Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Limbaugh Billboard Debuts In West Palm Beach

You get two scenarios: A honk with a thumbs-up or a honk with a middle finger
The national Democratic Party unveiled its raspberry for Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday in Palm Beach County.A traveling billboard with the teasing message "Americans didn't vote for a Rush to failure" and an image of a cigar-smoking Limbaugh debuted in West Palm Beach, immediately causing a firestorm between supporters of Limbaugh and backers of President Obama............here

The Osbournes Banned In Panama City, Florida

A television station in the Florida Panhandle is not going to air a new variety show hosted by Ozzy Osbourne and his family because it contains profanity and adult content. The head of Panama City Fox affiliate WPGX says he watched a six-minute preview of "Osbournes: Reloaded" and found that the time slot for the show makes him uncomfortable.............WPGX General Manager David Cavileer

Friends Of Stogie

At The Old UA

Claude Kirk And Nuclear Jellyfish

Former Florida governor Claude Kirk knows it isn't a good idea to accept rides from strangers and quickly realizes his mistake as soon as he does. The driver begins waving a gun while talking angrily on a cellphone to a diamond thief trying to kill him. The driver, it turns out, is insane and responsible for a string of gruesome murders. Not to worry: the car ride is fictional, and so is the dangerous man behind the wheel - but not Kirk............more

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Ann And Gerald

She Is From New York, He Is From Dayton, Ohio
They Have Been Homeless In Florida For 20 Years.

Jamie Bennett Event At The Pier


Joe Popp Returns To Tampa

In 2000, with the last embers of his namesake punk-rock band finally extinguished, Joe Popp left Tampa Bay for New York City’s greener creative pastures. Joe Popp, the band — which included bassist Martin Rice and late drummer Jeff Wood — was perhaps the last local rock group to pack ’em in at venues like the State Theatre............more

Tampa Is A Finalist For 2009 All America City Award

Yes, my droogies, there was a time when having civic pride in Tampa Bay meant a whole lot. When we were innocent enough to care that Tampa was awarded the “All America City” designation. When the meaning of civic involvement was broader than just whining on a blog about local government.........more

New Local Food Blog

Lynn Kessel's Table Scraps

Living the sweet life in Ruskin, FL, I'm the author of Table Scraps, a weekly food column published by The Tampa Tribune in the South Shore News & Tribune and the Brandon News & Tribune.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Battle To Save Egmont Key

“It’s time to call in the cavalry. Deliberations in Tallahassee may seal the fate of this beloved historical island. Letters and calls to legislators are needed now if we are to muster the support to
Save Egmont Key.”............here
They will only act in our interest if we demand this of them..........Mariella

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet Mike
He Is 65, From Washington DC. Been In Tampa 4 Years.

Tampa To Benefit From US Cuba Trade

Back in the days before the Kennedy administration slapped an economic embargo on Cuba, Tampa shipping agent A.R. Savage & Son was at the forefront of a lucrative trade with the island. The Tampa area was a major supplier of cattle, and ships brought tobacco for the local cigar industry.............here
There was even a twice-weekly passenger ferry service.

Friends Of Stogie

At Apadana Pub In Tampa

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Pork Steak
With Spanish Bean Soup, Rice And Green Beans
$5.95............At Palm River Cafe, Corner Of Palm River Rd. And 78th Street In Clair Mel City

Tampa Bay Community Gardener

Kate Mullin
Seminole Heights

Linsley And Mario Going Green

In Tampa

The Kid's Not Going To Like Cops Now

A rookie police officer accused of slamming a 10-year-old boy against his cruiser for skateboarding in the street has received a two-day suspension and ordered to attend anger management classes.........here
via........The Cooler

Ybor City Night Shoot

Stephanie A Smith Photography

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Overnight Underground On WMNF 88.5 FM

Socially-conscious and politically provocative music, talk, and info on street actions and needed resources during these trying times. Produced and hosted by peace and social justice advocates/activists.............here
They Need Our Money, Simply Click On The "Tip Jar"

Vilmar's Take On Earth Hour

Do Your Part. Make Some Noise. Light Up The Night And Keep Out The Darkness

These twig eatin’, tofu fartin’, lily livered, Prius driving, America-hating, bleeding heart liberal, blinkered, Starbucks drinking, elitist, can’t-we-all-just-get-along, granola eating, namby-pamby, Birkenstock wearing, tree hugging, long haired, pansy-assed, kumbaya-singing, Earth First, bed-wetting, patchouli wearing, dirty, smelly, dope smoking, bongo playing, arm pit haired women and feminized, armpit shaved men crying “Mother Earth is Gaia,” tortured “artiste” types would have us live in.............here
Vilmar You Forgot The Pinko Fags!

Tampa Photographers Networking Event

Clark Griffiths Photography

Friends Of Stogie

At The Tally Ho

Remembering Where We Are

There are times when the sound of the gulls echoes just right; when the humidity, temperature, and strength of the breeze is just right; or when perhaps you see some little visual reminder; and, you remember just where you are, living on a peninsula between a huge bay and an even bigger gulf..........more

The Opera Tampa Apprentice Program

Opera Tampa Apprentices hosted by Sherrill Milnes presents The Opera Prelude Series: Faust April 2, 7 p.m.
Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center, 324 Pine St.

