Thursday, February 28, 2019

Vote for Harry Cohen, a Practical Progressive!

I stand with Harry Cohen for multiple reasons. Among those are a few different points: a solid record, a bold platform, and genuine character. Please take the time to review if you are still undecided in the Tampa mayoral election, or do not know much about City Councilor Cohen!

A progressive record:

While on the Tampa City Council, Harry has accomplished some relatively impressive feats. His most notable accomplishment, in my opinion, was propelling the cannabis decriminalization ordinance into law. This is an often overlooked and underrated accomplishment, which some of us on the left have conveniently disregarded, while over 2,500 people in Tampa have avoided unnecessary persecution and arrest. I, for one, owe Harry my freedom, as I would have been arrested in late 2016 had it not been for his hallmark ordinance. That some in our leftist community would underate such an action is well beyond me. It should go without saying that this is a truly progressive accomplishment.

Harry was one of three on the City Council to join a delegation to Cuba during the Obama years wherein he called for open travel between Tampa and the island. That was a progressive action in support of good policy. Cohen was the driving force behind a comprehensive stormwater  ordinance which will be crucial in preventing major floods and protecting the citizens of Tampa. With those three points in mind, it is clear that Harry’s record on the City Council has been proactive and progressive!

A fantastic platform:

Aside from his stellar job on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, we in the leftist community greatly admire strong platforms, like those of Senator Bernie Sanders. I will equate Bernie to Harry here with some insight to his progressive platform. Harry has outlined plans for affordable, equitable housing and climate action. He supports the legalization of cannabis (this is important as State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith has introduced legislation to do just that statewide), and is one of only two mayoral candidates to do so! Harry has a plan for a Grand Metro Center to bolster public transit options in Tampa while supporting rail and bus expansion. He has the endorsements of Emgage, Indivisible Action Tampa Bay, The Tampa Bay Progressive Caucus, and several distinguished figures, including former City Councilor Mary Mulhern who has first hand experience dealing with Buckhorn as Mayor (and thus has an eye for those who are quite different from Bob). Harry’s platform is bold and progressive!

A sincere approach:

While Harry is a progressive, he is also a practical person with his own ideas and strategies. I did not agree with his vote on TBX (which I am greatly opposed to) and I made this clear to Cohen during our one on one meeting. Rather than obnoxiously argue with me, or whitewash his past actions,!he looked me in the eye and shared his reasoning. He explained his desire to alleviate traffic in the Westshore area while opposing the toll roads—while we didn’t agree, still, he did not waver and gave a genuine response. I also spoke to Harry about the bathhouse ordinance and had a candid discussion about decriminalizing sex work; while we did not agree on the issue, he did not avoid the question or attempt to drown my concerns with his own, instead opting to respectfully disagree on the position, while sharing his willingness to listen. We need elected officials who will engage in a genuine dialogue with us, who will champion decent character, and listen to constituents. That is arguably more critical than electing the purity test, especially in a day when those we elect sometimes deviate from their platform while maintaining a proud ego. Still, I look for those with progressive records and platforms, who balance their politics with sincerity. That’s Harry!

If Harry’s vote on TBX or the bathhouse ordinance is disqualifying to you, consider how each candidate in the mayoral election has some sort of baggage. We cannot install a purity test with politicians and expect 100% cleanliness. We can, however, aim for the most progressive, leftist candidate who will listen to our concerns regardless of their personal taste. I know there are three other great candidates in the race whom I respect, and I won’t hold it against anyone to support their bids. I am, however, supporting Harry Cohen for Mayor due to his work, impact, message, and character. I hope you will, too! The election is March 5th!

Legal Florida Marijuana

Two Florida lawmakers have filed bills that would legalize recreational marijuana.

Allow those over 21 to purchase or possess of 2.5 ounces, and smoke 
it in private.

"People are going to be doing it anyway. They have for decades, centuries, and they will continue to," said Merri Newman ,who works at Chillum CBD Dispensary in Ybor City. HERE

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, said that full legalization is a recipe for disaster.

