Monday, October 30, 2023

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell believes Rick Scott’s ‘luck is about to run out’

As the Democrats’ state convention unfolded in Orlando, the former Congresswoman attended caucus meetings and met with party leaders and elected officials. She also sat down with Florida Politics. She discussed why she thinks Scott can be defeated next fall, and how Democrats can make Florida a swing state again after landslide defeats in 2018.....Read More

INCOMPETENCE: How Orlando’s Disney district was destroyed by DeSantis

Governor Ron DeSantis’s personal grudge against Disney is now having a true impact on the district in which Disney World is located through the loss of institutional memory and know-how.....Read More

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Maxwell Frost preaches Democrats can win Florida with positivity, patience

America’s youngest Congressman headlined a gathering of Florida Democrats in his hometown. U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost in a keynote address said Florida Democrats have more potential for victory that recent elections suggest. But the 25-year-old advised patience in the pursuit of power.....Read More

Saturday, October 28, 2023

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How Ron DeSantis Is Pressing Self-Destruct On His Own Presidential Campaign

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The Florida GOP on Radioactive Roads

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'Living A Lie': Matt Gaetz Implies Fellow Republican Is Gay

New Speaker’s views on abortion, LGBTQ issues could weigh down GOP

Republicans are discovering the downside of electing a previously obscure figure to be second in line to the presidency.....Read More

Trump’s mounting legal troubles intensify with rough week in court

Former President Trump endured a series of legal setbacks in recent days, underscoring the mounting risks he faces as his various legal cases intensify.....Read More

Friday, October 27, 2023

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Matt Gaetz CORRECTLY points out, MAGA is still in power

Survey: Majority oppose book bans, back Bible electives classes

Nearly nine of 10 Americans oppose banning books that include depictions of slavery from being taught in public schools, but a majority feel public schools should offer Christian Bible courses as electives, a new survey finds.....Read More

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The Florida GOP on the 2020 Election

FYI: Students for Justice in Palestine Day of Resistance Toolkit

There has been a lot of press lately about the DeSantis administration ordering the disbanding of the student group Students for Justice in Palestine in Florida universities, including the group at USF. The supposed justification for the disbanding of the these groups are statements made in the Day of Resistance Toolkit published by the National Students for Justice in Palestine organization. Because the Ybor City Stogie strives to present the whole truth about such significant matters, namely the ideal of freedom of speech, we are including here a link to the Day of Resistance Toolkit so our readers can be fully informed.

Below, we also include the Official Statement published by the Students for Justice in Palestine at USF:

Antarctica’s glaciers are melting from beneath, speeding sea-level rise

Hidden rivers of meltwater are decaying Antarctica’s glaciers from beneath, a new study has found — meaning sea levels are likely rising faster than scientists had feared.

The study focused on two Antarctic glaciers — which collectively hold enough water to raise global sea levels by 5 feet.

Legal experts say efforts likely illegal under Gov. DeSantis to shut down pro-Palestinian college groups

'Given that they're students at a public university, First Amendment rights shouldn't be infringed.'

Legal experts are skeptical over a move by the Ron DeSantis administration to shut down pro-Palestinian student organizations on college campuses in Florida by employing a state law intended to punish providing material support to terrorists.

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