Monday, March 31, 2008

Viva Ceasar Chavez!

Si Se Puede

All Religions Are Fairy Tales

It looked harmless enough, but the words on a billboard un-nerved so many people that a popular restaurant nearby actually lost

Anti-Illegal Immigration Groups Grow In Florida

Citizens of Dade United is among a growing cohort of anti-illegal immigration groups in Florida trying different tactics to drive out undocumented immigrants. They have turned to legislators in Tallahassee for help in the wake of Washington's inability to find a

Hillsborough County Administrator Pat Bean

Has stopped work on a poll about continuing a popular land-buying program, saying there are still questions about whether it should be extended. Bean challenged the poll, saying county officials and program supporters must answer questions about the county's ability to pay for managing more land. Bean also questioned whether voters would support continuing the program in the current anti-tax

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue was started in 1999 by a single woman, Betty Roberts. By 2003 she had gathered volunteers and they forged a non profit organization. They are the only non profit rescue group in Florida dedicated exclusively to rescuing beagles and beagle mixes from shelters and abusive or neglectful

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Ghosts of Ybor: Charlie Wall

It may have been the South, but in the early 1900s Tampa, Fl, specifically its Latin community known as Ybor City, was more reminiscent of the Wild West. Gambling parlors and whore houses were located on every corner, shootouts between police and gangsters were a regular occurrence, election ballot boxes were stuffed, police and politicians were on the take, and very few residents found any of this to be

Send Your Panties To Burma

It's an international women's protest against the brutal military dictatorship in Burma, and it's called "Panties for Peace." This creative group learned that the thuggish military men oppressing the people of Burma are not only brutal, but also very, very superstitous. It turns out that one of their phobic beliefs is that they must never, ever come into contact with female

McKay Bay Nature Park

Yesterday I had to take a load of stuff out to the city dump just south of Ybor City and thought, just in case, I'll take my Polaroid with me. Funny, I've been to the city dump several times and really never noticed a park out this

Streets Of St. Petersburg, Florida

The Ybor Festival of the Moving Image

Hillsborough Community College presents the 6th annual Ybor Festival of the Moving Image, Thursday, April 17 through Sunday, April 20, 2008. This eclectic film festival explores the cinematic world of independent filmmakers, offering a spectrum of features, documentaries and personal films, plus live performances, workshops and

Sophie Scholl At Cafe Bohemia, St. Petersburg

The true story of Germany’s most famous anti-Nazi heroine is brought to thrilling life in the multi-award winning drama SOPHIE SCHOLL-THE FINAL DAYS. Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film.........more
Wednesday, April 2, 8:00pm, Cafe Bohemia, 937 Central Ave., St. Pete

Florida Dems - Stop Your Whining!

Stop Attacking And Blaming Howard Dean For The Mess You Are In
The vote for the change was 115-1. Thats right, Democratic lawmakers were complicit in this mess, and made no real effort to stop

Treasured Maps Of Early Florida

Panfilo de Narvaez and some 400 conquistadors came to Florida looking for gold in the spring of 1528. Eight years later, four survivors arrived in Spanish Mexico. They were the remnants of the first European expedition into the interior of America. So the European experience in America began not at Jamestown or Plymouth Rock, but more than 75 years earlier at Boca Ciega Bay - near

Florida's Latest Attraction

It's breakfast time in Orlando and thousands of people are clambering aboard tour buses all over the city ready for fun in the Florida sunshine. One group, however, won't be following the others to Disney World or the area's many other theme park attractions. They'll be taking a shopping trip in the company of estate agents and mortgage brokers, hoping to find a bargain among a selection of repossessed and run-down

Don't Shortchange The 'Working Poor' In Florida

And I would ask our elected leaders to stop before each vote they cast on safety-net services and ask themselves: "What if it were my grandmother in a nursing home where there will be fewer personnel to bathe and turn her? What if it were my autistic child on a waiting list to be helped in developing social skills? What if it were my sister in an abusive marriage, or my disabled brother deprived of helping hands?"

Butch Harrison: A Real Florida Cracker

Harrison, known as the Florida Cracker Storyteller, spins tales about the Florida of his youth and carries his listeners away to another time and place. He looks the part of a Florida Cracker because he has lived it. Harrison grew up in South Florida, with the Everglades, the Florida Keys and the ocean serving as his playground. And he grew up understanding and appreciating Florida’s natural

Saturday, March 29, 2008

High-Class Squatter In Ybor City

Playwright, sculptor and artist Blake Emory works on a stage in an Ybor City building where its owners let him stay, for now, and direct art

How Lethally Stupid Can One Country Be?

