Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Florida GOP Is Costing Us $50 billion

The U.S. government wanted to give Florida $50 billion in taxpayer money
Money you paid into the system through 
income taxes
To provide Medicaid to roughly 1 million Floridians who would otherwise go uncovered.
 There was zero cost to the state for 10 years, after which we would have to kick in 10 percent.
Instead, Scott and the GOP blocked expansion and turned away the money, not because it was best for Florida, but because it was best for the GOP. Republican state legislators said no to free health care for 1 million Floridians, costing all of us taxpayer money in the end, as well as the associated jobs that would have been created. 
And most importantly to most of us, costing lives.

Scott finds more Obamacare backers than critics at Boca event

Raíces en Tampa Rally - Ybor City

2:00 pm on May 3, 2014
Centennial Park, Ybor City
For more information contact:
Marisol Marquez (Spanish contact) - Raíces en Tampa:
Jared Hamil - Raíces en Tampa:
Norberto Gazga - 
Raíces en Tampa

Save the Florida Sea Turtles Film Project

Florida GOP Has Left Families In Need

This year's legislative session was another lost chance for the Florida Legislature to expand opportunity for families. Gov. Rick Scott and Tallahassee Republicans made it clear that re-electing the governor was more important than doing what's right for the middle class. more> 

Raíces en Tampa to host Tampa May Day Rallies

May 1st at 5:00 pm outside of the Immigration office in Ybor located
 on 1624 E 7th Ave.
For more information contact:
Marisol Marquez (Spanish contact) - Raíces en Tampa: 
Jared Hamil - Raíces en Tampa:

Medical Tourism In Florida

The Florida Legislature 
is poised to expand health care 
Not for Floridians, for tourists. 
We’re not joking. A bill to spend Florida tax dollars to promote medical tourism is flying though the legislature. Yet, the Republican leadership won’t allow a single hearing on
using billions in federal tax dollars to expand
 health care 
to 1.1 million uninsured Floridians.

Florida Wake Up, Doesn't This Piss You Off?

Florida Vote Yes On 1

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Factcheck: GOP Obamacare Lies

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Bacon Cheeseburger
At Smack Daddy's in Port Charlotte
Proud sponsor of the Charlotte County Homeless Coalition

Jessica Stewart - Florida Governor 2014

Born September 26,1976 in Tallahassee
A Florida Dem since age 18
Panama City Beach, Florida 
Check her out here



Eat Local

Miami Heat Corporate Welfare


April Freeman for Congress

 Running for Congress as a Democrat in Florida’s
GOP Land 19th congressional district,
Which encompasses Boca Grande, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral, 
Pine Island,
Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel, Captiva, Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples and 
Marco Island.
“Like so many Americans, I just couldn’t go where the extremists were taking us,”

Monday, April 28, 2014

Florida's Right Wing Infestation

Stogie's Pest Control 

Florida GOP Don Gaetz Claims Democrats Are "Communists"

Florida Pass A Clean Springs Bill!

Please call your Senator and urge them to support SB 1576, and then call your Representative to urge them to take up the Springs bill (which will be amended onto a bill that is moving in the House) and pass it without any amendments.  This link will give you the contact information for your 

  Remember, phone calls are more effective than emails which can easily be deleted.

Rick Scott Changes The Rules

Regarding what falls under
“public records” 
 making it harder for citizens and journalists
to get an idea of how Florida is conducting “the people’s business.”

Florida GOP Kelli Stargel

The Republican 
State senator from Lakeland's bill to restrict small craft beer brewers from selling directly to the public has made her a poster child for legislators appearing much
More concerned with protecting powerful special interests 
Than the free market and small businesses.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rick Scott: Cómo se dice "pander"?

Florida Hispanics Beware
Rick Scott campaigned in 2010 on his support for extreme Tea Party Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation. He vetoed a bill to allow children of undocumented immigrants to get a temporary driver's license. So why is he now "considering" giving in-state tuition to these same young Floridians? Sounds like an awfully convenient election year change of heart as Scott looks to improve his dire standing among
Florida's Latino voters.

