Monday, January 31, 2011

Word for the Day: Audit

Florida Progressive Coalition

Friends Of Stogie

Jean And Denise

Greco Endorsed By Historical Association

Stop Greco!
Calling Greco "A rare fossilized example of old Tampa politics, a man of the mafia days and of rampart corruption, a true 18th century man, Greco as Mayor would be a wonderful history lesson for Tampa" said President Ann Taylor.

What Stogie Had For Lunch

With Mashed Potatoes, Collard Greens, Corn Bread And Ice Tea.
$6.50.....At Martha's Place, 5202 North Nebraska Avenue, Tampa
How Much Was Your Last Value Meal?
Eat Local!

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Jen
She is from Pittsburgh. She has been homeless for 8 months.
Tampa Bay Homeless

Madmug's O.G. Tattoos

Doc Strange is the primary Artist in this small, appointment only shop.

The Local Repo Man

Very Busy Doing His Job
Out Taking People's Cars.

After The Invasion

Finding Tampa

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ronny Elliott for WMNF

Clark Brooks At The Party of the Year

It's all over now and our Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser, hosted by Team Daddy-O Alley Katz on behalf of Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society was a bigger success than I had even hoped (and I was the idiot running around calling it The Party of the Year).

Progressive Voices In Tampa Bay

Litbrit, Mad Floridian, Tampa Back Door Ways, Tampa Do-Gooder, Out In Left Field,
Progress Florida, Tiny Little Dots, Tampa Rail, The Spencerian, Pushing Rope,
St. Petersblog, Tommy in Seminole Heights, Deep Something, SOG City Oracle,
Finding Tampa, The Campaign Manager, The Evolution of Robby Wales, Side Salad,
Eric's SoulPunkFunk Experience, JordiScrubbings, Political Bloviation,
The World of Big Pauly and Ridiculously Inconsistent Trickle Of Consciousness.

Mariella Smith, Robin Milcowitz, Alan Snel, Tom Tito, Anita Stewart,
St. Pete For Peace, Curcus McGurkis, Tampa Bay Harvest and Jon Butts.

Joe Redner, Rob Lorei, Mitch Perry, Beth Bell, Cathy Salustri, Kate Bradshaw, Leilani Polk, Ray Seaman, Cube, Mad Mug, Michael Fox, Doug Hickman, Jan Platt, Jadell Kerr, Mary Glenney, David Warner,

Julia Gorzka, Alex Pickett and Joe Bardi.

Kevin Beckner, Ed Turanchik, Kelly Benjamin, Steve Kornell, Carrie West,
Mary Mulhern, April Griffin, Wengay Newton, Yvonne Yolie Capin, Lisa Montelione, Karl Nurse,

Leslie Curran, Pam Iorio, Steve Schale and Kathy Castor.

Look At This List, There Are Alot Of Us. We Are Loosing The Battle, We Need To Do More.
If You Belong On This List And I Left You Off, I Am So Sorry.

Friends Of Stogie

In Tampa

Have A Beer With Kelly Benjamin

Wednesday, February 2 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
The Independent
5016 N Florida Ave, Tampa

Florida To Close 53 State Parks

Three on the list, Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park in Port Richey, Egmont Key and
the Ybor City Museum.
Money For Bankers And Wall Street, Money For Wars, Tax Breaks For The Rich, But No Money For Our State Parks. Why Do People Vote Republican? Why Do They Continue To Vote Against Their Own Self Interest?

Right-Wing Fest In Tampa

A right-wing convention scheduled to take place in Tampa in March bears an ambitious title, and an equally ambitious goal: “Save America.” National speakers to address the crowd. Former presidential candidate and Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., and Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano are listed as “confirmed speakers.”

“Invited speakers” include Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, Florida resident and likely 2012 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Allen West and Marco Rubio.
We Do Need To Save America, From Them!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Local Demonstrators Back Egypt Protesters

Tampa Bay Stands With Egypt
Held a protest rally at the corner of Dale Mabry Highway and Kennedy Boulevard this afternoon.

