz-Balart

Diaz-Balart (R) 45
Garcia (D) 41
These are awesome numbers. Diaz-Balart is well under 50 percent, which of course is a danger sign for any incumbent. But Diaz-Balart is also fighting against the changing trends in this district and a blockbuster Obama operation...........here

Monday, September 29, 2008

Annette Taddeo: Nuevo Rumbo

The Florida FlyIns

Let me explain. ... It’s called the Florida FlyIns -- an international journalism course at the UF. For nine years now, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and professor extraordinaire John Kaplan has been teaching the course. Every year the class flies to a predetermined country and spends a week there, trying to tell its stories...........here

Florida Organizations Unite to urge Gov. Crist to say No to Nuclear

With a new Energy Bill slated to be signed by Florida’s Governor Crist, grassroots organizations from all over the state came together this week to sign a letter urging Governor Crist to take a stance against nuclear energy.......here

Tampa International Airport Number Two

Tampa International Airport came in second and Orlando International Airport fifth in the magazine's annual business poll of airports, airlines and hotels............here

Bruce Springsteen On The Streets Of Tampa

Bruce Springsteen will make hands raise up in the air during next year’s Super Bowl halftime in Tampa, Florida. He will sing along with his backing group, the E Street Band, according to the NFL and NBC’s announcements Sunday night........here

Obama Should use Cuba as the Case Study on Isolation

Cuba is a perfect case study for Obama to use in his argument that isolation is a failure. Our policy towards Cuba is one out of place in the world we currently live in. Obama has staked his campaign on the idea that the American people are not stupid. America is ready for a change regarding its Cuba policy and it can be a home run for Obama...........here

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jews for Obama

So are the Democrats going to have Florida stolen from them again? Not if everyone's favorite homegirl Sarah Silverman has anything to say about it........here

Tampa Republican for Obama

It's time to make a stand for change. I am a African American Republican and I am voting for Obama. Not because he's Black but because I agree with his issues on changing America. We Obama takes about tax cuts he's talking to me. This meeting should be for everyone in Tampa who's tired of the same old same old. The good old boys network is not welcome to this meeting..........here

Gotti Arrest Recalls Florida Mob History

The ghosts of Tampa's old-time wiseguys awakened this summer when Mafia scion John "Junior" Gotti came to town in handcuffs, accused of pulling the strings in a bunch of classic mobster crimes........here
Lucchese family soldiers Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke just gave the welcher an old-fashioned beating, ending up at a dingy north Tampa bar that still stands across the street from the Busch Gardens amusement park.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Leads McCain Among Florida Hispanics

A new poll released Friday shows that Sen. Barack Obama is leading Sen. John McCain 2-to-1 among Hispanics in swing states -- including Florida, where the Democrat holds a slight edge.......here

Brooker Creek Preserve October Programs

Call (727) 453-6800 for information and registration.
Registration is required for some and appreciated for all programs........here
Brooker Creek Preserve Environmental Education Center

Voter Registration at Tampa's Navaratri Celebration

Empower the South Asian American community! Help others register to vote at Tampa's Navaratri Celebration: Sept. 26th and Sept. 27th at the Indian Cultural Center, 5511 Lynn Road, Tampa.........here

Dionne Blaesing: Paw Lawyer

Her New Port Richey firm, Blaesing & Diaz on Main Street, handles civil and administrative disputes involving pets, barn animals, livestock and wildlife..........here

Eating Tampa’s Best of Tampa Reader’s Poll

Stogie's Favorite: El Paraiso Cafe
The end of the month is rapidly approaching, which means that the polls will soon be closed on Eating Tampa’s Best of Tampa Reader’s Poll. Vote! Vote! Vote! (And THANKS to all those who have already voted).
You can vote in the comments, or send me an email

Tribute to Paul Newman

Challenges To Diaz-Balarts Draw National Attention

With little more than a month to go before their first serious reelection challenge goes to voters, Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart have launched TV ads that accuse one Democratic challenger of corruption and the other of backing an $88 million utility-rate hike. Democrats Raul Martinez and Joe Garcia have fired back.......here

Newman's Own

Paul Newman - Rest In Peace
Today, Newman’s Own is a thriving company with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. As always, all profits are donated to charity through Newman's Own Foundation. We will miss Paul, but we will honor his vision for the Common Good through dedicated stewardship of his company that will perpetuate his philanthropic legacy. Paul wouldn’t have it any other way..........here

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Case for Obama: An Interview with Howard Dean

In the midst of a historic and heated Presidential election, Howard Dean, the opinionated and passionate chairman of the Democratic National Committee, sat for this exclusive interview to make his case for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party...........here
Muslim American interviews Howard Dean about Obama