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Florida GOP making schools separate and unequal again

Ybor Paparazzi

 Glen Eich

Florida GOP Matt Gaetz threatens Michael Cohen in tweet

The Florida Bar has opened an investigation into U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz for a menacing social media post Tuesday aimed at Michael Cohen just as the former lawyer for President Donald Trump was set to testify before Congress. here

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Christopher Cano on mayor’s race

“This mayor’s race has brought out into the sunshine where people’s loyalties lie. Many in the African American and Latino communities have been directly and negatively impacted by policies of the Buckhorn Administration. His former police chief, Jane Castor, is seeking to replace him. The same Jane Castor that ran a systemically racist program of enforcement under her tenure. The same Castor who has ties to lobbying firms that provide support and access to Donald Trump. Jane Castor can never get my vote.
Then you see 1%’er and Republican Donor David Straz who has written checks to former Governor Rick Scott. The same Rick Scott that allowed pollution of our environment and cuts to vital healthcare programs. People vote with their pocket books everyday and David Straz has voted with his for years against us. Now we are supposed to back him because he has a (D) after his name? David Straz will also never have my vote.
In my humble opinion, anyone from these communities working for these candidates are selling us out. Some are selling out for checks, some for power, but regardless of the motivations, we should all take note as to whom is pushing candidates that for years have directly or indirectly harmed our communities of color in Tampa.
We are a diverse city with a plethora of ideals and differing values, yet we can all agree that we want a Mayor who thinks of our families when they suit up, Jane Castor & David Straz are not. I encourage every Tampanian to view the other candidates, Cohen, Suarez, Turanchik, Morrison and vote with the one that best aligns to their values and vision
for our home.”
Christopher Cano

Sarah McLachlan at Ruth Eckerd Hall tonight

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Ybor City Homeless


Our Revolution - Tampa Bay


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Asher Edelson

Tell The truth TECO

Tuesday, February 26, 2019



For those wanting to stay informed or be heard concerning issues pertaining to the transportation initiative which has levied a 1% increase in our sales tax, the City Council has just published the AGENDA for a council workshop to be held at the City Hall Council Chambers at 9:00am, Thursday 2/28/2019

The Tampa City Council

Tampa City Council Chambers
City Hall
315 E. Kennedy Blvd, Third Floor
Tampa, FL

This workshop is scheduled to address the following item:

3. 9:00 a.m. File No. E2018-8 CH 25 - (Workshop)

Jean Duncan, Director of Transportation & Stormwater Services, and Real Estate Department, to appear and provide a list of potential City sites for Transit Orientated Development. - (Original motion initiated by Suarez-Maniscalco on November 29, 2019.)

This workshop will include public comments of up to 3 minutes per person.

Protesters march outside Jane Castor campaign office

Who I like for Tampa mayor

I am going to handle this by 
process of elimination and expose the obvious.
Ed Turanchik 
History of good deeds, but he sold out the progressive community, supported Sandy Murman, was against the transportation tax (which he could still be correct on). Opens his campaign with Jack Harris and Ted Webb, 
2 guys who built their careers on bashing Dems.
David Straz
Trump Supporter
Jane Castor, Harry Cohen, Mike Suarez 
 and Greco
Status Quo, SOS, Buckhorn 2.
Topher Morrison
Not a politician, fresh ideas, pro cannabisinclusiveness.  
has reached out to the progressive comunity. 
People whose opinion i respect like him.

DISCLAIMER: I am a blogger. I do not work for any candidate or management company. 
I was not paid for this endorsement.

Marco Rubio Tweets Out Death Threat To Venezuelan Leader

Tampa’s good ‘ol boy network

Six of the seven candidates haven’t offered anything new or inspirational -- only Topher Morrison, owner of a small business and political neophyte, touts unique innovation and total inclusiveness.  Sadly, he is a long shot to make the anticipated two-person runoff despite energizing the youth vote.
The remaining aspirants are intent on perpetuating Tampa’s good ‘ol boy network that chains Tampa to third-rate status among the country’s big cities. 
 These candidates include a legacy candidate, two city council members with notably unremarkable records, an out-of-touch billionaire who hasn’t grasped the issues but is convinced he can buy the office, a former county commissioner with a checkered record whose rhetoric exceeds his accomplishments, and a former police chief who was castigated by the Department of Justice for racial profiling. MORE

Reclaiming My Mind: Vibha Shevade

Monday, February 25, 2019

22% of Tampeños Rule Tampa

Only about 22% of the elections voters vote in our city elections, and even less on the runoff.  Literally only a few thousand people decide our leadership. 
Early voting starts today. 
Election day is March 5.

Ybor City Homeless

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Tampa Berner Skull Session in Ybor Tonight

6:30 PM
Robert W. Saunders Sr. Library

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Asher Edelson
At New York, New York

From Wardsville to St. Petersburg

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Our Revolution in Ybor City

Robert W. Saunders Sr. Library

Letter From Rob Lorei

Hi Everyone! 

As some of you know I was fired from my WMNF Radio job last Monday and given 15 minutes to leave the place I’ve worked at since June 1978. There are no words to describe the feeling of being suddenly let go from the place I’ve dedicated my life to.

