Sunday, June 30, 2019

Tampa Photographer Ron Rampolla

My instagram got real busy this morning and I soon found out that Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography had highlighted my book yesterday. I have been a fan of his for a long time and have learned so much about the history of photography by watching his channel. I am so honored that he mentioned my book. HERE

L'Unione Italiana - Ybor City

Ybor City, Florida

Las Monjas Raperas en Tampa

What Stogie Had For Lunch

With Rice and Platanos
At  La Tropicana in Ybor


Tampa Bay Entrepreneur: Shannon O'Malley

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Ybor City Homeless


Tour by Boat - The Bridges of Tampa Bay

Ybor City Musician


Wild and Crazy Marco Rubio

"To protect the US from the negative effects of the Chinese being too good at capitalism, we must have the US government plan everything centrally to make sure Americans aren't 
paying too little."

"Can't even make this up. It's somewhat hilarious yet embarrassing to watch how far little Marco sells out everything he once claimed he believed in to become Trump's little bitch."

Broward County Deputy Jorge Sobrino

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Asher Endorses For President!

Hello my various friends! I want to make clear that my endorsement for President is based on solid principles: platform, character, record, electability, and in this case, the first round of debates to compare candidates shoulder to shoulder. A lot hasn’t been done the way I would prefer, which means—I hope—that serious discussions on foreign policy, environmental protection, and equities for many marginalized people such as those with disabilities and people of color, must take place for all candidates with these debates. Not so easy with the high volume of candidates, though there are more, and there should be new questions and expansions on the old. That being said...

I am proud and honored to endorse my Senator, Bernie Sanders for President of the United States! His vision for healthcare, education, and genuine welfare are a necessary step for America at its best, and at its worst, a more effective bargaining chip to get closer to where we should be as a nation,  with democratic socialism influence urging a budgetary reprioritization. His vision for foreign policy and long time advocacy against the wars that bring our nation down are a must at this dangerous time. His character and ability to rally people from in and out of the Democratic Party will help to defeat Trump.

I feel the Bern, and like Bernie, the first 2020 candidate to sign the loyalty pledge to support the Democratic nominee, I denounce B or Bust and encourage each of my fellow Bernie supporters to do the same in a measured fashion. We need to put a strong halt on attacking other candidates and especially their supporters, as well as our own who vocalize truth in the same way as Bernie. We need a big tent to win and we must open a bridge to those in other campaigns, rather than senselessly cause strife when it is not required. I love my Senator and want him to win this election; we will need to pull our own weight, and inspire others to love rather than hate. That is my solemn message to fellow leftists who want the best for humanity, the country, and the planet.

If we had ranked choice voting, my subsequent choices at this time would be:

2. Elizabeth Warren
3. Kamala Harris
4. Pete Buttigieg
5. Tulsi Gabbard
6. Julian Castro

I look forward to more substance and a positive election with a positive end result! Stay groovy.

— Asher

Ybor Creeper

Central Ybor

Melissa Bolcar of Land O’ Lakes

Cenk And Ana in Miami

Ybor City Homeless

Meet Jarred

Desperate Rays owner makes his Montreal split-city plea

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

WellBuilt Bikes | Tampa's Non-Profit Bike Shop

Mariella Smith Files

I was happy to open the Bike Walk Tampa Bay Summit 2019 on Friday. Safe streets and alternative transportation have been passions of mine for a long time. Our streets consistently rank among the deadliest in America. The deaths of pedestrians and cyclists on our streets is a shameful tragedy.
Voters gave us clear direction in the Transportation Tax referendum that they want to spend 12% of each municipality's share of the tax on safe bike/ped infrastructure. But the judge in Commissioner White's lawsuit threw out all the percentages and has now left the spending priorities solely up to the County Commission. If you feel, as I do, that we need to build safe infrastructure for bicycles and pedestrians, including school children biking and walking to school, please let your County Commissioners know that you want them to spend that 12% as the voters intended. (While you're at it, you can ask them to keep the 45% share for transit that 
was in the referendum.)
Another opportunity to provide input on transportation is the survey for the Hillsborough County 2045 Transportation Plan:

And finally, here's a cool group I learned about at the Summit: WellBuilt Bikes is a non-profit bike shop offering refurbished sales and low-fee repairs. Earn-A-Bike program and sliding scale fees available. Donate your old frames and parts. They reuse & recycle. AND they seem like a fun bunch! 
More here:

Ybor Paparazzi


Anniversary of Chillum - Ybor City

June 29 at 11 AM
1714 E. 7th Ave INFO

Mosquito Hunters of Tampa

Ybor City Chickens

Ybor City, Florida 

Florida Legislature's Hall of Shame

Monday, June 24, 2019

Ybor Paparazzi

Friends at King Corona

Florida Corporate Welfare

DeSantis’ new budget is full of corporate handouts and tax loopholes all paid for by cutting funding to public schools, slashing environmental protection programs, and does nothing to curtail the spiraling healthcare costs which are crippling Florida families.

Tampa Hoods

7th Ave

Vlogger Victoria Dolas in Tampa

i had such a great weekend in tampa,
so i really hope you enjoy this vlog:)

Florida GOP Total Control

DeSantis is expected to sign a bill within days that critics 
say will blunt much of 
Amendment 4’s impact.
Seven months ago, almost two-thirds of voters approved Amendment 4.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Searching for Zion in Tampa

Watch Your Back Ybor City

7th Ave

Ybor City Art

Ybor City, Florida

Uplifting the Fallen- Homeless women sleeping on the streets of Tampa

Ybor Musicians

Gypsy and Joe

Children running out classrooms screaming and hitting each other in Orlando

Florida voucher schools criticized in 
parent letters to state
In the letter about Winners Primary School, the parent asked for “help for my child,” complaining of unqualified teachers and a mostly absent principal.
Though Winners Primary accepts Florida scholarships, or vouchers, receiving more than $1 million from those programs this past school year, it is not “licensed, approved, accredited, or regulated” by the state, so it can make its own decisions about facilities, teacher credentials and curriculum, the education department’s letter to the parent said.

Lights 4 Liberty in Ybor City

July 12, 2019 at 7 PM INFO

Saturday, June 22, 2019

2020 Vision with Asher!

The first 2020 Democratic presidential debates are upcoming! Who do you or will you support? Why? Have you made an official endorsement yet?

I will after the second debate on June 27th — Who do you think I will officially endorse for President?

— Asher

ICE Protest Blackout in Ybor

The 2 pictures I was able to get before I was told by Dezaray Lyn. That I had no "consent" to take pictures at her public event. I know it was my right to continue, 

but I didn't.

Jason Eames Party in Ybor City

We wish you luck Jason!

King Corona - Ybor City