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Walking group brings Tampa Bay area women together

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Rep. Maxwell Frost: ‘Incumbent upon the administration to find other ways' to forgive student debt

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JenZ Report: Talking Florida Politics; Parental Rights

JENerational Change: GOP Senators Rick Scott & Tommy Tuberville Are Criminals

We'll be speaking with GA grassroots organizer Marcus Ferrell about the myths of voter registration as well as Jay Barlow, an online digital organizer of Progressive Victory!

EXPOSED: Republican Mega-Donors Are Teaming Up To OUST Trump

Wealthy Republican mega-donors are converging a political network, established by Charles and David Koch, to oust Trump and his MAGA influence. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

The President can still cancel student loan debt

The Supreme Court just overturned President Biden’s plan to cancel student loan debt.

But the fight is not over. The President can still cancel student loan debt — and we need your help to push him to act, NOW, before payments resume in the Fall.

Without debt cancellation, the restart of payments in September will result in financial disaster. Before the pause, 9 million borrowers were in default, and 1 in 4 borrowers were behind on payments. President Biden needs to use every authority he has to stop this economic catastrophe, as soon as possible.

Congress already gave the President the authority to cancel student debt when it passed the Higher Education Act. There’s a clear precedent. In 2022, the Department of Education was able to cancel at least $6 billion in debt for Americans who were defrauded by for-profit universities.

Sign our letter today to ask President Biden to provide student loan relief NOW, before payments resume in the Fall.

In solidarity,
Team Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Heatwave can have major impact on pets

As the Bay area experiences near record-breaking heat, some pet owners are doing things a little differently to protect their animals.

At Dale Mabry Animal Hospital, Dr. Hansel Leavengood said there are some things you should not be doing with your dog in the heat:

“Things to avoid; walking on hot pavement, never jog with your dog when it’s hot outside, never ride your bike with a dog when it’s hot outside.”

Dr. Leavengood said the heat can be fatal to dogs and if you notice your pet is having problems, you need to take action quickly.

“Cool water, not ice water, and a fan — get them started on that, but get to the emergency ASAP.”

If you don’t take action, he said your pet may quickly experience severe health issues.

“The central nervous system shuts down, the kidneys shut down, the liver shuts down, the heart has problems,” Dr. Leavengood warned.



Take a Stroll: Exploring the best walking spots in Tampa Bay

Are you looking for a fun and enjoyable way to explore Tampa Bay? Walking is a great way to stay active while discovering new places, and Tampa Bay has no shortage of beautiful walking spots to choose from.....MORE

Biden plots new course to get relief for student borrowers

President Biden on Friday announced new actions to offer student loan borrowers some forgiveness, reintroducing his forgiveness plan grounded in the Higher Education Act (HEA).....MORE

PSTA and HART talk ups and downs Tampa Bay transit

For the latest episode of The Skinny on WMNF Tampa, Whitney Fox, Director of Communications & Marketing at Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), and Justin Willits, the new Director of Planning and Scheduling Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART), talk about ups, down, frequency, funding and more.....MORE

Florida drivers can get a free ‘Tow to Go’ this Independence Day weekend

The 4th of July holiday is one of the busiest weekends for travel and AAA is offering a free shuttle service to help drivers get to their destination safely.

The Auto Club Group has activated its “Tow to Go” service in Florida and select other states from 6 p.m. on June 30 to 6 a.m. on July 5.

More Here

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Ron DeSantis signs a law that lets Florida override local landlord-tenant regulations

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed a bill that will lead to state law overriding local regulations involving landlords and tenants.....MORE

Rip current escape tips

Over the past week nearly one dozen people died in Florida after being caught in rip currents, but there are ways to get out of one.

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Andy at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub - Davis Islands

Ron DeSantis' plan is so insane, even Fox host doesn't buy it

Maxwell Frost says Congress must protect Floridians’ constitutional rights

The Orlando Democrat at a town hall trashed laws targeting Chinese nationals, LGBTQ individuals and Latinos.

At his first general town hall, U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost said the federal government must better protect Floridians’ constitutional rights.


Tampa Hoods: Ybor City

7th Ave

Supreme Court strikes down Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan

The Supreme Court on Friday blocked the Biden administration’s student debt relief plan in a 6-3 decision, stopping more than 40 million borrowers from receiving loan forgiveness and delivering a major defeat to one of the president’s key campaign promises.....MORE

Tampa community prepares for new immigration law that will soon go into effect

Supreme Court rules for a designer who doesn’t want to make wedding websites for gay couples

In a defeat for gay rights, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority ruled that a Christian graphic artist who wants to design wedding websites can refuse to work with same-sex couples. One of the court’s liberal justices wrote in a dissent that the decision’s effect is to “mark gays and lesbians for second-class status” and that it opens the door to other discrimination.....MORE

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What Stogie Had For Lunch

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$6.49 Lunch Special 

Hines Caribbean Cuisine
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Tampa's Best Jamaican Food!

Thursday, June 29, 2023

VA announces new investments, grants to end veterans homelessness

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on Thursday announced major new investments to tackle the veterans homelessness crisis as it pushes toward an ambitious goal of housing at least 38,000 veterans this year.....MORE

DeSantis unveils new immigration, border policy

DeSantis pushes to delay Disney trial until after 2024 election

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s attorneys are attempting to delay a trial in the governor’s long-standing political and legal fight with Disney. 

The GOP presidential candidate’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the case this week, and they want a judge to delay the trial until August 2025 if it is not dismissed. If granted, that would move the Disney political football well beyond the 2024 presidential election.