Friday, October 30, 2020

How are you voting?

Fellow Stogie readers,

If you plan to vote by mail, make sure you know what rules your state and local area have set, because you do not want your ballot to go uncounted!

It might be wise to bring your mail in ballot to an approved polling place—you can find this out by visiting the website for your Secretary of State (for which ever state you live in) or Supervisor of Elections (for which ever county you live in). With hope, these websites will be easy to finagle through, and perhaps there will be a phone number listed somewhere accessible.

For Hillsborough County, Florida, here is a helpful link.

For the State of Vermont, here is a helpful link.

If you vote at the polls, early or on Election Day, please be sure to wear a mask, bring water and food if you think the line to vote will be long, and practice whatever social distancing that you can within reason.

Whatever you decide to do, please vote! I encourage you all to vote for the Democratic Party ticket and for progressive non partisan candidates. Thank you. Please be safe out there when you vote.

From the Heart,


Monday, October 26, 2020

Vote for Pat Kemp!


Hello fellow Stogie readers!

Hillsborough County, Florida voters, you have some important jobs to do. You have to elect a more decent School Board, more decent slate of state and federal legislators, and a more decent County Commission. In some cases, that involves re-electing quality elected officials who have delivered for their respective communities. One such person is Pat Kemp.

Pat has been on the forefront of issues including environmental protection and public transit expansion. Both of these issues are crucial to the unstoppable expansion of the Tampa Bay Area, as well as the survival of vulnerable communities like East Tampa. We need Pat on the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to fight for expanded ferry & rail transit services; to fight for sensible construction to occur with regard to the environment and people with disabilities; to continue to be an advocate for good cannabis laws.

Please, consider making a donation to Pat Kemp. I have personally donated $20.20 & I encourage you to do the same! Definitely support her, and vote for her if you can. The county needs her.

From the Heart,


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Not "What If" but "When"


Are you prepared for the Category 6 hurricane to come?

The Tampa Bay Hurricane Planner may be just what you need.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what WILL be happening to the Tampa Bay area sometime in the foreseeable future.

In 2015, a report published in Nature Climate Change by Kerry Emanuel of MIT and Ning Lin of Princeton University analyzed hurricane models within six different global climate models, and the results were mind-boggling. These results showed that there are three vulnerable areas of the world that are most at risk for a "high-end" Category 5 (there is talk of creating a Category 6) tropical cyclone by the end of the 21st century due to the Earth's changing climate: Tampa, Florida, Cairns, Australia and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. These potential Category 6 hurricanes may be up to 14 times more likely by 2100, according to the study. The worst-case potential future hurricane put out by the climate models for the Tampa Bay area is unlike anything ever seen – maximum sustained winds of 233 mph, traveling parallel along Florida's Gulf Coast, producing a devastating 36-foot storm surge. There is a very real probability that the Tampa Bay area may, in the foreseeable future, be the target of a hurricane surpassing any in recorded history. It isn't a matter of "IF" but a matter of "WHEN".

If you have ever tried to navigate the official county Emergency Management websites in the Tampa Bay area, trying to gather all the information you'd need to prepare for the hurricane season and to survive a major hurricane, you would have found it to be a monumental task. Every little bit of information you're trying to gather leads you through a tangle of links like a Watership Down like maze of tunnels. You'll find a hodge-podge of contradictory and often useless information that only encourages you to quit before you've even gotten anything beyond what's in that Hurricane Guide at the grocery store checkout line.

The Tampa Bay Hurricane Planner is a project I started about 5 years ago and, after numerous attempts to refine it into something useful and user friendly, I finally have a finished website that I believe is as easy to use as it will ever be. The Tampa Bay Hurricane Planner presents a simple, 4 step process that will result in a complete, customized plan for you and your family, including your pets, that encompasses everything you'll need to prepare for each hurricane season, ready yourself for an approaching hurricane, weather a major storm as it passes and keep you and your family safe during the aftermath. After the 4-step process, which should take less than 45 minutes, you'll have a printed package including such things as planned emergency meet-up places, family contact numbers, services for special needs individuals and what your pets need. You will also have information about emergency alert systems, evacuation zones, evacuation routes, emergency shelters and county evacuation transportation specific for your county (Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee or Sarasota).

I believe this hurricane planner could be the best tool for anyone living in the Tampa Bay area, especially those living in the at-risk coastal communities subject to storm surge. Try it and, if you agree, please share the link to my website to everyone you can.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Tampa DSA Canvass For Jessica Vaughn and Amendment #2

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Asher for Justice of the Peace!


