Monday, December 31, 2018

Saturday, December 29, 2018

South of Gandy Community Mayoral Candidate Forum

All of the mayoral candidates listed on the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections website are invited. The following candidates have been invited 
so far:
Ed Turanchik
Topher Morrison
 Michael Hazard
LaVaughn King
Harry Cohen
Jane Castor
David Straz 
Mike Suarez 
6:30 to 8:30 pm 
January 30th 
St. Mary's Episcopal Day School 
4311 W. San Miguel St. INFO

Al's Finger Licking Good Soul Food In Ybor City

Al (Famous BBQ Guy) 
is opening a new location in Ybor.

Candy Lowe talks to Al.
Grand opening
Tomorrow 11 AM
7th Ave and 23rd St. Ybor City

Ybor Paparazzi

Family from North Carolina 

Merchants of Ybor: Chillum

Ybor City Homeless

Meet Sun
From New Port Richey. Homeless 2 years.

Tampa · Ty Music Project

Bernie May Run Again

Whenever I am asked about running for president in 2020, I answer that if I am the best candidate to beat Donald Trump, then I will probably run.
If that happens, the political, financial and media elite of this country will stop at nothing to defeat us. Right now, a group of Wall Street Democrats known as the Third Way is running ads in early primary states — Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada — calling me out by name and saying our ideas, like Medicare for all, are a path to defeat in 2020
They not only want to discourage or defeat a Sanders candidacy, they want to make sure that the progressive agenda is not advanced by anyone. They want us to go back to their failed corporate approach which has led to a massive level of income and wealth inequality, a bloated military budget and a failure to address the crises of climate change, a broken criminal justice system and inhumane immigration policies. here

Friday, December 28, 2018

Glen's 2018 Activist of the Year

Soft Spoken.....Thunderous
Relentless, Unwavering, Passionate
Warrior for Justice

Dezeray Lyn

ICE Protest - Ybor City 2018 (Video)

South Tampa Curfew

Marion Transit Center 9:30 PM

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Ybor Bartenders

Brett and Lulu at Tequilas 

ICE Protest In Ybor City

Anna Marie

Sadie Dean


Dayna Lazarus

Jae Passmore

Topher Morrison

Trump fan and Glen Eich

The guy in the white van who needed 
to get to work.


Ybor City, Florida

Tampa Activist Life 2018: September

Farewell To A Fallen Comrade 

In Ybor City

Central Florida NORML in Ybor City


Tampa Heroes and Zeros

A Tampa media entity suffered amnesia last week, denying three city mayoral candidates the opportunity to participate in a Jan. 9 debate it is sponsoring. Spectrum Bay News 9 forgot its major responsibility of fully informing the public and its viewership, not to mention any notion of fair play. ---

David Straz
Bill Carlson
 John Godwin
 and Joe Citro 

Mike Suarez
The city councilman, with an undistinguished record and no real base, played “ every man for himself.” He twisted arms at Spectrum and was allowed to participate in a debate that still excluded two candidates. His basic philosophy: the hell with King and Morrison..I’ve got mine. Zero.

Ed Turanchik
who never met a mirror that he didn’t fall in love with, bragged that he was one of the “chosen” people declaring that limiting the debate was the right thing to do. Turanchik’s social media post (which appears to have been since deleted) speaks for itself. n Turanchik’s mind, the original chosen four are the “leading candidates.” A Tampa Bay Business Journal poll, taken a few weeks ago, begs to differ: