Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pics From La Verbena Festival In Ybor

Florida GOP Screwed Us For $6.2 Million Or As Much As $30 Million

A judge ordered the release of hundreds of previously hidden emails that showed how political operatives helped rig congressional and legislative districts to keep the vast majority of them tailored for Republicans. 
$6.2 million. That's how much legislators have spent on legal costs, trying to defend their schemes. And the taxpayer tab could be much higher — as much as $30 million. here
GOP Voters, we know you like to take it deep. 
Wipe that grin off your face and order your free tube of lube.
It will make THE Experience More Memorable
1 tube per victim, please. While Supplies Last

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Palomilla Steak
With red beans and rice.
At El Paraiso Cafe Visit them here

"You Can't Win / Let It Go" Caroline Kole

Neil Cosentino Is Headhunting

    Interested in being a 2016 candidate 
    NPA or Dem 
     Give us a call 
    NPA Florida 

    The Stogie RECOMMENDS
    Linda Saul-Sena, Pat Kemp, Mariella Smith, Susan Smith
    Jadell Kerr, Gabrielle Perham,Connie Burton 
    Nadine Smith, Marisol Márquez, Bianca.A.Garza
     Joe Redner, Kelly Benjamin, Ben Kirby, Tom Tito, Chris Canto, 
    Ray Seaman, Carrie West, Alex Pickett, Alan Snel, Neil Cosentino, 
    Wanna be on this list???

Florida GOP Kim Crenier: Black People Need A Shower

"A suggestion for Ferguson-- fire hoses. Grt big fire hoses, serious water pressure. Knock those thugs over. They probly need a shower anyway."

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tampa Bay Homeless

Homeless living in Tampa

Monkey Roaming Sligh Ave, TPD Looking For It

If you see it, call Tampa PD.

Centro Ybor

Centro Ybor

RIP Douglas And Christina Simpson Of St.Pete

Had just enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with friends and were on their way home. They almost made it. A drunk Anthony Apollo Neeley, of Seminole slamed into their Toyota Corolla at 100 mph at Central Avenue and 34th Street. here
HOW SAD! We hope they throw the book at Mr. Neely.

Shop Small Saturday: Hillsborough County Shop Safari

The bus tour will begin at 9:30 a.m. 
At Blind Tiger, at 1901 E. 7th Ave. in Ybor City. 
It will arrive at Hyde Park Village at 10 a.m. 
There will be a presentation at 10:15 and the bus will depart Hyde Park at 11:30 and head to the Saturday Market in Ybor City. There will be another presentation there at 11:55. here

"Our biggest thing is making sure people remember the little guys, us. you know making sure you bring it back home, bring it to the community,"  Danielle Evans, of Don Me Now in Hyde Park 

Make sure to eat local too. Check out
Tampa Bay Locavore

Friday, November 28, 2014

WMNF Once Again TOUR DE CLAY Beneficiary!

Forward with President Obama OFA Florida

We're not stopping the fight for medical marijuana

3,370,761 people - almost 58% voted for medical marijuana in Florida. This total - half a million more than Gov. Rick Scott and almost 900k more than voted “no” - is clear proof that the people of Florida want a medical marijuana law. Let's be clear: the ONLY reason medical marijuana didn't pass in November is because one of the richest men in the world funded over $5 million dollars worth of false and misleading advertising on TV, Radio and the Internet, and we simply did not have enough resources to counter the lies with facts in enough time.

 Despite being outspent on advertising 3 to 1, we still wound up with one of the highest percentages of support for medical marijuana ever seen in the country.Sadly, it was not enough - but 2016 promises greater turnout, more time to explain what the Amendment does and doesn't do, and a head start of almost 3.4 million supporters.We are going to pass a medical marijuana law in Florida by the end of 2016. It will happen one of two ways: legislative action or another constitutional amendment.

We expect to have the 2016 petition ready to launch in a few weeks or so. As soon as we do, you'll be the first to know, and we'll need your help in mobilizing this fight.
If you want to help us, please forward this to your friends. 
You can also support the 2016 petition mobilization effort by making an early donation to United for Care here.

The Mark Sharpe Entrepreneur Collaborative Center

It will also have state-of-the-art technology and space that can be used by local non-profits and other agencies to host events, network and promote community engagement. here

Opening is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 11 at 
2101 E. Palm Ave. in Ybor City.

Casual Sex And Alcohol To Blame For Sexual Assault Epidemic At Eckerd College

In an attempt to address the national epidemic of students being sexually assaulted on campus, Eckerd College’s President Donald Eastman delivered an incredibly tone deaf statement that reeks of rape culture. here 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Florida Bans Clean Energy

Bought and paid for Commissioners Ronald A. Brisé, Art Graham and 
Eduardo E. Balbis.

Florida's Corporate Service Commission
on Tuesday approved proposals to gut Florida's energy-efficiency goals by more than 90 percent and to terminate solar rebate programs by the end of 2015, giving Duke Energy Florida, Tampa Electric and Florida Power & Light virtually everything they wanted. here

The two dissenters, Commissioners Lisa Edgar and 
Julie Brown. 
Great job ladies.

Happy Thanksgiving Tampa Bay

Use when your Right Wing friends and relatives start talking shit at the dinner table.

The Why of the 2014 Florida Election Disaster

The Florida Solidarity Fish Project

If you haven’t seen any of the Solidarity Fish “swimming” around Florida in the last year you have been missing out. here

Howard Dean: Dems’ new path forward

The man who implemented a 50-state strategy as DNC chair dishes on how Democrats can take back the country again. here 

Florida GOP Luncheon

North Port

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Florida Inc. Corporate Owned And Operated

Four years ago, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment with a simple mandate: Legislators had to stop drawing absurd state congressional districts that virtually ensured the GOP would dominate in Tallahassee forever. Within weeks, GOP strategists went to work on an equally simple mission: how to get around the new law. here

GOP Voters how are you guys feeling? There is still time to order your 
free tube of lube. 
We know you guys like to take it deep. Just tell us where to send it.

Tallahassee Protesters Take Streets

 Nearly 100 protesters marched on the streets of Tallahassee the night of Nov. 24. The protest was in response to the Ferguson grand jury failure to indict officer Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown.  here

What Stogie Had For Lunch

The Buffy
With Potato Salad
At Hamburger Marys in Ybor City
Stogie's Favorite

Tampa Protesters Rally In Rain

Around 40 people rallied and chanted in Tampa, despite steady rain all morning, protesting in response to the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri. here

Ybor Surveillance

Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch

Repeatedly cited what he said were inconsistencies and erroneous accounts from witnesses. When asked by a reporter whether any of the accounts amount to perjury, 
he said, 
"I think they truly believe that's what they saw, 
but they didn't." What ? 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ybor City Saturday Market

Rally in Tally For Rhana

Rhana Bazzini better known as Rhana B is 81 years-old. She’s a widow, a mother, and a cancer survivor. She’s also walking over 300 miles, from Sarasota to Tallahassee, to raise awareness of the problem of 
big money in our elections.
Rhana B is walking in the footsteps of Granny D, the 89 year-old woman who walked across the country for campaign finance reform in 1999. And next week, Rhana will complete her epic trek at the State Capitol building in Tallahassee with a rally to get big money out of politics.

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Shrimp Fried Rice
At IAsia in North Port
Visit them here

Alan Farago's Great Idea

If you voted, you get a tax credit. If you register a car, you pay a penalty if you fail to vote. Shut down the stores. Turn off the traffic lights. Declared voting days a national holiday.

I'd favor turning off everyone's electricity on election day UNTIL people vote.  Tie it to the phone number on your electric bill. 
No Vote, No Light.

Run Bernie Run

Monday, November 24, 2014

Tampa: Then and Now

Becky For Mayor: Raise The Minimum Wage In Tampa

       This simple and elegant answer to income inequality must be used if we want to see real economic growth in our city. here

Move Florida’s gubernatorial elections to presidential years

That’s how it used to be in Florida—until segregationists in the 1960’s grew worried that increased voter turnout would threaten their grip on state politics. So they amended the state constitution to move gubernatorial elections to midterm years, Sign the petition

Don't Buy Koch

List of familiar Koch products and brands:
-American Greetings
-Angel Soft
-Angel Soft Ultra
-Brawny paper towels
-Dixie products
-Insulair cups
-Mardis Gras napkins
-Perfect Touch cups, paper products
-Quilted Northern
-Sparkle paper towels
-Vanity Fair napkins & paper towels
-Zee Napkins

-Georgia-Pacific Office products
-Spectrum paper
-Georgia-Pacific's enMotion paper towel dispenser
-Georgia-Pacific's engineered lumber

-INVISTA’s PET polymer is used in oxygen-sensitive packaging for food and beverages.
-ADI-PURE® Adipic Acid
-ANTRON® Carpet Fiber
-C12™ Intermediates
-COOLMAX® Fabric
-CORDURA® Fabric
-DACRON® Fiberfill
-DYTEK® Idea Intermediates
-FLEXISOLV® Solvent Solutions
-LYCRA® Fiber
-LYCRA HyFit® Fiber
-OXYCLEAR® Barrier Resin
-SENZAA™ Additive
-SUPPLEX® Fabric
-TACTEL® Fiber
-TECGEN® Garments
-TERATE® Polyols
-TERATHANE® Polyether Glycol
-TERRIN™ Polyols
-TORZEN® PA66 Resin

