Friday, July 31, 2020

Florida GOP Nancy Torchia Riley

Local Republicans complain about the integrity of our Vote by Mail process due to the possibility of Voter Fraud and then the Pinellas County Republican Party State Committeewoman advocates for Voter Fraud.
Chris Cano

Tampa Paparazzi


Self Isolate Blues

Trump 2020 Coup d'état

Democracy advocates sounded immediate alarms after Trump floated the idea of delaying the November elections, citing mail-in voting and the unfounded threat of voter fraud.

“This is a coup in the making,” warned Robert Weisman, president of Public Citizen, in response to Trump. HERE

Lebron James Helping The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Bernie Approved Joe Kimok of Florida

Running for Broward County State Attorney


Florida Artist Priscilla Batzell

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tampeños Who Tried in 2018

Tampa Bay Activist who saw the
 DeathSantis coming.

Trump Spokesperson Sean Hannity praises Florida’s response to COVID-19

“The increase of people with antibodies is gonna, you know, it’s gonna still the 
waters in Florida”

Tampa Hoods Tour with Peach McIntyre

Tampa Hoods

Ybor City

BLM Tampa New Internet Platform For Virtual Protests

Labor Leaders Vote Against Medicare for All

Four labor leaders voted against including Medicare for All in the Democratic Party platform — a slap in the face to millions of Americans struggling through an unprecedented pandemic. We need a union movement that fights for all workers, both organized and unorganized. HERE

Florida Rep. Val Demings: ‘Trump Is Doing Everything He Can To Instill Fear’

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Hillsborough County Financial Assistance for Utility and Housing

Democratic Party Platform Committee votes Down Legalization

Shame on you
U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor
Ana CruzOscar Braynon II
Mia Jone and Khurrum Wahid
Yesterday, the Democratic Party’s delegates appointed to their Platform Committee convened to vote on several key issues. One issue of importance was the topic of the legalization of cannabis. The presumptive nominee for the Democrats, former Vice-President Joe Biden, has not been a champion for legalization. Rather, he has adopted a lukewarm stance on the issue. This should come as no surprise to students of American politics. Biden served as a U.S. Senator for over 30 years and VP to Barack Obama for another eight, yet in all that time his record on criminal justice reform remains tarnished by his own support for the prison-industrial complex. He is no paragon of justice. Joe Biden is often credited as the architect behind the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. The ’94 crime bill is frequently reference by social scientists as the driving force behind mass incarceration and the racial disparities in the modern criminal justice system. MORE

Chris Cano
"I am disappointed in Congresswoman Kathy Castor’s vote, and in the votes of all those who struck legalization of cannabis from the DNC platform. It stifles progress, discourages voters, and is contrary to what a majority of Democrats want — registered voters and elected officials who ran for President in 2020! What is their rationale here?" Asher Edelson

Local Idiot Luis Santos of Seffner

He was charged with false imprisonment after he illegally detained a Black teenager who was on his way to basketball practice. 
He was arrested over the incident. MORE

Bernie Approved Monique Worrell of Florida

Candidate for State Attorney in Orange and Osceola County Florida


Self Isolate Blues

Ybor Paparazzi

 Jessica Harrington

Video: Late-night crowd outside SOHO bar

Nina Turner: Force Fed a Bowl of Shit

The co-chair of Sen. Bernie Sanders presidential campaign profanely blasted presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, striking a divisive note on behalf of unsatisfied progressive voters.
Assessing the choice of Biden against Trump in the November presidential election, told The Atlantic: “It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of shit in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still shit.”
Sanders said in May that he believes his supporters would vote for Biden, but that the former vice president would have to earn his votes among the senator’s backers, focusing on health insurance, climate change, racism and other hot-button issues for the left.

Florida Man Slams AOC While Smoking Cigarette At Disney World