Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tampa Bay Activist In The Conch Republic





Empty Truck - Need more!
The Hub, 5107 Central Ave Tampa
Heroes, Greg, Jimmy, Nolan, Jenn, Dez and the guy 
from the motor home park


Key Largo, Florida

Brutal Socialist T-Shirts

Men's Tee-Shirt: $14.95
Women's Camisole: $19.95

Florida GOP Jack Latvala Stands With Trump

Jack Latvala says he agrees with Donald Trump’s criticism of NFL players. here

One good thing about this. 
You won.t see him at Bucs games.

Remember peeps, this guy wants 
to be our governor!

Choose wisely!

Spotted At The Hub In Seminole Heights


5107 N. Central Ave

Trashing Republicans In Florida Could Become A Hate Crime

If Florida GOP Trump supporter Joe Gruters from Sarasota has his way.  He filed a bill that would add discrimination against "political affiliation" to the list of infractions Florida classifies as hate crimes, and though he insists the law would apply to both Liberals and conservatives, Gruters' social media posts make it pretty clear which side he's worried about. here

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Hot Garlic Wings
At The Firehouse Pub in Temple Terrace
Eat Local!

Friday, September 29, 2017

NFL Burning At Coney Island's Drive Inn in Brooksville

Coney Island's Drive Inn in Brooksville has invited football fans to bring NFL jerseys or merchandise to burn in exchange for a free hot dog. here
Darn, this USE to be my favorite place to eat 
when I visited Brooksville. 

Tampa Bay Progressives In Seminole Heights

With special guest Kent Bailey 

Talking Climate Change

Kent Bailey and Scott Shoup

Jae Passmore, Dayna Lazarus and Junior

Beau Robichaux

Dr. Alvin Jin

Candidate for Tampa Mayor Michael Hazard
With Junior

Beth Eriksen Shoup

September Meeting - Seminole Heights Library
Bringing back the Democratic Party to where it belongs!

Hugh Hefner RIP

Hugh Hefner, or "Hef" as he preferred to be called, played a crucial role in the early days of NORML. At a time when most Americans were accepting the government's "reefer madness" propaganda, Hef, through the Playboy Foundation, provided NORML with our initial funding in early 1971, and became our primary funder all during the 1970s. Hefner was a fearless cultural crusader who believed deeply not just in the right to sexual freedom, but also in civil rights and the right to privacy.
May he rest in peace.
-From NORML co-founder Keith Stroup

Ybor Paparazzi


Shame on Plant City, Florida

September 28 – October 6
CALL MAYOR LOTT 813-659-4200

Pinellas County Demoratic Progressive Caucus

Progressives on the other side of the pond, check it out here

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Enterprise Florida Salivating To Suck Jeff Bezos's Dick

Enterprise Florida CEO Pete Antonacci said Thursday that pursuit of a new east coast headquarters planned by Amazon is his organization’s top priority right now. He want bids from Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida. He encourages them to emphasize tax giveaway (Corporate Welfare) incentives.
Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon IS worth $81.1 billion. He should be paying us for the honor to do business in our state. here

Tampa Treasure Mario Núñez Needs Our Help

Preservation of our History is that important! Timely and very critical... City Council needs to hear from you. 5:00 PM Thursday September 28th. Sign up to speak. Demand that our funding be restored to the city's budget. We need your voice now!

Pro-Trump St. Pete City Council Candidate

Meet Florida GOP Justin Bean
The Tampa Bay Times, (Under de facto ownership from a GOP cabal)  endorsed him. He is an avid supporter of Donald Trump. He has been in trouble with Pinellas, Polk,  Mantee and Hillsborough law enforcement officers. here

Choose Wisely!

Florida 5th Worst State for Teachers

According to a WalletHub study, Florida ranked No. 47 for worst states for teachers, compared to Georgia, which came in at No. 26. here

Trump As Popular As Oxygen In Fort Walton Beach

According to Florida GOP Matt Gaetz. After Donald Trump won and Republicans took control of the government he had very high expectations for bold, conservative reform. here
 “I’m not a big fan of the way they do business in Congress and I share the president’s frustration with the slow progress. So there’s a kinship,"
BTW Earlier this month he voted against a $15 billion hurricane relief package, joining Rep. Ted Yoho of Gainesville as the only two Florida members in opposition.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Progressives Win In Florida

Susan Smith, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, released the following statement:
Congratulations to DPCF member Annette Taddeo on her hard-fought win in the Senate District 40 Special Election! This was a big victory for Annette, but more importantly, for the people of Florida.
Yesterday with the election of Annette Taddeo, the voters of Senate District 40 said yes to progress. They said yes to an academically sound, well-funded public education system and no to unaccountable, for-profit corporate charter schools. They said yes to safe drinking water and no to dangerous practices like fracking that can destroy Florida's precious environment. They said yes to improved infrastructure with better transit options and no to high tolls and road privatization. They said yes to putting the interests of the people over the interests of the powerful.
In the SD 40 race, the voters chose a progressive voice to represent them in Tallahassee. They chose Annette Taddeo because she will support policies that protect the many, not the few.

Florida Taxpayers About To Take It Deep!

Pinellas and Hillsborough counties will join forces in an effort to convince Amazon to build a new world headquarters in the Tampa Bay area. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville and Orlando also want in. The nation's largest retailer has launched a nationwide bidding war between cities and even states to land the online giant's second headquarters, known as HQ2. here
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn says that Rick Scott would have to ask for "tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars" in state economic development incentives (AKA Corporate Welfare) to attract Amazon to Florida.

Local Environmentalist Kent Bailey In Seminole Heights

Talk Environment
 How we deal with climate deniers.
 Kent Bailey, Sierra Club Activist Environmentalist will give a presentation on how we can continue to fight the 
good fight.
September 28, 2017 @7pm
Seminole Heights Library

GOP Could Cost Florida $9.7 Billion

A proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act would cost Florida $9.7 billion in federal funding over six years, according to a study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. here

Irma Speak Out/Spoken Word/Open Mic At The Hub

Tonight 9.27 - 7 PM
The Hub
5701 N. Central Ave - Tampa

Rick Scott Deleted Hollywood Nursing Home Voicemails

Rick Scott’s staff might have broken the law when it deleted voicemails left by workers at a Hollywood nursing home where 11 residents died after 
Hurricane Irma. here

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tragedy In Plant City, Florida

 "Jesus Cervantes, a man who called them for help... a young father who was in mental health crisis, a human being with children a family and a wife, who was heard on the 911 call grunting and crying and hoping that someone would see he was in trouble and do something to help him. Rather he was met by police who shot him to death
 on the spot."
 Dezeray Lyn's words on what happened last night in 
Plant City.