Friday, September 30, 2016

Marco Rubio: Traitor, Backstab and Betrayal

Juan Escalante thought Marco Rubio was on the cusp of being a hero to him and thousands of children brought to Florida by undocumented immigrant parents. Now he wants to end the U.S. senator's political career for good.
"He abandoned us, we cannot forget that he has backstabbed our community time and time again when it comes to immigration."

Party With Lisa Montelione In Ybor

10.4 - 5:30PM
Florida Cane Distillery

Howard Frankland Bridge Under Attack By The Florida DOT

The Florida Department of Transportation plans to give one of four lanes (Which we all have paid for with our tax dollars) in each direction on the Howard Frankland Bridge to the rich folks who can 
afford to use it. 
At a recent candidate forum in Temple Terrace, transit champion Pat Kemp who was allotted only a couple minutes to speak said this:

" They're taking away a lane you now use, and they're turning it into a congestion, high-priced toll lane, a lane that we pay for with our general revenue, all the rest of us who can't afford to pay that will be stuck in even more 
congestive traffic."

The guy she is running against was not at that forum but he told the Times he thought DOT's plan for the bridge was just one option and that community concerns would have pushed the agency to reconsider. 

Tim Schock is a transportation consultant and previously worked as an executive for TransCore, the company that developed the toll collection device called SunPass used on Florida's toll roads. 
He supports TBX.

This Novenber, VOTE wisely!
Whoever wins the commission seat on Nov. 8 
could have an opportunity to sway the debate.

Jessica Rose Rocks Hyde Park Tonight

7PM At Irish 31

Racism & the Struggle for Liberation with Author Eugene Puryear In Tampa

10.1 - 7PM
Sacred Grounds Coffee House

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Investigate Florida DEP's Cover-Up Of Water Poisoning

Phosphate mining company Mosaic reported that a sinkhole opened beneath a pile of waste material at a mine in Polk County, leaking 200 million gallons of radioactive waste into Florida’s main aquifer. Although Mosaic informed regulators including DEP about the incident on August 27th, the public was not informed until September 15th. 
Sign on to our letter demanding the Office of Inspector General (OIG) fully investigate why Gov. Scott’s DEP actively covered up this incident for weeks rather than informing the public of a potential public health threat. here

The Citrus Taliban Is Suing The Florida High School Athletic Association

Cambridge Christian School of Tampa is suing the state’s high-school athletics oversight body over its ban on pre-game prayer broadcast over loudspeakers. here

Florida GOP Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry went on Twitter, calling the decision “absurd,” “cockamamie,” and saying it was “ridiculous that two private Christian schools were denied the right to pray before the game.”

Trump Deplorables In Melbourne

Florida GOP Sandy Murman's Publicity Stunt

“I think Sandy Murman’s plan was a gimmick to get in the headlines.” 

The Democrat trying to oust Sandy Murman from the Hillsborough County Commission says she was disingenuous when she offered an alternative to a proposed transportation tax last fall.
Learn more about Ms. Murman here

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief: Solidarity not Charity In Tampa

10.1 - 6:30PM
Sacred Grounds Coffee House

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Shit In The Water At Tampa Bay Beaches

Tampa Bay area residents and visitors may want to think twice before diving into the waters at two Hillsborough County beaches. The Hillsborough County Health Department issued an advisory for Ben T. Davis Beach Tuesday as a warning remained in effect for E.G. Simmons Park. here

Florida GOP Deborah Clark Disrespectful To The LGBT Community

Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark’s push to register new voters at nine Chick-Fil-A restaurants located throughout Pinellas is not sitting well with the Pinellas County Stonewall Democrats, who say the decision is highly partisan and is “completely disrespectful” to the LGBT community. here

66% Of Florida Voters Wake Up!

Or we will all get screwed!

Vote NO on Amendment 1 

in November

This initiative is sponsored by state utilities, as well as groups tied to the petrochemical billionaire Koch brothers — and environmental groups argue that it would neither increase consumer rights nor their choices with regards to renewable energy. here
Learn more about it here

Florida's Right Wing Infestation Continues

The last Democratic appointee on Florida's 1st District Court of Appeal, who was appointed to the court by Gov. Lawton Chiles in 1994, set in motion the process for a Republican governor to select his successor. For that successor, Scott turned to Allen Winsor, the solicitor general for Attorney General Pam Bondi.  All of the state's five district courts of appeal now have Republican-appointed majorities. here

Florida INC. Water Making People Sick

Monday, September 26, 2016

Florida GOP Matt Gaetz: Cheap Exploitative Humanoid Scumbag

Matt Gaetz waited just an hour to politicize Jose Fernandez’s death on Twitter — turning the tragic loss into an excuse to bash activist athletes. Keith Olbermann called him a “cheap exploitative humanoid scumbag.” here

Pinellas GOP Voter Suppression

Pastors of predominantly black churches are asking for an early voting location in South St. Pete, Mayor Rick Kriseman also wants it. The Supervisor of Elections
says no.