MC Film Fest

Bill Moyers on America's Mad Dash Toward Oligarchy

Florida Governor 2014

Nan Rich (D) - Ex-State Senate Minority Leader, Ex-State Rep.
& amp Ex-National Council of Jewish Women President
Charlie Crist (D) - Ex-Governor, Ex-Attorney General, Ex-State Sen.,
 Ex-Republican & '10/'98 US Sen. Candidate
Farid Khavari (Independent) - Economist & '10 Candidate
Monroe Lee (D) - Civil Engineer & Frequent Candidate
Ryan Lipner (D) - Frequent Candidate
Dr. Marcelle Martelly (D) - Social Worker
Roland McCoy (D) - Salesman

Jessica Stewart (D) - Restaurant Worker &
Pro-Casino Activist
Randy Zapata (D) - Recent College Graduate

& '06 Candidate
James Fraleigh (Independent Party)
 Naomi Craine (Socialist Workers/Write-In) - Trotskyist Political Organizer &
'12 US Sen. Candidate
Joe Allen (Independent) - Retired Teacher & '10 Candidate

Rubin Anderson (Independent) - Baptist Pastor, Community Activist & Felon
Vassilia Gazetas (Independent)

                 Kyle "KC" Gibson (Independent)Pastor
Herman Giger (Independent) - Pilot, Flight Instructor, Army Veteran & '10 Candidate
Mark Griffis (Independent) - System Administrator & Community Activist
Jefferson Horwath (Independent) - Waiter, National Guard Veteran & '08 Lake Mary Mayor Candidate
C.C. Reed (Independent) - Businessman & Frequent Candidate
Leonard Rolle (Independent) - Federal Disaster Housing Inspector & '10/'12 Pahokee Mayor Candidate

Charles Tolbert (Independent) - Minister, Retired Army Master Sergeant & Vietnam War Veteran
Lesther Trujillo (Independent) - Limousine Driver & '10 Candidate
Paul Murray (Write-In)

Could be harmful to your health
Atlee Yarrow (American Freedom) - Press Operator, White Supremacist Activist
Steve LaBianca (Libertarian) - Activist & Business Consultant                 
John Wayne Smith (Libertarian) - Libertarian Activist, Awning Installer, Army Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Adrian Wyllie (Libertarian) - State Party Chair, Businessman & Veteran 
Rick Scott (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Yinka Adeshina (R) - Pharmacist & 12 Presidential Candidate
Vincent Angiolillo (R) - Limousines Company Owner & '12 Collier County Sheriff Candidate
Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder (R) - Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida President & Businesswoman
Tim Devine (R) - Frequent Candidate
Berthram Samuel (R) - '10 Candidate
Dr Joe Smith (R) - Chiropractor & Frequent Candidate
Simple, Pick One And Vote

Have the Homeless Become Invisible?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Verizon Killed Net Neutrality

At the behest of Verizon
A federal appellate court struck down the FCC’s Open Internet Order and internet providers are now free to discriminate – block or slow down – any web site or application they choose. But the FCC can save it.

I'm Sorry But I Am Not Gonna Travel Beside A Negro

Florida GOP To Cost Business Millions

The Medicaid expansion refusal is the doing of one man:
GOP Speaker of the House
Will Weatherford

We're losing out on
Seven to ten million dollars a day
tax money sent to the federal government  that other states will now get.
It may be responsible for the deaths of as many as
Six Floridians a day.
Wake Up Pasco County

Painfully Ignorant In Miami

Florida Is At The Center Of The Climate Crisis

Stand with Bill Nelson
who pulled an all-nighter to demand action on climate change.

Ask Senator Rubio to speak up about sea level rise issues that threaten Florida and urge him to protect Florida communities from the impacts
of climate change.
Take Action Today!