Hymn For Her

Tampa Bay 2011 Tour Dates
March 20, 4pm At Ella’s Folk Art Cafe, Tampa
March 22, 8pm At
Blueberry Patch, Gulfport
March 23, 8pm At
Cock-n-Bull, Sarasota
May 14, TBA At WMNF Tropical Heatwave, Ybor City

Tampa Mayor's Race: Ed Turanchik

In a crowded field of mayoral candidates, lawyer and residential home builder Ed Turanchik believes he has the most specific and targeted plan to rally Tampa's flagging economy.

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Baked Grouper
With Yellow Rice, Platanos And A Salad
$6.95.......At Latam At The Centro In Ybor City
How Much Was Your Last Value Meal?
Eat Local!

I Stand With The People Of Egypt

"We stand with the people of Egypt in their demand for freedom and basic rights, an end to the crackdown and internet blackout, and immediate democratic reform. We call on our governments to join us in our solidarity with the Egyptian people."

Sign The Statement

Bad Ass Chevy

In Tampa

Friends Of Stogie

At Gaspars In Temple Terrace

Friday, January 28, 2011

Karen Brown-Blonigen In Ybor City

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
OLLI-USF is a membership organization of older adults who join together to form a community of learners. There are no tests or grades, and most courses have no prerequisites. All are welcome.
Centro Asturiano de Tampa
Ybor City

Florida LegiCamp 2011

Proven progressive leaders bring the movement together
to prepare for the upcoming legislative session.
Sunday, February 13, 2011, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Orlando, Florida

"Folks please register for the LegiCamp...want to be a part of real progressive movement? NOW is the time to act."......Amy Mercado

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Meat Loaf
With Yellow Rice, Platanos And A Salad.
$6.95.....At Latam At The Centro In Ybor City
How Much Was Your Last Value Meal?
Eat Local!

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Bill
He is from Pittsburgh but has lived in Tampa for 30 years. He has been homeless 6 months.
Tampa Bay Homeless

Skies Over Tampa

Fletcher Avenue And 56th Street
Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory

Home Makes Unusual Journey Across Tampa Bay

Perched on a barge, the 1910 Queen Anne-style home was moved across the bay from
Palmetto to Ruskin.

Word for the Day: Return

Florida Progressive Coalition

April Griffin Sign

Ms. Griffin we like you and all, but you still have a sign up at Temple Terrace Hwy. and 78th street.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Repo Man

Taken From A Vietnam POW.
This Post Is Meant To Shame Us.

The Little Town Of Gulfport

And The Next Town Over
"I would like to first and foremost express my condolences for the families of Thomas Baitinger and Jeffrey Yaslowitz, the two St. Petersburg officers killed earlier this week while trying to serve a warrant on a fugitive. I appreciate their commitment to making our lives and our communities safer.".....Cathy Salustri

The “Marco Cubio” Cuban Sandwich

As part of a time-honored tradition, Florida’s leading officials joined Andrew’s Capital Grill owner Andy Reiss today for lunch to unveil the 2011 Andrew’s menu, featuring the names of newly-elected leaders.

Pic above is not the actual sandwich served at Andrews.
It is a Tampa Cuban Stogie had for lunch a few days ago.

Tampa Bay's Upcoming Concerts Of 2011

A quick breakdown of must-see concerts taking place in the Tampa Bay area over the next six months in order of importance and local anticipation.

Word For The Day: Civility

Florida Progressive Coalition

Castro's Frogs Invading Florida

Experts say the 2 invasive species probably arrived in Florida
by hitching a ride on floating debris.
Life must be really tough down there. Let's End the Embargo and help them out.

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Cuban Pork
With Yellow Rice And Platanos
$3.99.....At Deli Plus, 4820 East Busch Boulevard, Tampa

How much was your last value meal? Check out this delicious plate of food for only $3.99. Why give your money to a chain, spend it local. Help support your local businessman. For a list of local eateries, visit Tampa Locavore.

