Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Matt Gaetz Gets Torn To Shreds By Fox News Host

The Citrus Taliban: The Take Over Has Begun

New College of Florida board ousts president as DeSantis aims to overhaul progressive college. MORE

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Matt Gaetz Says The Unemployed Should Starve

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Matt Gaetz Lies Over and Over in MSNBC Interview

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DeSantis Chickening Out Against Trump?


DeSantis to defund diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at Florida universities


DeSantis addressed what he called “DEI bureaucracies,” or departments within universities that promote diversity, equality and inclusion, which he said impose a liberal agenda on university students and faculty.

“These bureaucracies are hostile to academic freedom, and really they constitute a drain on resources and end up contributing to higher costs,” he said.


Joe Biden Turns His Back On Renters


Trump and DeSantis and Biden; Oh My!


Republican Political Strategist and Pollster John Thomas joins to talk about his pro-DeSantis SuperPAC, and Trump's primary chances in 2024.

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Trump Rips into DeSantis

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The Stogie's Russ Giambrone's Trip to Rome: Euro Caffe & Ristorante

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Trump Lashes Out At "Very Disloyal" Ron DeSantis

“Kevin McCarthy Has Packed The House Oversight Committee With Election Deniers, MAGA Extremists”

“Kevin McCarthy Has Packed The House Oversight Committee With Election Deniers, MAGA Extremists”

That’s not hyperbole: Far-right extremists leveraged their fringe power to force Kevin McCarthy’s hand and get appointments to this committee. Why did they want it so badly? To turn a major Congressional watchdog into their own personal Fox News broadcast – complete with conspiracies about nonsense like Hunter Biden’s laptop.

No matter what the likes of Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, and Marjorie Taylor Greene do, I’m ready to fiercely defend our values. I’m on this committee to ensure that our government actually works, and not just for the GOP’s shady donors.

But that means I’ll be holding these GOP extremists accountable, and they’re going to personally attack me when I do. We need to be SURE their attacks don’t cost us this seat. That’s why I need your help right now, before we even have our first committee meeting.