Sunday, May 31, 2020

George Floyd Protest In Tampa

This guy came looking for trouble

MLK and 22nd St

Kelly Benjamin: The Real Looters

The real looters have long been destroying our society from the safety and luxury of corporate board rooms and the halls of power in America. The anger and rage in our communities is 100% justified.
We can and must understand and empathize with that anger in this moment to organize for real positive change. The whole system has to fundamentally transform to move forward. A return to pre-pandemic business as usual is a death sentence for America.
Let this moment of riots in the midst of a pandemic in a failing system with vast inequality and millions unemployed with a complete buffoon in charge be a catalyst to move this nation in a profoundly new direction.
If we don’t seize this moment to have the hard conversations we’ve been pretending don’t need to happen, we fail our children.

Tampa Hoods

Ybor City

Tampa Locavore: Ybor Food


Self Isolate Blues

Pasco Republican Amber Mariano Comes In Last

No surprise: republican florida house speaker José Oliva, who has pushed a conservative to libertarian agenda through the state house, got one of the lowest grades of all in an analysis by the progress florida organization. Oliva got a 
37 percent — an F.
The only grade lower than Oliva’s grade went to Pasco Republican Amber Mariano. HERE

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Rally For George Floyd In Temple Terrace

56th St. and Fowler Ave
Photo credit: Scott Shoup

No Middle Ground

In my humble opinion, i think the only way is to get out of this abusive relationship with the democratic party, and deal with our stockholm syndrome. leave the party that doesn't want us, and won't allow us to win. the reason is because they rig the elections! there is no choice, but not to support biden. you can either be corporatist shill or a progressive. there is no middle ground we will not be beaten by the establishment or transformed by the democratic party. it doesn't matter to me, what you decide, i only judge myself and my actions. fight the establishment because they refused to address the issues of the people, it's the right thing to do and you know it. we must stop with the insanity and become responsible for the world we vote to have. come all together.. and form a movement based on issues, not distracted by party politics and not led by a politician!

Jason Bardo

Stop Killing Us: A March for Black Lives in Tampa

Tomorrow at 1:30 
Cyrus Greene Park, East Tampa