In the last five days I’ve been busy meeting and talking with hundreds of people who think the firing was wrong. Thanks to those friends, journalists, mayors, PBS CEOs, activists, politicians and listeners who have helped me get through this!

Yesterday I filed the first step in my appeal to get my job back. The ultimate decision about whether this termination was justified is up to the radio station’s board of directors. The fifteen member board will soon decide my fate by simple majority vote. I hope that if you are concerned about the firing that you will write our board president and ask him to share your message with all 15 board members.

We all want the station to survive this crisis and eventually become stronger. We are all better off with WMNF than without it. So please be civil in your interactions. My heroes include MLK and Ghandi who were peaceful, non-violent and persistent. That’s the way I hope we’ll all behave as we work to resolve this awful situation.

Rob Lorei

Ybor Paparazzi


Drunk History: Marjory Stoneman Douglas Fought for the Everglades

John Godwin's Plan to Make Tampa More Affordable

We will solidify the growth we’ve experienced and make sure it continues, while also making sure that growth benefits current Tampa residents, rather than 
displaces them. HERE

Ybor Rob: First Amendment Audit (Port Authority)

Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Florida GOP Matt Gaetz lusting after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has been slammed by a Florida reporter for his weird lusting after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. While Gaetz has offered his fair share of baseless criticism like other Republicans, what sets Gaetz apart are his creepy innuendos and constant comments about how attractive she is. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Tampa City Ballet: YBOR 7th Ave

Our Revolution - Tampa Bay

Reorganizing and Re-invigorating the Our Revolution chapter 
for Tampa Bay. 
Join us with your ideas, interests and focus areas for 2019 
and beyond!
2.25.2019 6:30 PM
Robert W. Saunders, Sr. Library - Ybor City

Pat Kemp on Ed Turanchik

Long-standing commitment to the environment and transportation. Pat Kemp emphatically supports Ed. They have worked side-by-side on our cities most important projects. From establishing the high-speed ferry to preserving environmental lands.

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Merchants Of Ybor

Reservoir Bar 

Tampa Bay Indymedia

Publishes independent news and analyses.
No advertising revenue.

(Bay Post Internet On-Line) 
Published by Dr. Gene Webb, a retired 28-year employee of the City of St. Petersburg.

Published by Tampa Tea Party leader 
Sharon Calvert and others.

Published by indepedent left-leaning 
journalist Jim Bleyer.

Topher Morrison Connecting with Younger Tampa Voters

In a Tampa mayoral campaign noted for its bland, good ‘ol boy gentility, political neophyte Topher Morrison has injected vitality into the race—directly challenging opponents, attracting a cadré of dedicated workers, and most importantly, energizing a key electoral demographic. MORE

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Ybor Rob: First Amendment Audit (SCIENTOLOGY) Ybor City

Ybor Paparazzi

Kim O'Connor

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Bring Rob Lorei back to WMNF

 Fire Craig Kopp!

Rob Lorei has been a pillar of WMNF since its founding. His shows and interviews are loved by thousands of people in the Tampa Bay area.

This decision to fire him is not supported by the community. 

We ask the Board of Directors and Craig to reinstate Rob as the news director or bring him back in some capacity to continue his show.

The show of support for Rob has been great. In about a day we already have almost a thousand signatures.
Support this petition

Ybor Bartenders

Lulu at Tequilas

Congress members tour migrant facility in Florida

Ybor City Homeless

Melissa and her adopted friend 

Florida Berners It's Showtime, Again!

'Not Here, Not Now, Not Everglades

Environmentalist supporters held signs in Everglades Holiday Park, to join with local lawmakers in opposing the Kanter Real Estate LLC oil drilling permit in the wetlands. HERE

US media passes over in silence Trump’s fascistic diatribe in Miami

The US corporate media has passed over in near silence the fascistic content of a speech delivered to a chanting audience of right-wing Venezuelan and Cuban exiles along with right-wing Republican operatives at Florida International University in Miami Monday night.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Dems Aim Knives at Each Other in ‘Non-Partisan’ Tampa Races

Candidates for Tampa mayor have been so excruciatingly bland during the runup to the Mar. 5 primary that the campaign has been dubbed “The Big Yawn” by locals.
Not to worry.  The fervor expected to be epitomized by the seven mayoral hopefuls has shifted to their supporters.  The sniping, which touched on what constitutes “progressive,” gender preference, and defamation, all emanates from the Democrat playpen.
The latest dustup pits Jessica Vaughn, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay, against Bryan  Farris, a  veteran political operative with a nebulous political philosophy.  The war played out 
on social media. MORE

NRA Sues Florida For Raising The Age Limit To Buy A Gun

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