Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pat Kemp Fan

Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
In Riverside, Ca.

What Stogie Had Lunch

Double Double
With Fries
At In and Out Burger in Riverside
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Candy with Ben from Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

University of California - Riverside

Monday, May 23, 2016

Stogie In Cali. Day Two

My boss Jeremy

Co-Berners Chritine and Candy with the boss

And Myra

Thank you Riverside for making me feel at home. 
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Merchants Of Ybor: Cristinos

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My favorite place to eat in Ybor City. 

Florida Supreme Court: Florida INC.Eexceeded Their Authority

In a rebuke to Florida Power & Light, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that state regulators exceeded their authority when they allowed the company to charge customers for its speculative investment into an Oklahoma-based fracking company. here

Marion Transit Center - Tampa

Florida INC. Stealing Peoples Homes

Florida is ground zero of the foreclosure crisis. No other state even touches Florida when it comes to the number of foreclosures over the past decade. So you would figure that the Sunshine State's government would be first in line to take advantage of federal assistance programs meant to help regular Floridians. You would figure wrong. here 

Saturday, May 21, 2016


LA Berners

What Pilar Had For Lunch

Linguine with Clam sauce
From Cristinos in Ybor
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Florida Fleet Farming

In Florida, homeowners have a propensity for landscaping. They take great pride in the green carpet of grass in front of their homes. But one Florida man is working on a project that's turning his neighbors' lawns into working farms. Chris Castro has an obsession — turning the perfectly manicured lawns in his Orlando neighborhood into mini-farms. here

WWII Survivor Living in Florida Helps Refugees

Friday, May 20, 2016

Orlando Selling Green Cards For $500,000

In soccer, a player who gets a red card is kicked out of the match. But foreign investors could get green cards at Orlando City's new soccer stadium if they pay $500,000 each to help build it. here

Bay County Commissioners Fighting The Florida Frackers

The County Commission wants to make concrete their declaration that fracking will never occur in Bay County. here

Shit In Biscayne Bay

Climate Change pumps that flush floodwater from Miami Beach into Biscayne Bay during seasonal king tides are dumping something else into the bay: human waste. here

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Ybor City, Florida

Urban Living

Florida You Vote?

Join the party, vote!
Register to vote Florida

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jim Norman: Obama Can Go To Hell

At the Hillsborough county Republican party’s monthly meeting at MOSI he criticized the guidelines issued by the Department of Education last Friday requiring schools to allow transgender students to use the restroom and locker rooms that correspond to their chosen gender. “You’re going to have to take me to jail, because I would stand up against that, I think it’s absolutely wrong” Norman said, boasting about how he stood up and supporting removing gays and lesbian from the county’s Human Rights Ordinance back in the early 1990’s. “If my daughter, my friend, went into a restroom and someone with a beard tried to follow in, they’d have to run,” Norman said, adding angrily, “So Obama can go to hell.” here
Mr. Norman is a funny guy. Oh and he got crushed by Tim Schock in a straw poll.

Tim Canova: How the Political Revolution Continues

Florida GOP Anitere Flores: Bought And Paid For By Big Oil

Florida Strong, has issued a statement calling Flores "bought and paid for" by "big oil" because she hadn't taken a stand against Big Cypress drilling. She  also voted for HB 1219, which would have allowed drilling in Florida's nearshore coastal waters. Big Oil companies including Exxon, Spectra and others have poured cash into Flores’s campaigns over the years. here