Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Stogie Approved Progressives in Vermont!

Hello friends! It is time for some more Ybor City Stogie endorsed candidates! This time we will cover a couple of Vermont candidates for statewide office. These two people are progressives to their core and are running to help heal Vermont!

Brenda Siegel is running for Lt. Governor of Vermont. She is a community activist who has been instrumental in hurricane relief for the Town of Brattleboro and steadfast for relief with regard to the opioid epidemic. She supports improving our state by focusing resources on helping people out of opioid addiction, and taking an approach more similar to that of Portugal—which has done well with a less draconian drug policy. She is also in favor of pushing environmental protection & strong labor laws. I support her bid for Lt. Governor!

Lt. Governor David Zuckerman is running for Governor of Vermont. He has been a longtime advocate for expanding cannabis liberties and he will be in the best position to do so as our Governor. He can help put Vermont on the map for tourism, tax revenue, jobs, and medical benefits on the cannabis platform alone! He is also in favor of securing universal healthcare for the people Vermont. I support his bid
for Governor!

Who should The Ybor City Stogie 
endorse next? Let us know and stay groovy. 
— Asher

Kevin Beckner for Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court Campaign Kickoff


Florida Joke Pam Bondi

Democrats, such as presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden, are advocating for the mandatory 
wearing of masks.
Pam Bondi believes that Biden’s proposal is really a harbinger of Marxist totalitarianism.
“What’s it similar to? In Cuba, where Castro makes all school-aged children wear a Pioneer Scarf,” Bondi said Friday night on Fox News’ Hannity. HERE

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Tampa Locavore: Roosters Cafe Brooksville



Black is Beautiful in Florida

Central Florida breweries supporting
Black Lives Matter with beer

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Port Tampa

Monday, June 29, 2020

Tampa Bay Protesters Beware

Terrorism in our community. Here is a local “small business” owner threatening to run over protesters and her associate threatening death on folks who are asking police to stop shooting unarmed innocents. For all my chickenshit Tampanians suffering from white privilege, you are more likely to be shot by a TPD officer with a hard on than attacked by 
peaceful protestors. 

Chris Cano

Local Merchants: Sewn Apart

Handmade bowties, vintage clothes and art fashion
All the bow ties made from old clothes as a way to upcycle 
and recycle our fashions.


Ybor Life

8th Ave

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Tampa Locavore: Four Seasons Restaurant - Frostproof


Ron DeSantis Hides Florida DISASTER

Florida Democrats Recoiling

Florida Democrats are rising in opposition to the news Joe Biden is vetting a running mate who once lamented the death of 
“Comandante en jefe” Fidel Castro.
Karen Bass‘ comments about the longtime Cuban leader following his death in 2016 — when she respectfully called him “comandante en jefe” (in Spanish, commander in chief) — is politically poisonous in Miami, home to many exiles from socialist Latin American regimes that include Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.
Florida Dems have spent two years fighting a renewed GOP effort to brand them as socialists.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Best Album Ever: Jagged Little Pill

25 Years HERE

Candy Lowe's Candidates Roll Call in Ybor City

Join us for our tea and conversation, candidates roll call, bringing our super voters and candidates together. SUPER VOTER will be given an opportunity to listen to the candidates platform and Q/A from the community and our tea and conversation regular participants. Literature will be given out by all of
the candidates.

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Tampa Locavore: El Rincon Mexicano - Plant City


States release advisory for quarantine after Florida travel

Florida Comedian Neal Dunn

FLORIDA GOP representative Neal Dunn has said that masks and quarantine are the "silliest" things despite statewide coronavirus cases spiking.
The outlet's photographer asked Dunn why he is not wearing a face mask as he left the building, to which he jested he's "immune" as he has "had the disease."
He believes that wearing a mask is a "political thing" as opposed to "scientific."
"I don't really think we're doing science, I think we're doing politics," Dunn said before making it clear that he does not blame President Donald Trump for that.

Pork Chop Kings: Takes Hot Takes

This is one of Matt Gaetz hot takes compilations from last week in his new very good podcast. Our take? Tepid. Luke warm takes. Have fun.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Florida Allegedly Altering Coronavirus Data

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Florida GOP Dane Eagle’s Bullshit

Antifa “are killing our police. Looting our businesses. Assaulting the elderly and burning our churches."

Tampa Cops Need 125 Bullets To Kill One Guy

They will not face charges
According to a report from the State Attorney's Office. The report indicated the officers feared for their lives, but the report also did not confirm if the victim ever fired a shot at them. HERE
Maybe 100 hours at the shooting range? 

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