Thursday, April 30, 2015

Free Lube For Florida GOP Voters

GOP Florida Frackers Pass Fracking Bill

Forget about solar, forget about wind, forget about ocean currents and turbines. here 

Miami May Day Rally

Ybor City Stogie T-Shirt

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MCM: Mario (Fredo) Diaz-Balart Blinded By Ideology

President Obama’s attempts at détente with Florida’s southern neighbor Cuba have been well-received throughout the nation and by many in Florida. Approval for the policy change has been wide-ranging and controversy at a minimum. That is unless a zealot has power in some capacity, as Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart currently has in the US House. here

Blinded by ideology to actually claim the Cuban embargo enacted in 1961 unilaterally by the United States 
has been successful.

Miami Cuban Mafia Ezposed

Florida Fracker: Rep. Katie Edwards

One of the Democrats that voted for the fracking bill  
(HB 1205). The bill  passed 
82-34 along party lines after Democrats said the bill opens the door for widespread fracking. here

2015 Global Marijuana March - Tallahassee

5.2.2015 - 11AM
400 S Monroe St, Tallahassee

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Go Hillsborough" Is A Sham

Omar K Lightfoot Community Center 
in Temple Terrace

My survey form, Rail is not even an option.
When i asked why, they told me to write it in on the back.

As you can see here Transit routes and bike lanes 
 are our top priority.

Yet according to this, it is not.

Thank you to this very nice gentleman
(Brian of Hillsborough County)
For helping me out.

Tea Partier Sharon Calvert and Florida GOP Victor Crist were there.

We say, NO RAIL?,

Lorenzo's Handrolled ​Cigars - Ybor City

Visit them here

Steve Crisafulli Screw You

Florida GOP conservative extremists led by Crisafulli 
flat out quit on the job. They refused to keep attending to the people’s business because they can’t solve healthcare expansion and budget standoffs with Senate colleagues. here

Florida GOP

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Darlene
She is from New York, been homeless 2 years.

The Billionaires’ GOP Primary

The Koch brothers are going to summon candidates to a round of auditions, 
right now they are leaning towards 
Scott Walker
Norman Braman, who owns 
23 car dealerships, has Marco Rubio
Robert Mercer, a New York hedge fund manager, has Ted Cruz. Foster Friess, an investment manager, has Rick Santorum. The biggest mega-donor of them all, 
Las Vegas casino mogul 
Sheldon Adelson, is still playing hard to get. 
All the candidates, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
are courting

I thought I was supposed to write the horror stories.
— Stephen King
Does anybody really believe that anybody besides their hardcore base 
will vote for these people?

Sunshine State Clean Energy Coalition: Clean Air Aces and the Fossil Fools!

The Sunshine State Clean Energy Coalition will be releasing a scouting report of the 114th Congress and drafting 2 lucky members to the Clean Air Aces and the Fossil Fools!

Come see the jerseys unveiled and who gets drafted!

See the scouting report for the top Senators and their stats on clean air, clean water, and clean energy.
Join us at Campbell Park Recreation (601 14th St 
S. St Pete at 10am of Draft Day! (April 30th) info

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Effectively Relaunches Today

 Medical marijuana will be on the ballot in 2016 and the voters will pass what the legislature failed to.

The legislative session ended today - and with it the hopes of short term relief for thousands of sick and suffering patients throughout Florida. The House of Representatives decided to simply quit work, three days before the end of session, and with that, medical marijuana legislation is dead in Tallahassee. The same people who stood up against Amendment 2 last year, many stating that this was an issue better handled by legislature - simply turned their backs on patients, and ignored the will of nearly 3.4 million voters.  Despite courageous leadership from Senators and Representatives in both houses and both parties, Tallahassee has failed us again.

Clearly - the only way this is going to get fixed is through a constitutional amendment and our new petition. We have a donor - ready to match your donation through 
the end of May. here

"Today the Florida House of Representatives failed us, yet again. I never had much faith in Tallahassee to do the right thing. But I continue to have tremendous faith in the compassion of the people of Florida to do what the politicians refused to. Today marks the first day of the 2016 campaign for medical marijuana. We will put this issue back before the voters. We will win. Believe!" John Morgan

For press inquiries please contact Bianca Garza at 

GO Hillsborough Meeting Today In Temple Terrace

One of our last chances

"Good luck with that," That’s what one Tribune columnist said about Commissioner Hagan talking about a balanced transportation referendum for more options.

It’s a dare. Some think we won’t stand up to make sure we have options. 

We need to make it loud an clear to every doubter, naysayer, and tea party insider that it’s time to work together to create new transportation options for everyone. This is one of our last chances to be heard. Come out tonight for just 15 minutes:
Don't let these corporatist Republicans ruin our future.
If you Dems would of voted Pat Kemp would be in office and we would not be dealing with Higginbotham. No one even ran against Hagan.

Omar K Lightfoot Community Center
10901 N 56th St
Temple Terrace

Rid Hillsborough County of it's Right Wing infestation

Florida's Culture Of Corruption: The Florida Senate

As the legislative session stumbles to an end, the House and Senate have succeeded in distorting the will of the people beyond recognition. What these Republicans leaders have proven -- by failing to enact what the people expressed through Amendment 1 (that 1/3 of the documentary stamp tax on real estate transactions to be used to purchase environmentally sensitive lands) --  is that they are only concerned about their own security. here

The next time you vote, remember how you have been betrayed.

