Saturday, June 30, 2018

Families Belong Together - Tampa










Priss and John







Downtown Tampa

Friday, June 29, 2018

Chillum Ybor City Grand Opening

1714 7th Ave - Ybor City, Florida
Visit them here

Ybor Paparazzi

Celeste Mona Judge Johnson

Tampa Plutocrats Grandiose Deception

Transit Petition Winners: Vinik, Sternberg, Local Fishwrap; Losers: Everyone Else

The proposed $15 billion Hillsborough County transit initiative is primarily designed to rescue two failing private-sector entities and bring to fruition a taxpayer subsidized ballpark for 
the Tampa Bay Rays.
The fact that those bankrolling the petition effort are hiding behind a “non-profit,” tells voters all they need to know.  The front man for the effort refused to tell us who hides 
in the shadows.

Florida GOP: Long Hot Summer

Tampa Hoods

Ybor City

Tampa Muslims offer to host all migrant children

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Florida Canna Warriors Unite!

You won in 2016. Lets do it again. John Morgan has got your back. He wants the full legalization of marijuana on the Florida ballot in 2020.
A referendum to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida “would pass overwhelmingly.” here
Mayor Gillum is also for full legalization.
He has been from the start. 
We need him in 2018 to help lead 
the Cannabis movement forward.

Florida Corporate Dem Victor DeMaio Blows His Cool In Tampa

Victor DeMaio, A veteran Tampa political operative totally blew his cool and embarrassed himself after Florida House candidate Susan Valdes was videoed stumbling and bumbling by Justin Diaz over questions regarding her donors and would-be donors.
 DeMaio, who is a consultant for the Valdes campaign, called Diaz and made personal threats if the video was released.Then made good on his threat to call State Attorney Andrew Warren, the employer of videographer Justin Diaz. 
 Warren reportedly told DeMaio that Diaz
 “had done nothing wrong.”

By Jim Bleyer

WANTED: Andrew Gillum Foot Soldiers In Tampa

Tampa Turfs Are Waiting. 
Boots on the ground needed!
Contact Tampa Turf Guy 
Asher Edelson. here

CBD Dispensary Grand Opening in Ybor City

Chillum Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary is ready to open its door to the world! The medicinal benefits of Hemp Based CBD and the art of our alternative culture is something that should be celebrated, and we are doing just that on 7th ave 
in Ybor City. 
We have seen great results from our customers use of CBD and we have some great glass art on display. Come by and receive 10% off anything in the store. Free Cuban food.

1714 7th Ave info

FLORIDA.....God put you in my way

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Kelly Benjamin: Fuck This Shit

"It's draining but if you're not standing up right now at this moment in America, you're complicit. I might love you and still be your friend but now is not the time for greased accommodation and civic laziness. Cheers to all of those who are drawing a line, who are desperately trying to stop the descent into collapse, who are coming out of the woodwork to say fuck this shit."  
Kelly Benjamin

Vlogger Marie Bx in Ybor City

Andrew Gillum Tampa Fans

Jim Shirk