Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Help Sky U. White

Thank you to everyone who is supporting our campaign. In addition to our new commercial, your donations allowed us to put up these beautiful road signs and purchase yard signs. This is YOUR investment in moving our county forward. Help her here!
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Berners something big is happening across the country

We’re going to finish the
political revolution
we started!
Young people you are Bernie's strength. 
Get Involved, bring your friends.

Our Revolution Tampa Bay

What is Scandinavia?

According to the 2019 Happiness Report, Finland is the happiest country in the world, with Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and The Netherlands holding the next top positions. HERE
The economies of the countries of Scandinavia are amongst the highest in Europe
They have Heath Care 
and Education For All

Hillsborough Democratic Poll Watcher

As we learned in the 2018 recount, every vote matters. That's the reason we need poll watchers (inside the polling site) and poll greeters (outside the 150-foot zone at the polling site) to assist voters who may encounter problems or need information. Poll watchers cannot interact with voters but poll greeters can. Poll watchers must have credentials from the Supervisor of Elections office. It is vital to our election efforts that poll watchers and poll greeters work as a team. Please use this form to

Florida Cannawarriors Last Chance

Bernie will...
Legalize marijuana in the first 100 days 
with executive action
Vacate and expunge all past 
marijuana-related convictions

Republicans Try To Boost Bernie Because They Think Trump Will Beat Him

Monday, February 17, 2020

Former Florida GOP chair becomes Democrat — to vote for Buttigieg

The former Republican Party county chair from Florida is changing her party registration so she can vote for someone to replace President Donald Trump.
Cindy Guerra endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 over her objection to Trump, but she remained a registered Republican through that election before dropping her party affiliation. HERE

Tampa Music Machine - Tampa Paradise

Forgetful Katie Hodges

Tensions emerged towards the end of the event, however, when Kate Hodges, a volunteer with the Buttigieg campaign in Florida, asked Pratt if the Sanders campaign had something similar to Buttigieg’s “rules for the road” platform, a campaign document that stresses that those involved in his campaign cultivate a sense of respect.
“Because I’ve seen some things in here tonight that give me great concern,” Hodges said, alluding to disparaging comments that she said she heard Sanders supporters in the audiences make about some of the other candidates at the forum. “Does Bernie have a similar protocol in writing that requires those in his campaign and supporters to be respectful and truthful?”
Pratt said that yes, Sanders had taken a “clear and unequivocal position on civility in politics,” but added that he completely rejected Hodges contention that the Vermont Senator’s supporters were poorly behaved, setting off a large cheer from the Sanders contingent in the room. 
Mitch Perry

"Our community is divided over the direction of the party and when party leaders seek to force conformity in a time when there should be vigorous debate it irritates to no end. If the establishment leadership wants the support of the people, back better candidates. Racists, sexists, bullies, and billionaires...these are not leaders we should be uplifting and demanding unity behind." Chis Cano

2020 Florida Progressives Running For Congress

Monica DePaul - FL-04 
Tim Canova - FL-23

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Berners Rule West Tampa

Florida Berner

Ybor Rob & Rights Crispy

What Stogie Had For Lunch

 Carne Asada
With Rice and Beans

At Ximena’s Mexican Restaurant in Temple Terrace

Visit them here


Florida Banana Republican Marco Rubio

Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would provide funding for states to shore up election security and create more transparency around online advertisements. HERE

Trump Fans in Cape Coral

Friday, February 14, 2020

Rick Scott Introduces Amendment To ST@P Future Impeachment Of Donald Trump Accomplices

FSU Berners Journey to South Carolina!

Shelby Lavern is a organizer for FSU students for Bernie AND Leon County for Bernie. She has organized over 30 people to join her as they Caravan to South Carolina. PLEASE Consider donating to their BERNIE JOURNEY to 
SOUTH CAROLINA gofundme campaign. HERE

Imperial Florida GOP

While our reality show government lurches from atrocity to atrocity, here in the state capital, your imperial Legislature asserts more and more power 
over your life.
I’m talking about preemption, the Legislature’s favorite laws, the ones overriding local governments when they differ, forbidding cities and counties to do things local people actually want. Things like protecting trees, building low-income housing, banning single-use plastic, stopping discrimination based on sexual orientation, raising the minimum wage, and regulating guns. HERE