Monday, August 31, 2020

John Oliver:RNC 2020 & Kenosha (Must Watch)

Tampa DSA's List of Demands for Policing

Tampa DSA believes that until major outlays of money to the Police Budget are re-allocated away from "policing" and redirected to more social services, Communities of Color will continue to be victims of racist policing and violence. Here's what DSA proposes:

Tampa Activist Sadie Dean Arrested By Tampa Police

Sadie Dean was home alone when a man posing as maintenance personnel knocked on the door. When she answered, nine tactical officers, barged into her apartment and arrested her. They yelled at her and created such a scene that her neighbors came out and witnessed the violent arrest. The abuse continued as she was transported to jail - the officers drove violently, inexplicably transferred her into two additional transportation vehicles, all the while verbally harassing her throughout. HERE

Tampa Locavore: Ybor Food

Outdoor seating available

Self Isolate Blues

Tampa Mockingjays

Hillsborough County
 PRIMARY 25.38%

Hillsborough County has 
355,166 Democrats
Only 93,181 of them showed up to vote for their candidate

A Local Treasure lost to a GOP backed candidate

 Mitch Thrower
Hillsborough County School Board

Sandy Murman
Hillsborough County Commission


Who will be our Mockingjays?
 Katniss is taking applications!

Demings says Trump "not capable" of calming protests

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Tampa Activist March on Washington

Washington DC
Photo credit  Celeste Mona Judge Johnson

Ybor Paparazzi

The Candy Lowe

Tampa Hero Lisa Chesser

Florida Sign Bandit Sandra Atkinson of Okaloosa County

Was arrested on a petty larceny charge involving the theft of campaign signs belonging to a fellow Republican candidate in a state House race. HERE

Protesters gather in Tampa to call for justice for Jacob Blake

Florida's Culture Of Corruption: Pam Bondi

PolitiFact checks Pam Bondi Republican convention speech. HERE

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