Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Ybor City Homeless


Brain Swelling In Florida

There is a new warning in Florida about the Eastern equine encephalitis virus(EEEV), a mosquito-borne virus that causes brain swelling in humans. HERE

Adam Hattersley For Congress

Today I am excited to announce my candidacy for the United States Congress to represent Florida’s 15th District! HERE

Monday, July 29, 2019

Ybor City Homeless

Anthony and Damian

Florida Inc. Hits Tampa Bay

So as most of you have probably heard, we lost on Thursday. 3-1.
Desantis, Moody and Patronis all sided with their campaign donors, unsurprisingly. We did see progress in that Nikki Fried signaled to the community that she is here to stand up for Floridians on climate change. So there is hope beyond Thursday's vote.

It's tough when you are going against a quarter million dollars of reelection money and God knows how much more in "steak dinners". I know that we had the facts presented clearly in the room and Desantis chose to ignore those and let TECO get their gas plans approved.

I'll save the speech on fracking, which is IMO the worst ecological crisis facing us today. The fact that the Gov. cut voices short, ignored detailed evidence on the benefits of solar vs the downfalls of gas and held ZERO discussion on the issue tells you everything you need to know about Ron Dishonest.
This quote says it all:
“If you approve this, you have lower emissions. I mean, that's just the fact,” said DeSantis

But some, like Brian Lee with Rethink Energy Florida, argue methane, the primary fuel source for natural gas plants, is equally problematic.

“There are leaks at every point in the process that are equivalent to the CO2 emissions of all coal that is burned in the country,” said Lee. Governor Ron DeSantis, why do you continue to ignore the facts. Oh yeah, that's right. You are looking at your own reelection campaign instead of protecting FL. Don't even care about your hometown of Dunedin, Florida? A place that will be gone soon due to these types of projects you just approved. Well, keep voting against our future and we will make to see you at the voting booth! Believe that.

Vlogger Amanda Rae Carr in Ybor

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Florida’s House

Tampa friends! Who will we see run for Florida’s State legislature in 2020? Which issues will dominate the election? Climate change, educational equity, cannabis rights, voting protection, bolstering sustainable jobs?

Someone needs to run against and defeat Rep. Toledo for South Tampa’s house seat. Who might it be? Former candidates David Singer or Debra Bellanti, attorney Matt Newton, or someone else?

We need someone to primary Sen. Rouson; maybe former Reps. Ed Narain or Sean Shaw? Any ideas?

Thankfully Jessica Harrington is running against Rep. Grant! Are there any other state legislators who need replacing? Who could be the ideal candidate to rise to the challenge of changing Florida’s House & Senate? Comment below with who and why!

Stay groovy!

— Asher

Ybor Paparazzi

Johanna at Chillum

Behind the Smiles in Ybor City

ybor city Chickens

Met these guys in an ally.

Super Teacher Kelli Cameron of Tampa

GOP Chico Cromartie of St. Pete

Claims the LGBTQ community is taking resources from the black community.

Believes that LGBTQ people in St. Petersburg are thriving at the expense of the city’s black community, and, if elected, he says he will stop rewarding people who “choose 
to be homosexual.” HERE

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ybor Paparazzi

Candy Lowe

Painting Bricks In West Tampa

Please tell me that the City of Tampa is not letting this Developer deface this piece of West Tampa history at the corner of Spruce Street and Armenia Avenue. Painting over these bricks
 should be criminal!
Write and call this developer and tell him then we will do everything possible to make sure that anybody wanted to rent in that building is aware of what he’s doing. 
Let your city Council know how you feel 
Guido Maniscalco has always been receptive to hearing our complaints!

Ybor City Homeless


Florida GOP Stacy White

Joe Henderson:

Stacy White’s latest lawsuit shows his

 disdain for voter mandate

He doesn’t like Hillsborough’s All For Transportation tax, but 57 percent of voters approved it anyway. HERE
WE warned you about him!
His nonsense has already cost us $158.000. 

St. Cloud, Florida No Mas

St. Cloud leaders halt collection of water runoff from controversial Puerto Rican coal ash. HERE

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ybor City Homeless


Florida GOP: El CHAPO Act

Build the wall, wrote GOP Rep. Vern Buchanan of Florida’s 16th district in an opinion piece for the Bradenton Herald.

 “We’re making a big push in Congress to pass the El CHAPO Act, which I’ve co-sponsored. This legislation would direct billions of dollars’ worth of the drug lord’s confiscated assets to help secure the southern border.” HERE

Hillsborough County’s Original Snowbirds

Around 1880, our very first snowbirds migrated to the town of Limona, a once thriving community supported by a booming farm and lumber-based economy. Few remnants of Limona remain as the village was completely absorbed within Brandon beginning
 in the 1950s. HERE

Democratic cities in Florida figured out how to beat GOP voter suppression

State attorneys in at least three Florida counties, covering major cities like Miami and Tampa, are looking into the possibility of modifying the sentences of some indigent people with felony records, potentially by allowing them to do community service rather than pay off often cumbersome court costs. HERE


Pprominent Orlando attorney, John Morgan, announced the formal launch of Florida for a Fair Wage, the campaign to raise the minimum wage in Florida via a 2020 citizen-initiated ballot initiative. The Fair Wage Amendment backed by Morgan would increase the minimum wage by slightly over $1 an hour to $10 per hour in 2021, then increases the hourly pay by $1 per hour each year until it gradually reaches $15 per hour in 2026. After 2026, Florida’s minimum wage would increase with the rate of inflation, just as the state’s constitution currently requires. Florida’s current minimum wage 
is $8.46 per hour.

In an email to supporters, John Morgan said, “There is no doubt in my mind that is an uphill battle. But just like there were hundreds of thousands of families with sick children or parents that needed medical marijuana, there are hundreds of thousands of Floridians earning the minimum wage that cannot afford to live in Florida. We must fight so that all Floridians can have the dignity of earning a fair wage for a hard day's work.”

Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ has endorsed the Fair Wage Amendment.
“SEIU 32BJ is committed to working with our members to pass the Fair Wage Amendment so we can ensure all Floridians can have the dignity of earning a living wage," said Helene O'Brien, SEIU 32BJ’s Florida Director. “There are over 200,000 Floridians earning minimum wage. Many of them - like Monique Ford - simply cannot sustain a family on those wages,” added O'Brien.
“I’m homeless and I have a job. How is that possible?” said Monique Ford, a cleaner for Coastal Building Maintenance and mother-to-be. “I’m just one of many Floridians who are struggling to raise a family on the minimum wage. We all deserve fair wages 
for our hard work.”

In order to appear on the 2020 ballot, Florida for a Fair Wage needs to collect and verify 766,200 petitions from registered Florida voters. According to the Division of Elections, 363,157 petitions have been verified so far. In the email, John Morgan said, “We still need to collect another 200,000 petitions.”

Florida for a Fair Wage’s mission is to guarantee a living wage for all Floridians. Attorney John Morgan is Chairman of the organization.


Florida Cop Caught Planting Evidence

Monday, July 22, 2019

Ybor Paparazzi

Incredible Tampa Women

Ellen DeGeneres Meet Eric Piburn

Small acts of kindness can make the biggest difference. One local boy who is known for his kindness helped organize a toy drive today at American Social in Tampa. Eric Piburn was named 2018 kindness warrior of the year. He has a dream of getting on the Ellen Show to share his kindness mission
and dance.

The Citrus Taliban in Ybor City

7th Ave

Tampa Badass Jefferey Nietupski

Amazing what one voice can start. 
If you don't use it they can't listen. 
They are now.

Ybor City Homeless