Brand Tampa

Connecting People In and Around Tampa with Local Awesomeness

Stan Good's Timely, Cool Tampa Emporium

Stan Good, is surrounded by clocks, watches and a tsunami of antique fans at his namesake shop on S MacDill Avenue in Tampa.........more

Yankee Hits Ybor Street For A Game Of Stickball

New York Yankees first-baseman Mark Teixeira stepped to the plate with a stickball bat and rubber ball in hand. In his first at-bat playing the urban game, Teixeira asked how many swings he would get. The crowd of players standing on an Ybor City cobblestone street Friday afternoon, in unison, yelled, "One!".........more

Farmer’s Markets Around The Tampa Bay Area

Want fresh produce and fruit? Then visit some of these fantastic Farmer’s Markets around the Tampa Bay area............here
Eat Local

Tampa Still A Two-Newspaper Town

St. Petersburg Times Versus Tampa Tribune: The Unofficial Survey

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seminole Heights Community Gardens

The very first community gardening group in Seminole Heights. Join in and grow your own too!...........here

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Ropa Vieja
With Black Beans And Rice And Yuca
$5.95...........At Rosa'a On MLK West Of Lois Ave. In Tampa

Tampa Designer Bus Bench

On Fletcher Ave.

Friends Of Stogie

At The Tally Ho

Former Tampa Man Has Special Link To The President

The election of a new president always gets the connection game rolling. And Tampa has its distant claim to Barack Obama via the Rev. Mike Young, a former Tampa pastor who conducted the December memorial service for Madelyn Dunham, the president's beloved 86-year-old grandmother.........more

The 25 Best Concerts Coming To Tampa Bay This Year


Tommy Duncan and Sticks of Fire

The 40-something blogger founded the most-often-cited independent Tampa Bay news blog, Sticks of Fire, in Feb. 2004, and the site, without much financial assistance from advertising, is still going strong today with a stable of more than a dozen regular contributors.........more

Tampa Red - Grievin' And Worryin' Blues

10th Annual Tampa Bay TattooFest

There are as many types of tattoo enthusiasts as there are tattoo designs, and that is evident at the 10th Annual Tampa Bay Tattoofest. Held this weekend at the Double Tree Hotel, 4500 West Cypress Street, Tampa............more

Friday, March 27, 2009

Republican Spies At April Griffin's Temple Terrace Home

That's the suspicion of some Hillsborough Democrats, after seeing Republican activist Hank Gill show up at a recent Democratic Professionals Council meeting snapping pictures and then last night meeting a fellow named Michael Ciftci at a Young Democrats gathering at April Griffin's Temple Terrace home........here

Florida Film Festival 2009

Cutting-edge American independent and international film paired with fine cuisine and wine will take a bow at the 18th annual Florida Film Festival, March 27 through April 5, 2009........here

Cities Dimming Their Lights For Earth Hour

The SunTrust building dome will go dark for one hour Saturday night. The lights will be going out for Earth Hour. The event, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. around the world, is organized by the World Wildlife Fund to draw attention to global warming...........more

Albany Jane's Trip To Tampa

There are worse places to be than Tampa in March”, so we managed to enjoy ourselves on this trip as well. He is quite right – Tampa was so very nice in comparison to the 29F degree weather in Albany...........more

Friends Of Stogie

At Bulls Club

What Happens When Tampa Bay Really Runs Out Of Water?

Our reservoir is essentially dry. More than 6 major brush fires burn in the counties around us due to the dry conditions and we’re only at the beginning of the dry season. Is anyone besides me wondering what happens next?.......more

Sunset Beach Alcohol Ban Proposal Withdrawn

A proposal to ban alcoholic beverages on Sunset Beach was withdrawn tonight in the face of overwhelming opposition from Sunset Beach residents............more

University of Florida Plays Large Role in Combatting Discrimination

What may have been the biggest weapon in the arsenal of LGBT rights supporters in Gainesville this past week, who handily defeated an anti-LGBT ballot initiative in municipal elections on Tuesday.........more
Go Gators

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Treasure Island City Commission “Emergency Meeting”

An alcohol-free Sunset Beach? That could become reality if several Treasure Island homeowners get their way...........more

Fans Of Stogie

Marla Of Tampa

The Suncoast Avian Society

Will hold its Exotic Bird Fair on April 5, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Minnreg Bldg., 6340 126 Ave., Largo

Ybor Festival of the Moving Image

Wednesday, April 1 through Sunday, April 5
Palm Ave and 15th Street, Ybor City

Twigs & Leaves Of St.Pete

Specializes in native Florida plants, trees and flowers and carry environmentally friendly organic soils, fertilizers and pesticides. Full sun, partial shade or full shade, there are Florida native plants suitable for any project. Through the use of Florida native plants, homeowners can enjoy a lush and colorful landscape that saves energy, reduces water usage and adds to your quality of life............more