Hello Bennington friends,

I am on the ballot for Justice of the Peace (JP), and I am asking for your vote!

I am a proud member of the Vermont community and I love my home. It is the home I dreamed of living in all of my life. To serve as JP would be an honor.

I have a degree in Political Science from the University of South Florida (USF), and a long career as an activist. I have pushed Tampa, Florida to adopt sensitivity training for city officials and helped various candidates win public office. In Vermont, I am in the process of joining the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) to be a better advocate for people with disabilities. I am also excited to announce that I will sit on a committee to help craft a policy regarding law enforcement and persons in crisis. My current job entails work with young people who are often in or just out of crisis, and so I have first hand knowledge of how important deescalation can be for people. With my neighbors and connections, I preach impassioned politics together with civil conversations. I believe that the best way forward will be to hold important dialogue to gain consensus, while striving for the best, progressive gold standard.

As JP, I will continue to be an advocate for civility in politics, and I will utilize my best judgement when making decisions regarding elections. Should any people wish to seek my services as JP to officiate marriage, I will be happy to consider joining them in a civil union.

I am so happy to be on the same ballot with people such as David Zuckerman & Joe Biden. Please, consider casting your vote for me, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Let’s work together to elect candidates with disabilities (mine is Tourette Syndrome)!

From the Heart,

Asher Edelson

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Question for the Hillsborough DEC


Hello Tampa friends,

I have been watching Tampa Bay politics evolve and devolve over the past sixteen months. I am a bit flabbergasted by some of the conduct I have seen down there.

The Hillsborough County DEC (Democratic Executive Committee) and Democratic establishment has to answer a few questions. Why is it that we have top ranking Democrats, including DNC members and elected officials, who are endorsing Republican candidates during this election year?

Whether it is Commissioner Les Miller endorsing Republican Commissioner Sandy Murman over Democratic Commissioner Pat Kemp in a potentially county altering election; or DNC Member Alan Clendenin endorsing Republican Mitch Thrower over Democratic candidate Jessica Vaughn in a potentially county altering election; this trend is unfortunate and egregious.

My question to DEC Chairwoman Ione Townsend, FDP Committee-people Russ Patterson and Alma Gonzalez, and any others who stand for Democratic accountability — particularly in crucial elections — where has accountability gone off to wherein we have higher ranking Democrats blatantly going against electing Democrats?

The rules shouldn’t change because the Democrats are more progressive or aren’t universally “liked” ... I have made it a point to openly endorse people like Joe Biden for President and Molly Gray for Vermont Lt. Governor when neither were my initial choice. Many issues matter to me, and when it comes down to it, often times Democrats hold the better torch when compared to their Republican counterparts. There are rare exceptions, of course; I am not asking that we should always be rank and file. I do believe in being a team player, and supporting Democrats in most instances, especially in important elections which hold the balance of power on a thread.

Les Miller, Alan Clendenin, and other prominent Democrats clearly do not share that value with people like myself. My question to Hillsborough County’s DEC and other Democrats nationwide facing this same kind of problem: What should we do about it, and how far should we go to call this behavior out?

For those down there who are keeping strong, fighting the good fight, and striving to remain civil in the face of adversity, well done. Thank you, and please, let us make our predecessors proud. There is a lot to be thankful for, and a lot of good work being done by Democrats, (Greens, Libertarians, etc, even some Republicans) in the Tampa Bay Area and beyond.

From the heart,


End Wage Slavery


Sunday, October 4, 2020

Support For Tampa Berner Jessica Vaughn

Separate sign waving events
Saturday morning.
Thank you to everyone who came out to sign wave today. I am extremely grateful to have so many energetic, dedicated and passionate volunteers. I am also incredibly grateful for my amazing field director
Kristin Hoffman
and my fantastic communications director
Kristin Deprey
On November 3rd, please vote for
Jessica Vaughn
for Hillsborough County School Board District 3.


Chillum Glass Gallery & CBD Dispensary in Ybor City

Tampa DSA for Jessica Vaughn

The Tampa chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America was out in force campaigning for
 Jessica Vaughn
Photo credit: Tampa DSA


Ybor City Clothing Company


Muslim Women Speak Out About Florida

Latest Florida Presidential poll (Sept. 15-22, 2020)  shows Biden with a mere 3% lead 
in Florida
We are in troubled waters and about to drown in Florida unless the Biden campaign snaps out of its reverie and steers this ship in the direction of victory.
As you probably have guessed by now, we want Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo to spill her morning coffee when she reads this piece, then sit up, wake up and 
seize the moment.

