Saturday, July 30, 2022

Lucid Dream Tea - 13 Moons Alchemy - Tampa Bay


Most Recommended Things To Do In St. Pete

Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed Alexandria for re-election


Matt Gaetz Victim Goes PUBLIC with SHOCKING Video

The Citrus Taliban in Hillsborough County


Marco Rubio Misses Unipolar World, Says Communist China Worse Than USSR

Help Dems win in Valrico

Saturday, August 6
Bloomingdale Regional Public Library

What Stogie Had For Lunch

The Works Pizza
Westshore Pizza - South Tampa

Journey Tribute in Tampa

August 13 - 9PM
 Wild Rover Brewing Company

The Stogie's Favorite Band!

Vlogger Robyn Cavallaro in Tampa

FBI investigating Russian interference possibly linked to St. Pete Uhuru Movement

Federal law enforcement officials appear to be investigating members of the Uhuru movement in St. Petersburg for alleged connections to Russian government officials who prosecutors say directed U.S. political groups in a campaign to sow political divisions, spread pro-Russian propaganda and interfere in U.S. elections. more

Friday, July 29, 2022

The website secretly run by FPL

The Capitolist is a Tallahassee-based website secretly run by Florida Power & Light, which uses it to attack FPL critics, advocate for legislation favorable to the utility and boost businesses, including those that pay for sponsorships. more

Ron DeSantis Creates Fake Story Of Teachers FORCING Kids To Switch Genders

FSU Students Endorse the Wendy’s Boycott

FSU Resolution: “Be it further resolved that: The 74th Student Senate encourages Florida State University students to support farmworker rights by boycotting Wendy’s until they join the Fair Food Program”. here

Tampa's Spanish Lyric Theatre

Meet Janet and Eunic in Gulfport


“I Call Bullshit!” Jon Stewart on the PACT Act Being Blocked

Thursday, July 28, 2022