The Girls Of Derrah's Tavern

Franny And Shannon
7123 N Rome Ave, Tampa

Lisa Montelione For Tampa City Council

Sign Up For E-Mail Updates. Contribute.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Steve Berke for Mayor of Miami Beach

Lower Taxes - Decriminalize Marijuana - Keep Nightclubs open untill 5am
Legalize Gay Marriage - Pro Gambling - Pro Tourism/Pro Hospitality
and of course... Pro Fun!

“Why shouldn’t gay people have the right to lose half their shit in a divorce like the rest of us?”

– Steve Berke

My Kinda Of Mayor. More At Pushing Rope

Give Deputy Brian Call His Job Back

Brian Call spent 14 years in construction before becoming a road patrol deputy in 2007. When the Sheriff's Office decided to build a hangar for its aviation unit using inmate labor, the agency put Call in charge. But on his evening shifts monitoring the inmates Call fraternized too much with them.

He brought Copenhagen smokeless tobacco and shared it with inmates, and had the inmates' girlfriends bring more to the site. An inmate told another construction supervisor — Deputy Karl Crawford — about the tobacco products. Crawford informed his superiors, beginning a criminal investigation.

Sheriff Bob White, this is the way The Stogie would of handle the situation. Give the inmate more time for snitching on his supervisor and then terminated Deputy Karl Crawford for snitching on his colleague. But,
i am not the Sheriff, i am just a blogger. What do i know.

UT Veterans Make the Most Out of College Life

The University of Tampa helps veterans adjust from military to student life.
Currently there are 139 veterans studying at UT.

Susan Long's Answer To The Panhandling Problem

“We have to get rid of them.”.....Susan Long

District 3 candidate Michael Ciftci said he’d not only ban it in Tampa, but he’d work with state legislators to ban it in all of Florida.

Tampa Bay Homeless

US Military Invade Major League Baseball

The San Diego Padres
Padres...."Spanish for "Priests Associated for Religious, Education, and Social Rights"

Drag Queen Bingo

Tonight At Hamburger Mary's in Ybor City

Felicitaciones Javier Bardem Y Penelope Cruz

Who Welcomed Their First Child -- A Boy!
Viva España!

Former Police Chief Benie Holder Supports Greco

Stop Greco!
Found guilty in 2000 of illegally retaliating against a city employee for suing him the former Police Chief now is glowing discussing how loyal Greco is to his friends.

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Dave
He is from Pennsylvania. Has been homeless for about 10 years.

Florida Piano Bar

The "Day of Beauty Inside & Out"

Was created by Vixens Against Violence to benefit the women in
The Springs'Of Tampa Bay Transitional Housing after leaving domestic violence situations.
Mace Multimedia, LLC

The Elvis Corner

At The Coney Island Drive Inn
In Brooksville

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pathetic Piece Of Shit Justin Collison

Police Officers Son Beats Homeless Man
More on this pathetic piece of shit

Countless Who Have Forgiven Me

"I am not an elected official, I've never asked for the public trust,
so if I drink too much, eat too much, snort too much, fight too much
... or do too much of whatever else, then I do that at my own peril,"......Peter Schorsch

Peter Schorsch Sounds Just Like The Stogie. Life Is Good!

Your Local Repo Man

We Support Public Transportation, Biking Trails And Walking!

Trash Talking Rose Ferlita

Mayor Pam Iorio is taking pains to stay out of the race to replace her, but she says a recent comment by former Hills­borough County Commissioner Rose Ferlita concerns her.
"I'm staying out of the mayor's race, but if people say something wrong about our record, and particularly if they say something wrong about our finances, which I'm extremely proud about … I will definitely speak up."......Pam Iorio

Uncle Sam

In Temple Terrace

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Footlong Hot Dog With Coney Island Sauce
With Fries And A Pepsi
Coney Island Drive Inn, 1112 East Jefferson Street Brooksville
How Much Was Your Last Value Meal?