Volunteers in Florida

Campaign volunteers in Florida talk about why they got involved and the important work they're doing for Barack Obama.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coca-Cola Rolls Out Hybrid Delivery Trucks In Florida

Coca-Cola is going green. The company on Thursday rolled out 10 heavy-duty hybrid-electric delivery trucks that it’s adding to its South Florida fleet. The new trucks are estimated to improve fuel efficiency by 32 percent, reduce emissions by 37 percent and create less noise when idling or stopped in traffic..........here

Minority Pastors Rally In Tampa To Support Amendment 2

A group of black and Latino pastors pledged Wednesday to rally support among their congregations for Amendment 2, the measure that would essentially ban gay marriage in Florida........here
Politics And The Pulpit. Where Were These People At The Start Of This Illegal And Immoral War?
Vote No on Florida Amendment 2

Tampa's Confidence In Bush

15 hours after Bush’s speech to the nation on the economy, 61% of adults in the Tampa area say they have no confidence in Bush’s ability to lead the nation during these economic times.......here

Signs O' The Times: Parents Abandoning Their Children

Nine siblings are among 11 children as old as 17 who were left at Omaha hospitals Wednesday under Nebraska's unique and new safe haven law, which allows caregivers to abandon babies and teenagers alike at hospitals without fear of prosecution.........here

Academy Award Winner Forest Whitaker At USF

Saturday, September 27, Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker and his wife, Keisha Whitaker, will be at USF as part of the Obama Campaign’s efforts to encourage Floridians to register to vote in advance of the October 6 registration deadline.
University of South Florida College of Public Health
Public Health Auditorium
13201 Bruce B. Downs Blvd, Tampa, Florida
5:15 pm

The Great Swindle of 2008

Look, Bush/Cheney and their cronies have been bilking this nation and raiding the coffers with countless unaccounted for no-bid contracts for the war, Katrina, no child left behind, faith based initiatives, etc. while simultaneously almost completely eliminating taxes for corporations and rich old white dudes.......here

Make Your Vote Count Tampa Bay!

I’ve heard soooo many different things being tossed around about who can vote, when you can vote where you can vote etc. So this blog is going to be VOTE CENTRAL!! I plan to keep you informed on making sure your VOTE counts!........here

Hallmark Prize Goes To Pet Lover From Tampa

Tampa's own Susan Rodnite, and pal Daisy, recently won the grand prize for funniest pet card in Hallmark Cards' recent YourPets contest. Susan and her English bulldog were among 67 finalists chosen by Hallmark, which turned their entries into greeting cards that are being sold across the country..........here

Florida Republicans: Filled With Corrupt Politicians And More

The Embarrassments Keep On Coming For Florida Republicans
1) According to a recent report by the non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), two Members of Congress from the Sunshine State --- both from the I-4 Corridor --- are listed among the 20 Most Corrupt from among the nation's 535 Senators and Representatives........more

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Florida's First Gay Adoption

Earlier this month I posted about the Circuit Court judge in Florida who had struck down the state's ban on gay adoption in order to allow a foster parent in Key West to adopt the son he had been raising. Here's more from the Miami Herald on Wayne Larue Smith and partner Daniel Skahen and their 12-year-old son........here

The Democratic Party’s Gang of 66

The Gang Of 66 came into existence on June 14, 2007 with a $10,000 "Money Contribution" (i.e. legal bribe or graft) to the Democratic Party Majority Whip, James Clyburn, from the ultra-right-wing 'U.S.-Cuba Democracy' PAC, headquartered in Hialeah, Florida, a suburb of Miami...........here
Florida Members:
Boyd Allen, Brown Corrine, Castor Kathy, Hastings Alcee, Klein Ron, Mahoney Tim, Meek Kendrick, Wasserman Schultz Debbie, Wexler Robert.

Tampa Bay Socialists Have Their Presidential Candidate: Brian Moore

The Socialist Party of Tampa Bay -- not to be confused with the Socialist Workers Party, the St. Petersburg-based African People's Socialist Party or the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement -- has been active in the Tampa Bay area since the early '90s. Activists with the group have led antiwar marches, supported the Immokalee workers and left a whole lot of propaganda at area coffeeshops............here

Mario Diaz-Balart On Health Care

Mario Diaz-Balart thinks our healthcare system works well when it's accessible to athletes, celebrities and members of royal families.

