Monday, April 30, 2018

Warning: Hillsborough County GOP Attempting Coup d'état

The republicans on the Hillsborough County Commission are trying to upend the HC Charter without going thru the charter review process.
This proposed change would allow 
republicans to maintain power FOREVER.
They are trying to change all constitutional officers to non partisan, trying to redraw the commission from 4 single member and 3 at large seats to 9 single member districts, and allow the republican controlled board to draw the lines of these new districts. These would be put on the ballot in Nov. and go into effect in 2020.
Just in time for Sandy Murman to have a nice comfortable seat of her own in So. Tampa
We need as many people as possible to show up at the HC Board of Commission meeting on Wed. morning. We need to use the 9-10 am hour of public comment to call out the republicans for their obvious political moves

Poor Whit Remer

He moved to South Tampa with his family a year ago from Washington, D.C. and he thought he was moving into a walkable urban neighborhood. Surprise Mr. Remer, welcome to Florida's nose picking town. here He had a protest this last Sunday and according to his Facebook event page one person showed up. 
Check out some of the comments left on the Facebook post on the page "Tampa!!! BORN AND RAISED AND I REMEMBER WHEN" of the story.
 I’m sick of bicyclists acting like they own the street. Tampa is a large city. Cars need to have priority over cyclists and pedestrians. If you don’t like walking on Bay to Bay, walk on Bayshore. This isn’t St Pete
I am currently out in Cali. The bike people yell long an hard so there are bike lanes everywhere; only there's no one EVER using them just causing more trouble for the cars. Let's hope the insane stuff doesn't take hold in Fla
The guys only been living in Tampa for a year, and already complaining. How about just walk on the sidewalk like a normal person.
Great just like Palm Ave and N Boulevard , both are now 2 lanes , it's a complete pain PS , go back to DC
Go to San Francisco
Dumb ass
Want to make some changes to Tampa? Turn around and 
go back to where you came from!!
Talk you and your family and walk i95 north
Go back up north, yankee!
 Typical DC elitist. Didn’t get his way now wants to cry 
and whine about it.
South tampa sidewalks and streets aren’t a family environment, he should have done better research not just expect things to change because he thinks they should. If you want a family place to walk move out to downtown plant city or fishhawk. If he needs a family place to get exercise, go join the JCC.

And many more, check them out here
BTW Mr. Remer, people here don't care about the future of there children, like you said they will all be at the old folks home soon. And the mayor, his political career is over!
Update: Tony Valenti has deleted and turned off 
commenting for this post.

Tampa Paparazzi

Scott Shoup with Mark Nash

Gwen Graham And The Men

With a threadbare resumé of public service and a record of voting for big business and against the environment, Gwen Graham has resorted to shouting that “it’s time” Florida elected a female governor. She has reminded audiences at every campaign stop that she is a woman and her three announced primary opponents are male.
 The Graham staffer that concocted the “Gwen and the Men” slogan should never see another dawn as a paid political operative. 
When Graham appeared with her primary opponents—Andrew Gillum, Chris King, and Phil Levine—at the Hillsborough Democratic Party’s Spring Fling last week, the main thrust of her brief remarks was that she is, indeed, a woman. The other candidates discussed issues, policy, and political philosophy. Voters far prefer candidates that can be counted on to follow through on campaign promises and represent their interests regardless of gender. On this most important criterion, Graham, who is a woman, gets an F minus. 
Residents in Florida’s Big Bend, for example, feel they were hoodwinked by Graham, a female, during her two-year stint as a backbencher in the U. S. House of Representatives. Her voting record was an abomination to the Democrats that turned out in droves for her in a purple district. Graham, a biped with a vagina, voted with the Republicans and against the Florida Democratic delegation on key issues an amazing 43 percent of the time during the only one terms she served. Ironically, the only other Florida Democrat out of sync with his party’s values, former Congressman Patrick Murphy, is contemplating a late run for the governorship. He failed in bis challenge to the vulnerable Sen. Marco Rubio in 2016 because progressive Democrats refused to vote for essentially another Republican in the general election. 
My Democratic contacts in Leon County, the portion of the Congressional district that voted heavily for Graham in her lone Congressional race, regret her tenure. No one I spoke with would ever again vote for Graham, a distaff personage. 
For two decades Florida Democrats have continued to employ the failed strategy of a hard pivot to the right. Democratic candidates in Florida need to represent progressives or they have no chance in the general election. It will take far more than tapping into gender preferences or Phil Levine’s personal fortune to prevail in a statewide race.

By Jim Bleyer

Tampa Bay Homeless

Homeless living in Tampa

Trump And Rick Scott Not Buddies Anymore?

Now that he is running for senate is 
he trying to keep his distance
 from the disaster?
He did not mention Trump during his campaign event in Orlando and dodged a question on Fox News whether he'd ask Trump to campaign with him. here

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Tampa Paparazzi

2018 May Day in Tampa

5.1.2018 - 5 PM
Curtis Hixon Park

Check out last years event in Ybor

Ybor City Homeless

Homeless living in Ybor City

Leonard Pitts Letter To Marco Rubio

Dear Sen. Marco Rubio:
So I see where you came after me on Twitter. I’m flattered. Never knew you cared.
“This well known national writer,” you tweeted about my last column, “states very clearly that the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump are haters who should not be heard from or engaged in dialogue. It’s a view widely held by many elites on left, but very few of them so openly admit to it.”
It fascinates me how you Republicans have repurposed “elites,” which means well above average, into an all-purpose pejorative. I mean, sure, call me an elite, if you insist. But I’d point out that as a U.S. senator, hobnobbing with presidents and potentates while pulling down $174,000 per annum, you are hardly Joe Lunchbucket yourself. more

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ybor Paparazzi

The Photographers of

Historic Tampa Churches

Like treasured family heirlooms, the historic churches and temples of Tampa are lovingly cared for by their devoted congregations. With more than 200 vintage images, Historic Tampa Churches shares stories of tragedy and triumph, from St. Peter Claver Church, whose congregation watched the first church burn to the ground 10 days after its dedication, to the Sisters of St. Joseph at St. Benedict School, who found themselves jailed for teaching students in the African American community. 

Many of these churches, like Ybor City's Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, West Tampa's St. Joseph Church, and downtown's Greater Bethel Baptist Church, are found at the center of Tampa's ethnically diverse communities. Passed down from generation to generation, these architectural gems serve as a reminder of the countless men and women who selflessly labored for the growth of their churches, leaving a lasting legacy of faith 
and good works.

By Author John V. Cinchett a third-generation Tampa native and local history writer with an interest in the preservation of historical Tampa photographs. As a musician, Cinchett has served as an organist for several local churches over more than 30 years.

Amazing La France Ybor City

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Ahtina

TPD Photographers in Ybor City

N. 19th Street, In front of The Bunker

Friday, April 27, 2018

Tampa Progressives in Seminole Heights

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay
April Meeting

With special guest 
Joe Redner, Chris Cano

And Bob Buesing

President Jessica Vaughn

Michelle Kenoyer and Susan Smith

Beth Eriksen Shoup

Nina Tatlock

Kim Overman

Becca Fiore with friend

Russell Giambrone with friend

Wayne Schucker

Russell Hires

Tim Heberlein

Scott Shoup

Chris Cano

Bob Buesing on how to beat Dana Young

Central Florida NORML

Seminole Heights Library
Join them here

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Asher Edelson Lone Speaker At City Hall

I was the only person to bring up the audit today. Folks if we want the City Council to do this thing, we have to show up in some numbers to let them know we care about this issue!
"What can I do to convince y’all to 
make it out?" Asher Edelson