Million Mask March Tampa Florida Invitation November 5th 2020

Matt Gaetz Chronicles: Coronavirus Rules Ddon’t Work

Gaetz argued on Fox News that Trump catching coronavirus means that the guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control don’t work.

“What I can tell you is if this virus can get into the Oval, into the body of the president, there is no place where it could not possibly infect one of our fellow Americans,” Gaetz argued, ignoring the fact that Trump had constantly engaged in risky behavior like holding packed campaign rallies across the country while refusing to wear a mask. HERE

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Tampa Forgotten Fountain in Trouble

How the Climate Crisis Is Harming Florida Fishing

Florida Stop the Ppower Shutoffs

Even though the pandemic continues, Florida utilities are set to resume power shutoffs — which they paused at the beginning of the pandemic — threatening the health of one million Floridians. Earthjustice responded by filing an emergency petition to the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC), which regulates the state’s utilities, requesting action to stop the disconnections and protect Florida families during the pandemic. Shutting power off for people who have lost income because of COVID-19 does not serve the public interest. We might be able to stop this ill-advised decision — but we’ll need your help. 

The PSC is taking public comment on our petition, and we need to show overwhelming opposition to continued utility disconnections. HERE

Sherrie Johnson's Ghost Tour at The Cuban Club - Ybor City, Florida

Friday, October 2, 2020

Endorsing a Republican is not OK in 2020 in Tampa Bay

"If you are OK with any Democrat endorsing a Republican over a Progressive, we are likely not a good fit. In our estimation, to be a registered Republican and run for an elected office in 2020 means you stand for very different issues, policies, and political representatives than Progressives. Being a Republican candidate in 2020 is also a statement about your character. Furthermore, to run in a non-partisan race, and NOT change your party from R to NPA, but to stand your ground as a registered Republican, is just a doubling down on those deficiencies in progressive principles. Thus, we find that endorsing a Republican is not OK in 2020 in Tampa Bay." 

Kristin Hoffman - Our Revolution Tampa Bay


A Little Ted Cruz Humor

Thanks Ted we will work on it.
"I must say, Ted Cruz making poorly executed memes while riding in the quiet car of the White Supremacist Express is pretty on brand for both him and 2020." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

Our Revolution Tampa Bay

Hotel Haya - Ribbon Cutting in Ybor City


Hillsborough Democratic Voter Protection Team

Need poll watchers (inside polling sites), poll greeters (outside the 150-foot zone at polling sites), drivers, and other volunteers to assist voters who encounter problems or need information during the election. HERE

Ybor Rob Hit By Car


Thursday, October 1, 2020

Tampa Berners For Jessica Vaughn

Sign Wave 

Ybor Art Revival @ Crowbar



Luis Viera Takes On Tampa Slumlord

Elected officials are looking into the claims from residents living in some of Tampa’s affordable housing units. Residents say the conditions they’re living in are deplorable.

Tampa City Councilman Luis Viera heard from residents during a recent virtual workshop. Each person detailed their living conditions at apartment complexes owned or managed by Tzadik Properties.

“Well you know I’m not gonna get into name calling right now,” Viera said. “Let’s just put it this way. What I saw out there, was deplorable. What I saw out there was shameful.”

Viera said he teamed up with the city’s code enforcement and paid a visit to Tzadik Properties Timberfalls Apartment Complex to see the conditions for himself. HERE

Caitlin Johnstone End of Illusions

So in case you missed it, the first US presidential debate was everything the US empire deserves and a fair reflection of everything the US empire is.

If Vladimir Putin were every bit the election-meddling demon the Democrats say he is, and if he had unlimited time and unlimited resources to create the perfect ninety-minute propaganda video to discredit the US-led unipolar world order, he could not have designed one more effective than the performance that was just delivered by President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden with the help of moderator Chris Wallace. HERE


Florida Voter Suppression

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s call for state and federal investigations into billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s effort to raise millions to pay off court fees to help Florida felons restore their voting rights was a “gross abuse” of power, “voter suppression,” “a fear-mongering tactic used before” and based on a “fundamental misconception” of anti-corruption laws, according to experienced campaign lawyers and former federal election regulators. HERE

Change the Narrative, Change the World