Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Voters Wanted At Jan Platt Library

No waiting

3910 S Manhattan Ave

Tristan Jamaica in Ybor City

Visiting Chillum from Ocho Rios, Jamaica
With Chris and Merri

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Grilled Chicken 
With Rice and Platanos 
At La Tropicana in Ybor

Ron DeSantis Keeps Up Soros Conspiracy Mongering

Ybor Paparazzi

Nature Conservancy
Visit them here

In Sign of Desperation, DeSantis and GOP Attack Florida’s Dream Defenders

The GOP is attacking Dream Defenders, a Florida youth organizing group, for promoting human rights, dignity, 
and democracy. here
But the threat to those now in power is real: A mobilized and engaged electorate in Florida would change priorities for public investment in so many areas the GOP claims are too expensive or unaffordable, as they shovel more and more public money and resources into the coffers of the one percent. It’s a scary prospect to the Republican Party, which in fact relies on voter suppression, hatred, dehumanization, and threats of violence for its power in the service of making the already powerful evermore powerful.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Tampa Bay Homeless

Downtown Tampa

Francisco Pierre-Louis for Soil and Water Conservation


Gillum calls out DeSantis for disrespect of his name

Ybor Paparazzi

Merri at Chillum

Rick Scott's Millions

Florida Gov. Rick Scott continues to use millions of his own money for his
 U.S. Senate campaign.
Federal campaign finance reports filed show that Scott has given his campaign $18 million between early August and the end of September. The Republican governor has now donated more than 
$38 million since jumping into the 
race back in April. MORE

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Desmond Meade in Belmont Heights

Desmond Meade

With Beth Eriksen Shoup and Celeste Mona Judge Johnson

Cyrus Greene Center, Tampa