Monday, February 18, 2019

Dems Aim Knives at Each Other in ‘Non-Partisan’ Tampa Races

Candidates for Tampa mayor have been so excruciatingly bland during the runup to the Mar. 5 primary that the campaign has been dubbed “The Big Yawn” by locals.
Not to worry.  The fervor expected to be epitomized by the seven mayoral hopefuls has shifted to their supporters.  The sniping, which touched on what constitutes “progressive,” gender preference, and defamation, all emanates from the Democrat playpen.
The latest dustup pits Jessica Vaughn, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay, against Bryan  Farris, a  veteran political operative with a nebulous political philosophy.  The war played out 
on social media. MORE

NRA Sues Florida For Raising The Age Limit To Buy A Gun

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Children Confined In Inhumane Detention Center in Homestead

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Glen Eich

Teachers with guns: What could possibly go wrong?

Just 37 percent of Florida voters want teachers to carry guns and 51 percent oppose the idea. HERE

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Macie, Director of Pet Friendly People

The Donald Trump of Tampa's Democratic Party

"The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay released their endorsements.
Immediately the trolls came out.
However, there is one person who defies the 
normal troll behavior. 
Everyone knows about Bryan's abusive and bullying behavior, yet they make excuses for it. WHY???"
Jessica Vaughn
Mr. Farris is right about one thing,
 Harry Cohen has held power for 8 years, 
when did he become a progressive? 

Ed Turanchik Live 2011

Tampa Politics Flashback: Tampa Candidate Forum At USF 2011

Seth Nelson and Jason Wilson
What happened to these guys?

YBOR ROB First Amendment Audit: Border Patrol - Ybor City

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Topher Morrison and the homeless

Jeff Zampitella said Topher knows, by name, every homeless person in all of 
downtown Tampa.

Florida GOP Allen West Trashes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“Nancy Pelosi may be the new speaker of the House, but socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 
is the voice of their party,” 
“Young, liberal, completely disconnected from reality – she represents the growing number of progressive socialists who have seized control in the House and care little for individual freedom or fiscal responsibility. Ocasio-Cortez liberals demand ideological domination and collectivism even if it means undermining the American Republic.” HERE

Chronicles of Lenny:

Friday, February 15, 2019

Community Forum on Transportation - February 13, 2019

Opening comments by Commissioners Mariella Smith, Kimberly Overman and Pat Kemp (left to right)
Please forgive me if the video and sound are slightly out of sync in these videos. In the rush to get this post out today, I neglected to preview the final edited versions of the videos. The sync should be close enough that you won't be distracted from the message.

Two days ago a Community Forum on Transportation was held at the Seminole Heights Library. It was hosted by the Sierra Club, a well recognized environmental advocacy organization that has been around since 1892. Considering the critical impact our new transportation initiative will have on the immediate and long range plans for transportation within Hillsborough County, I expected a huge turnout of both community activists, or advocates if you prefer, and public officials directly charged with implementing new plans for improving transportation here . I saw neither.

Questions and Answers

There were about 50 people representing the interests of the public and a grand total of 3 public officials on the panel. In this first serious attempt to establish a line of communication between our government officials and the public, of the 7 members of the County Commission, only 3 bothered to answer the open invitation to attend, Commissioners Mariella Smith, Kimberly Overman and Pat Kemp. Of the 14 members of the HART Board of Directors, only 3 members attended and coincidentally they were, Mariella Smith, Kimberly Overman and Pat Kemp. Of the 7 members of the City Council of Tampa, not one councilperson showed up. In the audience, there was 1 candidate for the upcoming election for mayor, Topher Morrison, and 2 candidates for councilmen, Walter L. Smith II and John Godwin. This dismal turnout of county government officials and candidates seems to me a clear indication that, despite the rhetoric to the contrary, the large majority of present and future hopeful officials have their own agenda of how they intend to spend this new transportation windfall and have no serious interest in the wants or needs the public, who voted for the initiative and is financing it in full. I have to add that John Turanchik, the son of Ed Turanchik, candidate for mayor, spent some time outside the event handing out flyers promoting Ed's "Go Plan", his agenda for transportation. John didn't attend the event itself. If your interest is in the people who actually rely on the bus system in Hillsborough County, I can only add that, when the host of the event asked for a show of hands of how many people in the audience had taken a bus to get to the event, only 1 person, myself, raised his hand. When he asked how many WOULD have taken a bus if there was one available to get them there, nearly half the audience raised their hands. I think the host was trying to make a point of how lacking our bus system is by asking these questions but I, personally, interpreted the responses completely differently. I found the responses rather odd because the HART MetroRapid has a stop 3 blocks from the event and I find it difficult to believe that I alone among the 50 or so attendees of the forum live near enough to a bus line capable of getting me to the event. I hope you get my point.