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Philly Steak With Tots
And Bloody Mary
At Uncle Fats in Temple Terrace
Eat Local!

Jeb Bush Funneled $2 Billion to George W Bush's Big Donors

WMNF News: May Day Tampa 2015

Rally for Justice for Brandon Walmart Workers

1208 E Brandon Blvd,Brandon
Wednesday 29 April 2015, 5:00pm

Walmart is closing its Brandon store because of what they say are "plumbing problems," but are basically just firing the workers. The union has filed complaints with the NLRB claiming that Walmart shut the store in retaliation for 
the strike and labor organizing. info

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Isaiah
He is from Dade City, been homeless 2 years.

Racist At The Econo Lodge in Live Oak, Florida

A group of Flint high school students were wrapping up a college tour in Florida, on their way back to Flint, their bus broke down. They ended up spending the night at the Econo Lodge in Live Oak, 
Coordinator Blake Odum says right after dinner, is when the trip took a much different and disturbing tone."It was owned by white people. And they started taking pictures of all the kids as we were walking in and out of the hotel," said student Melissa Blacque. "They were calling us the N word. Odum says things felt so tense that to avoid any trouble, he tried to be proactive by calling police. When police arrived, they told the group to stay in their rooms for the night.
Odum says the officer left him with a chilling message.
"The officer pulled me to the side and said, 'You know, I just want to let you know this area right off the interstate, people aren't too accommodating to you all.' And he said, 
'If you know what I mean.' 

Dear Flint high school students,  we are not all racist in Florida, here we have a saying, the further north you go the further south you are. We don't consider the panhandle part of Florida, it is more like south Georga. visit us in Tampa Bay, we have great schools, (University of Tampa, USF, 
St Leo, Stetson University)
 and we would never treat you that way.

Shifty Florida GOP Ken Hagan exploiting term limits loophole

Commissioner Ken Hagan, a Republican, said he hasn’t ruled out leaving his countywide District 5 seat midterm to run next year in his old north-county District 2.  By switching back to his home-district seat, Hagan could avoid being forced out of office by term limits in 2018 and start a new clock — one that would allow him to stay on the commission 
until as late as 2024. here

“I don’t think anybody ever thought about that when we wrote the law,” said former Commissioner Jan Platt, 
one of the authors of the charter.

Raíces en Tampa - May Day In Ybor City

 7th Avenue | Ybor City, Florida
May 1st - Friday, 6pm

Florida's Mr. 420

WMNF Tropical Heatwave

WMNF Tropical Heatwave is about a week away,
and the tasty fun has begun!
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tallahassee's Parliament of Pimps

Tom Lee, R-Brother, Can You Spare A Franklin?, has taken in $1.8 million to his dubious The Conservative political action committee scam, helped by generous donations from Anheuser-Busch, U.S. Sugar, Duke Energy and Walt Disney World. Sen. Jack Latvala, R-Why Yes, I'll Have Another, has sucked up $3.3 million from about 800 benefactors for his Florida Leadership Committee. here

St. Pete is Casting Sunshine!

Tampa, Miami More Dangerous Then New York

Stupid Gay Marriage Comments By Marco Rubio

Ybor Daily Market

YDM is an aspiring local gathering place for many things, including, among the most important, a local market with fresh produce, food, arts, crafts, and other supplies. We’re working on some lounge seating, work spaces, and rooftop gardens. It’ll be amazing! Stop by, enjoy the free Wi-Fi and get to know some local vendors. You’ll be glad you did.
Visit them here

Friday, April 24, 2015

Florida GOP Voters Like To Take It Deep

Florida Times-Union
"Gov. Rick Scott — aka "Mr. Jobs"

Pensacola News Journal
"Welcome to Florida: the mentally unstable state"

Florida Today
"Plain and simple, it is a rip-off for patients, taxpayers and employers."

Miami Herald
"Memo to Mr. Scott: The Supreme Court said that states don't have to accept Medicaid expansion as part of the Affordable Care Act, 
but it never said rejection was a good idea."

Palm Beach Post
"Scott is looking more and more like 
a rebel without a cause."

Daytona Beach News-Journal
"This is pure brinkmanship by the House — staring down not only the Senate but also the Obama administration, 
and expecting one or both to blink."

Tallahassee Democrat
"Our state's leadership is embroiled in a kindergarten-style fight that would be laughable if it didn't have such serious consequences"

Check out what these Florida newspapers have to say about your Florida GOP here
Dems this is what happens when you don't vote!

Visit Ybor City


Wendy Davis in Tallahassee

April 27, 2015

Florida GOP Allen West Blames Football Injuries On End Of School Prayer

Ybor Surveillance

7th Ave.

Slorida's Bill Nelson On List Of Disgraceful Democrats

Here are the others,
Sens. Ron Wyden (Oregon), Maria Cantwell (Washington), Tom Carper (Delaware), Ben Cardin (Maryland), Michael Bennet (Colorado), and Mark Warner (Virginia).

All voted to pass Fast Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), easing the way for eventual passage of a trade deal corporations can read, but you are not allowed to. Passing fast track authority means that Congress hands over any rights to amend a trade deal, giving carte blanche to the negotiators and forgoing the democratic process. This is especially bad since the deal is being made in secret and the little we do know about it is awful for working families. here