Michael Brown’s Father Message to Ferguson and the Nation

El Centro Español De Tampa

Was the most affluent of the city’s social clubs — those organizations that provided immigrants with social services ranging from medical care to banking to entertainment from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s. Centro Español had almost 10,000 members of Spanish descent, two cemeteries and two large clubhouses that measured over half a city block — one each in Ybor City and West Tampa. here

Sunday, November 23, 2014

American's Priorities And GOP Lawmakers' Priorities: Not Quite The Same

American's Priorities
1.   Access to lower cost student loans--80% support.
2.   Increase spending on infrastructure--75%
3.   Raising the minimum wage--65%
4.   Emergency funding for fighting Ebola in Africa--60%
5.   Climate change/reducing carbon emissions--59%
6.   Building Keystone Pipeline--54%

GOP Lawmakers' Priorities
1.   Authorize Keystone Pipeline.
2.   Repeal ACA ("Obamacare")
3.   Pass the "Hire More Heroes" (veterans) Act.
4.   Pass Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement 
5.   Lower corporate taxes.
6.   Thwarting Obama on Immigration Executive Action.
7.   Reign in the EPA and roll back environmental regulations.

Tampa Under Surveillance

Florida gives Bill Cosby standing ovation

GOP Propaganda

GOP Propaganda>Guess What Americans Thought About Obama's Speech here

Fact>Poll: Americans Broadly Back Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

Voters overwhelmingly backed President Obama’s move: 67 percent viewed it favorably, while just 28 percent viewed it unfavorably. The support was fairly bipartisan, with 91 percent of Democrats, 67 percent of Independents, and 41 percent of Republicans viewing the executive action favorably. Among Tea Party Republicans, however, 64 percent opposed the policy while just 30 percent viewed it favorably. here

Protests Expected In St. Pete

When the decision of whether to indict Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson comes down, there are plans for protests and civil disobedience in St. Petersburg. On Friday WMNF interviewed Omali Yeshitela about those plans. He’s chair of the African People’s Socialist Party. here

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dean/Warren 2016

Democracy for America (DFA), a progressive group that grew out of former Vermont governor Howard Dean’s unsuccessful presidential campaign, just released an unscientific survey of their roughly one million members asking for their preferences in a hypothetical race for the Democratic nomination in two years. Elizabeth Warren, the former Harvard Law professor and consumer advocate was the clear favorite, garnering 42 percent of the respondents, while Clinton trailed a distant third with only 23 percent. We voted for Howard Dean. here 

The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest: New Film Captures Florida Prisoner's Shocking Ordeal Behind Bars

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Orange Chicken
With fried rice
At IAsia in North Port
Visit them here

The President Speaks on Fixing America's Broken Immigration System

Why the majority  voted for him, (twice).

The Blue Wall: Midterm Elections “was a dark week for Republicans

GOP strategist and
Columnist at the Houston Chronicle who goes by the handle GOPLifer, Chris Ladd, has declared that the week of the Midterm Elections “was a dark week for Republicans here 

Friday, November 21, 2014

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Teriyaki Steak
With soup and salad
  Kumo Japanese Steakhouse
Visit them here, Coming to New Port Richey soon.
What a wonderful place. Atmosphere is awesome and 
the food is great.

Hongkong Willies, Tampa home of Rick Scott's Ark

Tampa home of "Rick Scott's Ark"
Stop in and check it out. See Joe, tell him Stogie sent you.
Fletcher Ave  and I75 Tampa. more

"If He'd Ever Look Up" Caroline Kole

Illegal Trucks In Ybor City

Southbound 21th St. at 8th Ave.

Clinton Party At Emilio and Gloria Estefan's House In Miami Beach

Benefitting the Clinton Foundation
Thursday, December 11, 2014, 8:00 PM
The home of Emilio and Gloria Estefan
Miami Beach, Florida
Attend the Dinner, $5,000 per person
Includes Clinton Foundation Ambassador membership
Event Co-Chair |$25,000 per person or $50,000 per couple
Includes Chairs' Reception with the Clintons
Event Chair | $100,000
Includes Chairs' Reception with the Clintons and invitation to
the 2015 Clinton Foundation Annual Retreat info

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hail to our Great Esteem Leader! Barack Obama

In a broad test of his executive powers, President Barack Obama declared Wednesday he will sidestep Congress and order his own federal action on immigration here