Evangelicals Take Credit For Tampa Bay Playoff Berth

Christian evangelicals across the country are rejoicing today as the Tampa Bay Rays have made the playoffs, an event for which evangelicals are taking complete credit........here

See what happens when you get the Devil out of you?”.......Pastor Lukas Mark Smithers

Florida Sun Shines On Obama

Howard Dean: John McCain Is Simply Making Stuff Up

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean lashed out at John McCain Tuesday for “simply making stuff up” about Barack Obama and his Democratic colleagues. “At this point his campaign has sort of deteriorated into just a really dishonorable campaign,” Dean said on MSNBC. “He says we’re opposed to clean coal. That’s not true. He says Obama’s going to have huge tax increases. That’s not true.”........here

Joe Garcia: Ask Him A Question, And Take A Seat

Over the weekend Real Clear Politics ranked Joe Garcia as the South Florida candidate most likely to defeat an incumbent and the Miami Herald's Naked Politics Blog was quick to pick it up..........here

What is the Cuban Mafia?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Bill Nelson, Mel Martinez
The Cuban Mafia is not an established organization per se; it is a state of mind of certain American politicians who are vociferously anti-Cuba, and who are primarily based in the state of Florida.........here

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Latinos in Tampa Make the Difference

We Will Be Hosting Two Events
1. Tampa Hispanics for Obama Kick-Off and Phone Banking for Change, which will take place this Tuesday, September 23 at 5pm. · It is the occasion to rally our supporters and reach out to those who still have to hear our message and connect to it.
2. Debate Watching House Parties, September 26 at 9pm ET · On the 26th of this month, Barack Obama will square off against John McCain on National Security and Foreign Policy..........here
It's Your Time, Don't Blow It.........Howard Dean

Local 10 Debunks Mario Diaz-Balart's False Ad

St. Lucie County Students To Lend Food Bank A Hand

Treasure Coast Food Bank's inaugural "Kids Feeding Kids Student Food Drive" begins today and runs through Nov. 1. Selected as one of six food banks in the nation, Treasure Coast Food Bank received a grant award from Tyson Foods to support youth volunteerism and launch a student-led food drive to help lessen hunger in the community........here

Florida Voter Suppression Makes a Dangerous Comeback

There are dark clouds on the horizon of the battleground state of Florida. New laws and tales of voter suppression efforts already have many voters nervous and confused. Florida, which was recently named
“The Most Hostile State In The Nation To New Voters”
by three national voting-rights groups, has significantly tightened voter identification laws and made it easier for voter’s rights to be challenged..........here

Wayne Garcia's Moral Courage Award

I got the OK from the higher-ups here to give Moral Courage Awards annually, starting this December, for people in Tampa Bay who demonstrate, in the words of the county’s award, “exceptional ethical behavior and the moral courage to challenge the actions of government.”........here
To make a nomination, send an e-mail to wayne.garcia@creativeloafing.com

Gay-Marriage Ban On Florida Ballot Generates National Attention

Proposed bans on same-sex marriage are on the ballot in Florida and two other important states this fall, rousing passions on both sides, yet neither John McCain nor Barack Obama seems eager to push the issue high on their campaign agendas..........here

The Florida Botanical Gardens

With 120 acres to explore, the Florida Botanical Gardens provides a day full of adventure. Meander down paths and walkways to beautiful courtyards, sculptured and succulent gardens, seasonal displays, tropical, native and palm gardens............here

"Top Chef: The Tour" Comes To Tampa

Witch's Masquerade Ball

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa
Holds its fourth annual Witch's Masquerade Ball at 6 p.m. to midnight, 11400 Morris Bridge Road. There will be food, drink, shopping, tarot reading, face painting, dancing, a costume contest and a fun house. For more information, call (813) 988-8188 or go to uutampa.org.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lady Lake, Florida

The McCain-Palin campaign is making a lot of noise about the large crowd that came to cheer Sarah Palin at her appearance in Lady Lake, Florida, last week. Local fire officials estimated the crowd at 25,000 to 30,000, while the McCain-Palin campaign claims an audience twice that size...........here

Obama 2008
It's Your Time, Don't Blow It.........Howard Dean

Barack Obama in Dunedin

This Wednesday, September 24th, please join Barack Obama in Dunedin, where he will talk about his vision for creating the kind of change we need.......here

Cry foul: Lincoln Diaz-Balart won't debate Raul Martinez

Sorry, little mistake in the headline. Replace the word foul with fowl, for chicken. That should be the modifier for Lincoln Diaz-Balart, who's not up to the challenge of meeting his challenger in the debate arena..........here

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Was the McCain Camp Engaged in “Vote Caging” in Florida

That title got your attention, didn’t it? Good. Before we get to the potential voter suppression going on in Florida, however, a bit of stage-setting is in order. Context is everything, after all.........here