So, happy anniversary, America! You put these people in charge, and then -- after seeing in explicit in detail what they were capable of -- you actually did it again in 2004! You stood by in silence watching the devastation wrought upon an innocent people, produced in your name and financed by your tax dollars. And you continue to do just that again, now in Year

Ybor City Scrapbook

From March 1994 to August 1998, I lived in the Tampa Bay area. This is my collection of Ybor City overviews and

Florida Lawmakers Busy With Daylight Saving Time

One Florida lawmaker wants to end the annual rites of springing forward and falling back.State Sen. Bill Posey wants the state to stop using daylight saving time.If approved, Florida would become the third state to shun daylight savings, which was used during both world wars and Congress ultimately made a law in

Rising Sea Eats Away At Florida Coastline

Global warming is boosting the sea level along Florida's gulf coast and already causing profound environmental changes, scientists

Florida Red and Blue

Some conservatives will stop at nothing to roadblock progress for GLBT people -- even if straight people will also be affected in big ways. And they never seem to miss an opportunity to pander to their anti-gay base, especially considering that it's already been uncovered that the Florida GOP has directed large sums of money to conservative anti-gay marriage groups to underwrite their efforts to pass this discriminatory

Legacy Trail Opens In Florida

Bicyclists are celebrating today's official opening of a 10.6-mile rail-to-trail that links Sarasota and Venice. The Legacy Trail takes the place of an abandoned CSX Transportation railway line that was purchased for $14.5 million in 2004. It's one of more than 1,460 rail-trails in the US that stretch across nearly 14,000 miles of

Extremist of South Florida - Joe Kaufman

For the past couple of months, Joe Kaufman has been smearing Muslims in the Tampa Bay area, if one didn’t know any better one would think that Joe lives in our community, but he doesn’t. So why the interest in Tampa, Kaufman?? A reason maybe the fact that Kaufman has discredited himself in South Florida so much that not a single mainstream media outlet would dare quote him. He’s proven to be a very bias and unreliable

Marilyn Garateix's 50 Years Of Fidel

I have never met the man, but he has been a never-ending presence in my life. My parents, grandparents and other adults in my family despise him. They had to adapt to a new country while mourning the loss of their homeland to a revolution they vehemently opposed. And they blame Fidel for

Slave Labor in Florida’s Tomato Fields

You can act now to urge Burger King to do the right thing and treat these workers with common human decency and respect. Sign the petition to eliminate modern-day servitude in America’s produce fields and join an industrywide effort to eliminate slavery and human rights abuses from Florida’s

Paul Cejas: Florida Clinton Donor

He is only one of the Clinton top donors who are demanding their money back from the DNC because of the Florida

Howard Dean Warns Bickering Has To Stop

Democratic Party chief Howard Dean says Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and their supporters should beware of tearing each other down, demoralizing the base and damaging the party's chances of winning the White House in

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hot For Teacher In Tampa, Florida

Florida Streamlines Food Stamps Process

With the economy in trouble, more people need help, and food stamps are one form of assistance. In the Central Florida region, more than 320,000 people are receiving food stamp assistance -- that's 50,000 more than a year ago. For those who are shy and do not want to apply for help in person, Florida is helping lead the way in getting to people in
To sign up for food stamps, here

Florida Forever Coalition Growing

Because of the enormous grass-roots support for Florida Forever — and the urgent need for land conservation funding in our state — more than 100 groups, businesses, and associations have now joined the Florida Forever Coalition. In addition, 38 counties have now passed resolutions in support of Florida

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Florida Lawmakers Float LGBT Rights Bill

Thirty-seven Florida lawmakers have sponsored a bill that would prohibit discrimination against gay men and lesbians in public and private employment, housing and public accommodations. State Sen. Ted Deutch introduced a measure that would amend the the Florida Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act to include sexual

Howard Dean Threatened By Clinton Donors

It is not just Pelosi who is being threatened by top Clinton donors, Howard Dean is as well. This is alarming, but maybe it is good we are finding out about it. Here are details on Patricof, but other large Florida donors are threatening Dean with funds being
"He's got to exercise some leadership, and the sooner, the better,".......Alan Patricof
Howard Dean Is Exercising His Leadership, Please See The Florida Democratic Party. How I Miss Bob Graham And Lawton Chiles

3,200 Pounds Of Coke Off Florida Coast

The Coast Guard in Florida has recovered 3,200 pounds of cocaine after it was dumped by fleeing drug smuggling suspects. A Coast Guard aircraft conducting patrols in the western Caribbean sighted a suspicious "go-fast vessel" on March

Ronda Storms And The Citrus Taliban

I hope that this bill dies in Florida's judiciary committee. If it becomes law, make no mistake that Florida will garner for itself a reputation as a provincial backwater fit only for a tourism-based service sector at best and a place to be avoided altogether at worst. Florida will become, and deservedly so, a worldwide laughing stock.........more

Florida Partnership to End Childhood Hunger

Share Our Strength, one of the nation's leading organizations working to end childhood hunger in America, has selected Florida and Washington to be the first states to replicate a multi-year Ten Part Plan to End Childhood

Local Artist Don Howard


The Lee Roy Selmon Express In Ybor City

Imagine 2 of these from Brandon to Tampa in the morning. And then back in the afternoon. No need to have built The Crosstown Expressway.
Thanks To kenjr29mfl For Video.

