Friday, March 24, 2023

Proposed anti-trans bill may also affect cancer patients

A bill to ban gender-affirming care for children passed in a Florida House subcommittee Wednesday. However, the bill could also attack unintended targets — including cancer patients.

House Bill 1421 would eliminate gender-affirming care for youth and restrict care for adults. It’s sponsored by Republican Representative Randy Fine. On Twitter, he called gender transitioning “evil” and referred to transgender activists as baby butchers.


The 1st Annual Englestock Music Festival

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DeSantis To Expand "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Hillsborough County commissioners seeks more parental control at public libraries

Hillsborough County Commissioner Michael Owen says he is taking a close look at the library system, and is proposing some changes.

Owen, who represents District 4, wants to make sure parents have control over what books their children can access in public libraries.


Been There.....Done That

Seniors across Tampa Bay are being kicked out of their homes as landlords look to cash in while the housing market is good.

“It’s happening to everybody,” said Michael Jones. “I’ll be homeless Friday the 31st at 5 p.m. if I cannot find anything.”


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Florida DOH sends press snarky GIF in response to inquiry about suit against trans youth care ban

In response to a request for comment from WFLA regarding a lawsuit against the governor focused on blocking changes to transgender healthcare policy, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Health replied with a GIF file clipped from a previous press briefing.

In the response, the FDOH spokeswoman said “Attached a gif. The Department does not comment on pending litigation.”


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The JenZ Report

Famous statue's nakedness too much for Florida parents; principal fired over lesson

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Newsmax Guest Greg Steube LOSES His Mind As Secret Trump Plot Unravels On-Air

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SHRINKAGE: Ron DeSantis polls collapsing before campaign even starts

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'Ron DeSantis Is Abusing The Power Of The State': Maxwell Frost Blasts Florida Gov. In Hearing

Sam Farmer in Seminole Heights

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Ron DeSantis makes ‘a few selective edits’ about role in force-feeding Guantánamo Bay detainees

As he edges closer to announcing a run for President, Gov. Ron DeSantis is downplaying the influence he had on the decision to force-feed Guantánamo Bay detainees.

The Governor previously said his job at the base included recommending things like force-feeding.


Florida House passes 'Live Local Act,' which bans rent control, gives tax breaks to developers

The House voted 103-6 to pass a bill (SB 102) dubbed the “Live Local Act.” The bill would provide incentives for private investment in affordable housing and encourage mixed-use development in struggling commercial areas, while barring local rent controls and pre-empting local government rules on zoning, density and building heights in certain circumstances.....MORE

Florida may ban girls' period talk in elementary grades

The bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Stan McClain would restrict public school instruction on human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and related topics to grades 6 through 12. McClain said that discussions about menstrual cycles would also be restricted to those grades.....MORE

DeSantis' Brown Shirts?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is requesting $98 million in funding this year to boost the Florida State Guard, which one critic has branded "a private army".....MORE

Lawsuit challenges Florida ban on gender-affirming care

Four families challenging Florida’s prohibition against puberty-blocking hormones and gender-affirming surgeries for minors filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against state health officials.....MORE

Florida Legislature Passes Universal School Choice Bill

The costs are unknown and even the Governor has expressed reservations about the richest getting public money to go to private school.

“Transformative” changes to the state’s education system will next head toward Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk as the Senate approved making private school vouchers available to all, regardless of income.

The House legislation (HB 1) was substituted for the Senate version (SB 202) and it adds new categories of students eligible to receive a voucher worth $8,000 per student to go to any private school.


Maxwell Frost Introduces His First Bill...Takes Action to Establish An Office of Gun Violence

WASHINGTON D.C.– Representative Maxwell Alejandro Frost (D-Fla.-10) and Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), along with Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Wednesday introduced bicameral legislation to establish an Office of Gun Violence Prevention in the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The Office of Gun Violence Prevention Act would bring together those most impacted by gun violence with leaders across federal agencies to advance policy, collect and report data, expand state and local outreach, and maximize existing programs and services related to preventing gun violence.....MORE

Maxwell Frost introduces his new bill

Jenerational Change - What's Taught In AP African American Studies

Hosted by Jen Perelman and Peter Hager (1:08:51)

We'll be speaking with FL State Senator Shevrin Jones about Governor DeSantis's controversial decision to ban AP African American Studies in FL public schools.