Florida's Culture Of Corruption: Money Dictates Florida Legislative Agenda

How Ft. Lauderdale Handles The Homeless

Florida is now, and always has been in the postcard business. Not literally, in the sense that postcard sales make up a significant portion of Florida’s economy — more in the sense that the state itself, at least the parts that are visible to tourists and outside money, should ideally look exactly as pictured on the postcards they see.......more>

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hillsborough Dems Want A Crist-Rich Debate

The Un-Democratic Broward County Democratic Executive Committee
voted against a resolution calling for a primary debate.

Ybor Surveillance

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Bacon Cheeseburger
At The Rainbow Restaurant in Mascotte

Florida Anheuser-Busch Distributors

There are 100 craft breweries in Florida,
and 31 of them are in Hillsborough County.
A bill backed by Anheuser-Busch distributors,
passed Monday by a state Senate committee
would put them out of business.
Commissioner Mark Sharpe tried in vain to help,
the other commissioners are sitting this one out.
Who is Anheuser-Busch?
They are owned by a Belgian-Brazilian
multinational beverage and brewing company headquartered in
 >Leuven, Belgium
Local distributors
Pepin Distributing -  Great Bay Distributors
Why Are You Drinking Their Beer?
>Stay Local!

Florida Is 'Ground Zero' For Sea Level Rise

What Tampa Bay might look like in 2073

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Florida Republicans are Rigging 'Voting REST-ROOMS'

Tampa Cabbie Goes To War With Lyft, Uber And Bob Buckhorn

I  have lived the life for 19 years and
I will fight for my livelihood.
This war has just begun.
 They are based out of Seattle and San Francisco. United and  Yellow were founded by local Tampons.
Bob Buckhorn - the mayor of Tampa. This cat is the one that allowed the food trucks into downtown Tampa, completely ignoring the restaurants that pay taxes and are located downtown. He justified it, in the same way he is Lyft, that in this economy we need jobs. True, what we need are jobs that people can live off of. You are making beggars out of people Buckhorn. I guess  its good your wife had a good job before you got elected because you would have been flying a sign like the rest of the bums on the streets. No offense to bums. At least they work
and struggle every day.
The hardest thing you ever did was take your mutt to the dog park.

Gubernatorial Debate In Tampa

WEDU-TV, The Tampa Tribune and
Genesis Communications
have teamed up with community partners to host a Florida gubernatorial debate preceding this November's general election.
To be held at WEDU's Tampa studios
And moderated by Local Legend
Rob Lorei
Managing editor of Florida This Week on WEDU-TV (PBS)
and co-founder of WMNF Radio.

GOP Selling George H.W. Bush Socks

ONLY $35.00

Critical Mass In St. Pete


20,921 millionaires would get an $87,000 tax break.
Middle class families would pay
$2000 more in taxes.
290,401 seniors would pay more for medicine.
42,260 college students wouldn't receive Pell Grants.
3,569 domestic violence victims would lose access

to theSTOP Violence Against Women Program.
6,920 children would lose access to Head Start.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Florida GOP Drunk At Taco Bell

Police in Tallahassee busted Florida GOP 
Rep. Dane Eagle 
Leaving a Taco Bell and nearly hitting a concrete median 
at 2 in the morning.
He got pulled over by Officer David Keller.
Despite refusing to take a field sobriety test, authorities said Eagle’s breath and vehicle smelled of alcohol. Eagle denied that he had been drinking, he rats on his friends  attributing the smell to friends who were riding with him earlier in the evening.
He also allegedly told Keller that he was “good to get home,”
despite stumbling
and falling when Keller asked him to walk to his patrol car. 
Eagle, who was elected in 2012,
was arrested and charged with driving
under the influence. 

Florida: A Younger Population Is Pushing The State Left

Florida is getting younger
and thus a bit more politically liberal.
If a stroll down the Miami Beach’s famed boardwalk doesn’t persuade you, perhaps
In the 1970s, about 30 percent of Florida’s population was 45 or older. Today, those mid-lifers represent less than 5 percent of the Sunshine State’s population.