Friday, January 31, 2020

Charles Booker vs. Mitch McConnell

Supports a green new deal
 and medicare for all.

Ybor Preachers

7th Ave

Enki: The Demise of the GOP

Renowned pollster and political consultant Stanley Greenberg, the man who helped get Bill Clinton elected in 1992, predicts the end of the Republican Party 
as we know it. 
Further, he argues that the US is about to enter a progressive era where the pent-up demand for government action will be reflected in deep civic engagement that will continue well after the 2020 election. HERE

Florida GOP Rick Scott Taken Hostage

 Scott drew scorn on Twitter after he posted a video on social media claiming he was being held hostage during the Senate impeachment trial of Trump.
“As you may have heard, I’ve been taken hostage along with 99 other people in the U.S. Capitol,” Scott said in the two-minute clip shared to Twitter
He claimed the Democrats’ case against the president is “absurd.
The clip inevitably went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons, where many critics bashed Scott for complaining about doing his job. HERE
This thing beat Sen. Bill Nelson by 10,033 votes. 

Florida GOP Rick Scott destroyed evidence after hurricane deaths

Two health care workers charged with aggravated manslaughter last year in connection with the deaths of 12 people at a stifling hot Hollywood nursing home are asking a judge to dismiss the cases against them, claiming former Gov. Rick Scott destroyed evidence that would have helped their defense.

“As a direct result of Governor Scott’s order to destroy the recordings so as to cover up his own failings, the jury in this case will never have the opportunity to listen to heartfelt and desperate pleas to Governor Scott to please order (Florida Power & Light) to restore power to the A/C chiller,” the motion read. HERE

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Rick Scott CRUMBLES defending Trump ON Fox News

Corporate Democrats Target Bernie Sanders

Here we go again, You ready?
Even Rick Scott is helping him out.
They are scared and think they can beat Bernie. It's Showtime Berners!

Our Revolution Tampa Bay

A Family in Need

A family in our community is in dire need of help.

A few days ago, I sat down for a conversation with Mrs. Alvarez at the Alvarez Authentic Latin Food restaurant. For the most part, she reiterated the story reported by ABC Action News (HERE) and the Tampa Bay Times (HERE) but what these articles couldn't tell the reader was the pain, and fear, and the desperation I heard in her voice. A loving migrant family, who has been productively living in the United States for 20 years, who has never asked for or received any public assistance in any form, who has never broken even a minor law, has been torn apart by I.C.E. When Mr. Wilfredo Alvarez, owner of a successful restaurant, reported to the I.C.E. office here in Tampa for his yearly extension of the humanitarian deportation waver he was granted 13 years ago. he was detained by I.C.E, given 30 seconds to record a goodbye message to his family, then sent to Miami for deportation. Mr. Alvarez is now in Honduras, facing constant harm or death. Mrs. Alvarez told me that poverty is so bad there that the residents assume that anyone who has been deported back from the United States has money, making them a target of the gangs there. Mr. Alvarez stays in hiding.

Meanwhile, his wife, Veronica and their children Lindsay, 15; Dariel, 2; Dariannellys, 3; Sheila, 16; and Sheilind, 14, remain here in Tampa, struggling to maintain the family business and pursuing the costly process of trying to reinstate Mr. Alvarez' legal status in this country so that he can return to his family. Since Mr. Alvarez was deported, the revenue from the business has dropped from $5,000 per month to $2,000 per month. They are in fear of losing the business and they need the help of the community.

From left are Lindsay, 15; Dariel, 2; Dariannellys, 3; Sheila, 16; Sheilind, 14; cousin Kelsey Alvarez, 15; and mother Veronica. [JUAN CARLOS CHAVEZ / TAMPA BAY TIMES | Times]
The location of the restaurant is:

Alvarez Authentic Latin Food
12227 N Florida Ave
Tampa, FL

Stop by. Enjoy a delicious, authentic latin meal and show your love and support. You may decide, as I have, to make this restaurant a regular dining spot.

Gary Dolgin's Party

Thank you so much to John and Kay Sullivan and Bonnie and Michael Newett for hosting such a gorgeous reception.
Photo credit Campaign to Elect Gary Dolgin for Judge

Florida GOP plans another raid on affordable housing funds

In a plan released by the House Transportation and Tourism Appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday, the House wants to shift some $240 million out of the housing programs to use in other areas of the budget.
Over the last two decades (GOP Control)  lawmakers have swept more than $2 billion from the housing programs. MORE

2020 GOP Cover Up

Wanna beat the Trumper Martha McSally
Check out this guy HERE
Wanna beat the Grim Reaper
Check out Charles Booker HERE
Lindsey Graham?
Check out Jaime Harrison

New Florida Star Val Demings

Val Demings
Fought for the truth in the 2020 GOP Cover-up.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

State Workers Rise Up! Tampa

Labor Champions 
Kofi Hunt and Marc Rodrigues 

Commissioner Pat Kemp

City Councilman Guido Maniscalco

City Councilman Orlando Gudes

Susan Lee & Nina Tatlock

Fight For 15

Tampa, Florida

Florida GOP Pam Bondi On Trial

Member of Trump's Odd Squad. 
No real lawyers wanted the job.

Pasco Berner Meet Up at Hooters in Port Richey

Friday, February 7, 2020 at 7:30 PM 
5336 Treadway Dr, Port Richey, Florida

Florida ranks at bottom of states on school funding

Education Week’s Quality Counts report released in June showed Florida received an F grade for spending (with a score of 43.4 out of 100 possible points), ranking it 45th in that category. The states that ranked lower than Florida were Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Idaho, Utah and Arizona. HERE

Monday, January 27, 2020

The End of the Honeymoon: AOC and The Liberals

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes's incredible rise to national political prominence is one of the highpoints against the shock of  Donald Trump's presidency . In the immediate aftermath of her stunning grassroots victory over Democratic Establishment stalwart Joe Crawley, grassroots liberal activist and leftist- who rarely get excited with democratic candidates- were both thrilled to see her in Congress. That enthusiasm by liberals is starting to fade. Libs are generally motivated by a type of "identity politics" where often the style and projection of a candidate is the motivating factor and scrutiny of the candidates actual policies is, at best, secondary. To leftist, identity politics is an anathema. Leftist are driven by governmental policy that results in reduction of class stratums and, therefore, how a candidate projects oneself is unimportant. AOC has rejected the identity politics mold. According to capitalist-class logic and our country's celebrity culture, AOC was suppose to use her immediate popularity, youth, and beauty to "brand" herself and to ultimately become part of the celebrity liberal elite. To the consternation of liberals, she has endorsed Bernie Sanders, hasn't shied away from her support for democratic socialism, and is offering big government proposals to fix our decaying institutions. All this and her outspoken criticism of other democratic presidential candidates with their "market solution" approaches is starting to end the romance of the moderate democratic class. If Bernie and AOC's political revolution can continue to empower the working-class and transform America away from the reliance of super philanthropist, non-profits foundations, and return the Federal Government to an institution that serves the needs of the people, maybe identity liberals will renew their romance with AOC.

Florida Vulnerable Republican Rick Scott

Rick Scott
Beat Bill Nelson in 2018 by 10,033 votes out of 8.19 million votes cast. Source

Tampa Berners in East Tampa

Image credit Tampa DSA