Friday, March 31, 2017

Solidarity With Aramis Ayala In Tallahassee

Pastor Russell Myers

Ingrid M. Delgado

Mark Elliott

Donna Davis

Patrica A. Brooks

Glen Eich

Truth Teller

Fight For 15

Great job comrades
Florida State Capital

Ybor Paparazz

Local Artist on 7th Ave

Florida GOP Carlos Curbelo and Mario Diaz-Balart Vote Against Internet Privacy

 Carlos Curbelo and Mario Diaz-Balart, voted this week to lift restrictions on internet providers from tracking and sharing personal data without consent, joining a Republican majority that sent the legislation to Trump's desk. here

Local Treasure

Britton Plaza - Tampa

Tampa Hoods: Ybor City

7th Ave

Thursday, March 30, 2017

March and Vigil for Human Rights from Publix to Wendy's In Tampa

wendy's on Kennedy Blvd.

Publix - Hyde Park

The Incredible Sparkle-Pony

John, Wayne and Susan







Chris and Norwood





The Mel Sembler Medical Marijuana Act

The Florida House just held its first vote on legislation to implement Amendment 2 the way Mel Sembler, Calvina Fay and the Drug Free America Foundation see fit. The folks who spent 4 years and over $10 million dollars to deny sick and suffering Floridians access to medical marijuana is now helping draft the language to implement the law that over 71% of us approved. 
Ben Pollara was at the committee meeting in Tallahassee yesterday where the bill was being heard. When it came time for public comment, the first person to stand up was Calvina Fay, the longtime head of the Drug Free America Foundation. She expressed her support for the bill, thanked the sponsor for taking so many of her recommendations, and suggested it could be a model for legislation across the country.
Folks, this bill is bad. If passed, it would basically cancel out the vote we had last fall, if not make the situation worse.
Here's just some of what HB 1397 proposes:
  • Bans smoking, vaporizing and eating medical marijuana.
  • Patients have to wait 90 days to certify.
  • Patients must recertify every 90 days.
  • Creates numerous, new criminal penalties for even minor violations.
  • Patients must sign an "informed consent" document warning them of all the dangers of marijuana use and reminding them it is federally illegal.
This IS NOT what we voted for. This WILL NOT help patients. This IS NOT what the constitution says.
Help Florida for Care fight back today. We need your support to educate members of the legislature so that we can actually pass meaningful implementing legislation. here

2003 Florida Law Prohibits Local Mmunicipality From Establishing A Minimum-Wage Law

The City of Miami Beach lost the first round of a battle to raise the minimum living wage to $13.31 an hour. Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Peter R. Lopez ruled the ordinance was not valid under the 2003 Florida law, which prohibits any local municipality from establishing a minimum-wage law. here
Mayor Philip Levine vows he will fight back, possibly with a constitutional amendment to get the law through.

Floridians Working For Trump

Hillsborough GOP Chairwoman 
Deborah Cox Roush

Rick Scott's former general counsel and jobs chief
Jesse Panuccio
Former senior adviser to Rick Scott 
Mary Anne Carter
Wilbur Ross 
Ben Carson
 Dean Alexander Acosta
Caroline Wiles

Florida INC. Approves FPL Hand Job

A House committee overlooked opposition by residential and commercial utility customers Tuesday and approved a proposal sought by Florida Power & Light to allow the company to expand its rate base by charging customers for investments in natural gas fracking operations in other states. here
The bill, HB 1043 is by Florida GOP 
Rep. Jason Brodeur of Sanford.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Help Becky Killik Come Home

Help Becky Killik, native Tampanian and one of Tampas absolute BEST organizers, return home and set up camp. She's always there for her community, let's return the favor!!! here

FPL Customers About To Take It Deep

The Florida House Subcommittee on Energy and Utilities on Tuesday will hear the proposal sought by Florida Power & Light to allow the company to expand its rate base by charging customers for investments in natural gas fracking operations in other states. here
 If the bill is approved, It would be the first time in the nation that a utility company would be allowed to shift the risk of an exploratory drilling to customers, instead of shareholders, without determining whether the investment is prudent.

Florida's Culture Of Corruption: Richard Corcoran

Blurring the lines between his role as an up-and-coming Republican legislator and his job as an attorney, the law firm of House Speaker Richard Corcoran once charged the state for a meeting with Corcoran in his capacity as a lawmaker. here

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Stogie Gets To Eva

I have an old friend who I been preaching my environmental causes to for years. 
I never thought she was listening.
 Then the other day I went over to visit and saw this.
Great job Eva! 

Trump Tuesday In Tampa

Kennedy Boulevard and Dale Mabry Highway

And of course the Trump Comemierda