Charlie Crist And Hometown Democracy

In the days following Feb. 1, when the Secretary of State’s office announced the Florida Hometown Democracy amendment wouldn’t make the ballot this year, Crist’s office received several complaints. Correspondence obtained by this newspaper alleged serious procedural glitches at local and state
“Hometown thought it was playing on one board while the game was secretly moved to another board.”........Ion Sancho

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Florida Has A New Blog

A place for progressive Floridians to speak out on national politics and issues.

Third Parties In Florida

Have you ever wondered just how many minor political parties are actually registered to raise money and present candidates for public office in Florida?

Florida Politicians Tackle Evolution

Foreclosures are soaring and unemployment is increasing. Florida’s shaky economy is creating a state government budget crisis leading to cuts in school and health-care spending. Meanwhile, lawmakers are devoting part of the 60-day session to

"We shouldn't be having this kind of confrontation, as far as I'm concerned. We were ranked 50th in the nation in our science standards. That's what started this whole thing. And the Board of Education needed to do something about that. The science test scores were among the lowest in the nation.".........Sen. Nan Rich

My House in Florida After Wilma

I love Florida but… hurricanes are scary… I’m going home

Ronda Storms’ “Academic Freedom” Bill Passes

A Senate panel endorsed “protections” [SB 2692] Wednesday for students and teachers who offer alternative theories to evolution — despite a report saying there’s never been a case alleging such discrimination in
Secular Homeschooling: The last safe haven from theocratic lunacy

Florida Legislature Apologizes For Slavery

Sen. Tony Hill, black caucus leader, is spearheading the latest effort behind a proposed resolution apologizing for the state's history of participation in slavery, but has been working with Senate President Ken Pruitt for months on the
Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, cried as curator John Phelps read a sobering history of slavery in Florida.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hovering And Staring In Miami

A small pilotless drone manufactured by Honeywell International , capable of hovering and "staring" using electro-optic or infrared sensors, is expected to make its debut soon in the skies over the Florida Everglades. If use of the drone wins Federal Aviation Administration approval after tests, the Miami-Dade Police Department will start flying the 14-pound (6.3 kg) drone over urban areas with an eye toward full-fledged employment in crime

April is Water Conservation Month in Florida

Recognizing April as Water Conservation Month helps promote the importance of water conservation, encouraging Floridians to become environmental stewards at home and in their communities. Conservation is not about “doing without.” Floridians can conserve water just by adopting efficient habits that reduce water

PDA: Barack the Vote

Wednesday, March 26 9:00 pm EDT
Now it's time to finish this primary season cleanly, positively, with a clear winner and a unified party. To me, that argues strongly for the candidate who inspires the young in such massive numbers; the candidate who had the Iraq War right before it started; the candidate who seems to have not only the best chance to win, but also the best chance to increase the number of blue states, and expand the electorate; the candidate who started his career as a community organizer; the candidate whose very election will say to the world, America has finally "turned the

Broward County School Board And Redline

Four teenagers from Falcon Cove Middle School in Weston were taken to a hospital emergency room this month, their hearts racing and their bodies dripping with
If parents allow teens to bring energy drinks to schools, that is their decision to make," ........Tracey Halliday

The SunCruz Casino Boats

The operators of SunCruz casino boats are dredging up, figuratively and literally, their history of harming the waterways on which they make their unwholesome living. The state Department of Environmental Protection is investigating to determine if the Port Richey-based gambling ship has slashed its way through fragile sea grass habitat off the coast of

Another Florida Election Scandal

Until a couple of days ago, I thought that state or provincial birds were cute, folksy things that appealed mainly to primary school students and people who worked in tourism offices. I thought that – until I heard about the Florida State Bird election controversy. Maybe you are tired of hearing about yet another Florida election scandal, but this one is important,

A Zip Through The Florida Keys

So, the plan was simple: bike down to the Keys over Thursday and Friday and back Saturday and Sunday. I wasn’t sure how far I’d get, but as the weather seemed to be agreeable I decided Friday afternoon to go all the way to Key West........more