Rev. Louis Murphy of Mt. Zion Progressive Baptist Church  calls it “a clear case of voter suppression” and suggested that it could be a political move by Republican Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark to suppress the Democratic vote in an African-American neighborhood. here

Beware Of Indigo Coffee In Tampa

"I stopped buying things at Indigo coffee in Tampa nearly two years ago on my birthday (after getting at least 1 coffee there every day) when, during a Food Not Bombs food share downtown, a houseless friend said he went in to buy his morning coffee and was told, "We don't serve your kind here anymore. I left the food share and made a beeline for the coffee shop and after loudly and furiously confronting them, I was told that the owner gave directive that houseless folks, (paying for their coffee or not) were not welcome at the coffee shop because they "smelled bad," and "people complained." (Likely people who have NO complaints for the social conditions that produce poverty or houselessness)"
Dezeray Lyn
In the meantime, I'll be at the park downtown tomorrow morning at 8am for our Food Not Bombs Tuesday morning breakfast and I'll have tons of free coffee... for everyone.

Rick Scott Water Bottling Co.

Black Lives Matter Tampa Protest In Ybor City

Photography: Ruth Beltran
More here

Saturday, September 24, 2016

What Pilar Had For Lunch

Best Pizza in Ybor
At New York New York

Ybor Paparazzi

Jessica at The Bad Monkey

Team Pat Kemp In Town 'N Country

Susan Lee

Kent Bailey

Jerry E. Weeks

Memorial and Independence
Join the team here

Who Is Pam Bondi Working For?

Florida INC. Destroys Tourism Industry

Florida INC. CEO Rick Scott announced the Zika transmission zone on Miami Beach had tripled in size to encompass two-thirds of the tourism jewel. The zone now stretches from Eighth Street to 63rd Street, wrapping in with it hotels in Middle Beach, such as the historic Fontainebleau Miami Beach, the Eden Roc and
the Faena district. here

Friday, September 23, 2016

Marco Rubio "Priorities"

Ybor Paparazzi

Pat Kemp and Kate M Connolly

Marco Rubio: Women Don’t Need the ERA

Pam Bondi Emerged From Hiding

There are some brilliant legal minds in this country, but it's a pretty safe bet that Pam Bondi will never be mistaken for having one of them. here

Hiring Canvassers In Tampa

9.27 - 11AM
We are hiring canvassers to registers people to vote. We are entering the last 20 days before the book closes and voter registration for the 2016 elections end. If you like talking to people, enjoy beautiful Fall in Florida and care about your community, come join us for an interview. info

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Is Hillsborough County About To Take It Deep?

Since the spring, the Rays have been working behind the scenes with
 Ken Hagan and Bob Buckhorn, They have yet to discuss 
stadium financing. here

Florida GOP Dana Young’s Ties to Mosaic Fertilizer

Rep. Dana Young’s Ties to Mosaic Fertilizer Spell Disaster for Florida’s Water Rep. Young took tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Mosaic, stays silent on their toxic spill. here

Ybor Life

Ybor City, Florida
Visit here

Hillsborough County Commissioners To Approve $85,000 In Corporate Welfare

Hillsborough County Commissioners are set to approve up to $85,000 in film incentives to Discovery Communications LLC. The appropriation serves as an attractor for the Discovery Channel’s "Kevin Loves Science" program. here

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hillsborough County Young Democrats Meet the Candidates In Ybor

Pat Kemp
County Commissioner Countywide 
Join her here

Lisa Montelione
State House, District 63
Join her here

Jeff Zampitella
County Commissioner District 1
Join him here

Christopher Cano
Soil and Water Conservation
Join him here

Jim Lange
Join him here

Lynn Gray
 Hillsborough County School School Board
Join her here

Local Treasure  Laila Abdelaziz
With  Jeff Zampitella and  Tim Heberlein

The Blind Tiger/Co-Work Ybor City, Florida