Friday, January 24, 2020

Ybor Paparazzi

Russell Giambrone
The Big Berner

Church Lady Banned From MLK Parade In Tampa

Giving it a shot (Start of parade) 

TPD on the chase 

To other side of barrier. She had a few choice words. 
15th St and 21th Ave, Ybor City

Pro-Bono Defense for Alethia Jones

Who is Alethia Jones? 

According to Florida Criminal Justice Reform blog,  Alethia is one of the 96,000 currently serving in Florida's Department of Corrections at a cost of almost $2.5 billion a year. The blog notes: "There is an emerging consensus that this “mass incarceration” of citizens is dehumanizing, expensive and unnecessary" 

Attorney John Jordan is currently providing probono legal defense for Alethia Jones. Some legal documents are needed and the costs are now upward of $1,000. In order to relieve some of these expenses, we are reaching out to the community to fundraise. Help her here

Lying Florida GOP Pam Bondi

Defending the White House, attorney Pamela Bondi said Democrats excluded agency counsel from the House’s witness depositions.
How many times are they going to repeat this lie? Is a lawyer allowed to do this?

Tampa Hoods

HART #8 to Ybor

Sky U. White Fan


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Berners Winning

What we are doing is working 


Six-point lead in Wisconsin

Raises $4 million in two days


Florida Senators American Betrayal

Rubio’s ruminations — Rubio has called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s handling of impeachment a “last ditch charade” and has called the prospect of removing Trump from office “a punishment without precedent in American history.” And when it comes to whether additional witnesses should be considered, Rubio in an op-ed last week didn’t rule it out, but made it clear he was unwilling to consider it before the trial. 
The Scott doctrine — The former governor has called impeachment a waste of time. “No one is interested in Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment,” Scott insisted last week on Fox News. “We know the result. The Democrats have proven Trump did nothing wrong. He’s not going to be convicted.”

Tampa Hoods


Union Buster Jamie Grant

A bill sponsored by Tampa Republican Rep. Jamie Grant, would require public employees who wish to join a union to sign a membership authorization form and for employers to verify the employees intent before any union dues can be collected for membership purposes.
It would also require employees to reauthorize membership annually.
Grant’s bill would also require unions to terminate membership upon written request from the employee and bar them from asking questions about why the member chose to sever its relationship.
The bill passed along party lines. HERE

Our Revolution Tampa Bay

Ybor City Homeless

Centennial Park

Van Life Sheldon's Travels in Ybor

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Florida Senators In On Cover Up

Both voted against evidence and witnesses in the GOP kangaroo court trial
 of Trump.

71% of Americans want this.
You have lost all your credibly, 
ruin your reputations, forever!

2020 MLK Parade - Tampa

Tim & Charlie Heberlein

Candy Lowe

Florida Dems

Moms Demand Action

The Mayor with fans

 Rep. Kathy Castor

Sky U. White

Commissioner Kim Overman

Orlando Gudes with fans

Donald L Dowridge Jr

Luis Viera

Joe Citro

Tampa, Florida