Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Lynn Hurtak Endorsements


Ron DeSantis CAUGHT in most CORRUPT SCHEME yet after Disney Attack

New College conservative board votes to abolish DEI office

Trustees picked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to oversee New College of Florida voted Tuesday to abolish its small office that handles diversity, equity and inclusion programs targeted by conservatives throughout the state university system.

The trustees voted 9-3 to get rid of the school's Office of Outreach and Inclusive Excellence, with four full-time staff positions to be transferred elsewhere to vacant jobs. The board also voted to permit interim President Richard Corcoran to consider ending a single online mandatory employee diversity training program that few actually take.


Matt Gaetz attempts to enter ‘Chinese propaganda’ into congressional record

Kate Connolly for New Port Richey Mayor


Bernie's Tax Hikes On The Rich Lead To Right-Wing TANTRUM

Katarsis: Goth Night @ New World

New World Brewery - Seminole Heights

Ron DeSantis completely deranged Fox News interview

Tampa Illegal Sign Alert

Dale Mabry and Gandy

Jessica talks about school boundaries

Florida moves to expand ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law in coming legislative session

Florida lawmakers introduced legislation to prohibit someone describing themselves or others with pronouns besides the ones they were born with, at least in the context of the Florida education system.

The legislation, House Bill 1223, is aimed at requiring “specified policies relating to person’s sex at public K-12 educational institutions.” The bill summary says it “prohibits specified actions relating to use of certain titles and pronouns; and revises requirements for instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools.”


Tampa rent rose more than any other US city since start of pandemic

The cost of rent across the United States is going up for the first time in five months according to new rental data from ApartmentList. Their March report said in Tampa, rents were up higher than the rest of the country....MORE

Chris Cano at US Supreme Court demanding they uphold student debt cancellation

In front of the US Supreme Court demanding they uphold student debt cancellation.

Hillbilly Hellcats in Seminole Heights

MARCH 17, 2023 AT 9 PM
Ella's - Seminole Heights

Explore Historic Ybor City

New College will look to abolish DEI during the first meeting of its new board

The New College of Florida Board of Trustees on Tuesday is slated to consider policy changes related to diversity, equity and inclusion during its first meeting with interim President Richard Corcoran.

The board will consider four overarching proposals: “abolish DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) bureaucracies,” “end mandatory diversity training,” “curtail political coercion (mandatory diversity statements)” and “end identity-based preferences.”


Four takeaways from DeSantis’ new book

“The battles we have fought in Florida – from defeating the biomedical security state to stifling woke corporations to fighting indoctrination in schools – strike at the heart of what it means to be a Floridian and an American,” DeSantis writes.....MORE

Monday, February 27, 2023

Florida Bill Would Destroy Higher Education as We Know It

With the introduction of HB 999, the Florida legislature--at Governor DeSantis’s urging--has doubled down on its attacks on academic freedom with a bill that would effectively silence faculty and students across the ideological spectrum and purge whole fields of study from public universities. MORE

DeSantis signs law to put Disney district under Florida state control

Tampa Traveler Jeff Z: Amsterdam to Paris at 185mph


Tampa Traveler Jeff Z in Paris

Thank you Lew Sibert for bringing me here a few years ago. Paris isn't Paris without some jazz.

Florida Straight Up Lied About AP African-American Studies Course, College Board Says

“We deeply regret not immediately denouncing the Florida Department of Education’s slander,” the College Board said on Saturday. more

Idol Superfan Caroline Kole Sings "Firework" - American Idol 2023

Stogie's 20th Anniversary