I also hope that, in the near future, I will see a real concerted effort to establish a working relationship between our government officials and the citizens of Hillsborough County. I'd like to see the schools in the county handing out notices to their students, to take home to their parents, advertising upcoming forums in their school auditoriums. I'd like to see questionnaires on all the buses that can be filled out and returned to any driver, asking riders what they want from the new bus system and inviting them to future outreach events. I'd like to see an upsurge by the public, demanding of the county officials, who THEY elected and whose salaries they pay for, listen to their concerns about the future of the transportation system they are funding. I'd like to see an indication by our county representatives that they will at least make an effort to reach out to the public they supposedly represent. Voting for the transportation initiative is a fine example of talking the talk. County officials telling each other how important it is to establish a concerted program of community outreach is a fine example of talking the talk. I'm hoping to see many, many more of these people begin actually walking the walk......but I'm not holding my breath.

Finally, there are thousands of Hart patrons who rely on the buses to get back and forth to work or school every day and will continue to suffer a dismally broken bus system for at least another year thanks to a lawsuit, meant to completely undermine the intent of the transportation initiative, filed by the self-serving Commissioner Stacy White. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or any other political affiliation, you must know that Stacy White does not represent you and should not have a seat on our county commission. I urge everyone to keep this in mind when the elections come around next year.

Stop Harming Children at the Florida State Fair

Tampa Bay’s Black community has been impacted by an unprecedented number of crimes against OUR children at the hands of the police in recently history, specifically at the hands of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. 
As, a community of parents, community members and activist, we say “NO MORE”. Our children are still children, despite their presentation, and must be protected as any other child of any other race. HERE

Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence - Tampa

Mike Suarez

Juhi Kore, Topher Morrison and Macie

With Susan Lee

Tampa City Hall - 2.14.2019

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Vote Ms. V for District 3!

Hello fellow Stogie readers!

This Stogie writer strongly supports municipal candidates such as Harry Cohen, John Godwin, Bill Carlson, and Orlando Gudes. One candidate who is not receiving so much attention (and should) is Vibha Shevade, candidate for City Council District 3!

She is someone worthy of the progressive vote. Supportive of cannabis legalization and protecting those who seek medical pot, Vibha is running to be a citywide advocate for improving Tampa’s sidewalks, and greater transit options. She supports commuter rail by way of the CSX tracks. She is an accessible candidate who I strongly recommend each of you reach out to, and share a dialogue with her. She has my vote for City Council; does she have yours?

Vote Ms. V for District 3!


Harry Cohen Has Jane Castor's Support

When Castor was asked who she would vote for if she couldn't vote for herself, she said Cohen. HERE

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Tim Canova claims Fla. midterms were rigged with help from Rosenstein & DOJ

Investigate November 2018 Election in Florida's 23rd Congressional District 


Words of Jeffrey Zampitella

People ask me why I took the job as campaign manager for Topher Morrison. This is why.
When I ran for county commission I tried to use public transit every time I could to go to speaking events (or walk or bike).
Topher is the only candidate that will arrive tonight at the Hillsborough County LGBTA Democratic Caucus forum by bus. That's what I admire about him, among many things. It's not something he does because he's a candidate it's something he's been doing for years, 9 years in fact. It's been that long since he has owned a car.

Florida Moves A Step Closer To Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns In School

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Chronicles of Lenny: Florida State Fair

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Ybor City

Ed Turanchik's Top Ten List

Ybor Paparazzi

Glen Eich and Asher Edelson

Tampa's Unmagnificent Seven

Tampa’s uninspiring mayoral race enters its final month with a clear leader, no spark from the seven suits seeking to succeed Bob Buckhorn, and a questionable process in reaching the average voter. The Big Yawn began in earnest Nov. 7, the day following the 2018 midterms. 
Councilmen Mike Suarez and Harry Cohen sharing the chutzpah award. Their rhetoric, depending on the neighborhood group they are addressing, doesn’t match their eight-year record. MORE

Monday, February 11, 2019

Florida Democratic Party Cost Us The Election

This explains why Terri Rizzo and the FDP establishment are the reasons why 
we lost 2018.
And it continues business as usual.
Our post on, February 1, 2018

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Michael Putney calls out a Broward County sheriff's deputy

Harry Cohen Flashback

Friday, June 24, 2016
Tampa's Unforgiven
USF Professor Doug Jesseph warned the lawmakers on the MPO that they were putting their political futures in doubt if they supported the TBX. “If you have political ambitions, you should take note,” he said. “Support TBX and literally hundreds of people will work tirelessly for your electoral downfall. HERE

lorida Governor Race Had More than 80,000 Non-Valid Votes

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Florida Dems Bullshit Resolution

This is what came out of the first post-election Florida Democratic Party meeting. Instead of the state party reaching deep and making the systemic changes that we need to in order to win elections, they want to scrap transparency and shove unity down our throats without supporting the concepts needed to foster real unity. Smoke and mirrors. 
How do you achieve this unity when you don’t listen to the grassroots folks who do your grunt work? 

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The Guardian Angels

Black Business Bus Tour Brunch in East Tampa

Bounce Boy