Wednesday, February 7, 2024

NO SURPRISE: Netanyahu rejects Hamas demands to hostage deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday rejected Hamas’s response to secure the release of Israeli hostages in exchange for a pause in fighting and other hard-line conditions. 

Netanyahu called Hamas’s proposal “delusional” and doubled down on his vow that Israel would continue its military operation in the Gaza Strip until it reached “absolute victory.” Or does he mean “genocide”

Hamas proposes months-long Gaza cease-fire with Israeli withdrawal: Reports

Hamas has reportedly proposed a multi-stage cease-fire over the course of four-and-a-half months that would see the release of living and dead Israeli hostages held in the Gaza Strip, the withdrawal of all Israeli troops and an agreement to end the war.....Read More

Florida Senators OK cannabis THC limits

A key Senate committee Tuesday signed off on a bill that would impose limits on the amounts of euphoria-inducing THC in pot products if voters pass a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow recreational marijuana.

Lawmakers are considering pot potency limits as the Florida Supreme Court weighs whether the proposed amendment meets legal requirements to go on the November ballot.

The Supreme Court will have a chance to stop at least one common abuse of qualified immunity

Law enforcement officers sometimes make split-second decisions that turn out wrong. But in the case of Sylvia Gonzalez, a mayor, police chief and special detective spent weeks considering ways to retaliate against her, a retiree who promised change when she ran for city council in Castle Hills, Texas.....Read More

Florida Sheriffs, Chiefs Could Choose Review Boards

Local law-enforcement review boards could be filled with appointees of sheriffs or police chiefs under a bill that was revised Tuesday by the Senate Community Affairs Committee.....Read More

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Tampa Locavore

Gaby at NYNY Pizza in Ybor City

DeSantis backs efforts to get homeless off the streets

Ybor City Homeless


Downtown Tampa in 4K

Biden administration will end enrollment in affordable internet program as funding runs low

The Biden administration will halt enrollment in a program that provides broadband discounts to millions of Americans as it runs low on funds and prepares to wind down in the coming months.....Read More

Stronger hurricanes push scientists to investigate considering a Category 6

As the Earth warms, more heat energy is available to fuel stronger hurricanes. A new study finds that tropical cyclones are indeed achieving greater peak winds and that the trend will continue into the future.

With this in mind, the two authors of the study, Dr. Michael Wehner and Dr. Jim Kossin — both leading researchers at the intersection of hurricane and climate change research — investigate the question of whether it’s time to add another category — a Category 6 with winds of 192 mph or greater — to the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Ybor Life

7th Ave

DeSantis backs bill banning local governments from allowing people to sleep on public property

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Blacken Fish
Dirty Rice, Stewed Tomatoes and Okra 

 Mr B's Cafe - Ybor Heights

10 best Things to do in Downtown Tampa

DeSantis and Florida GOP targeting kids with cuts to food, healthcare and work protections

“DeSantis and conservative/Trumpian/MAGA public officials” are “disassembling Florida’s social service safety net,” according to an op-ed by Barrington Salmon at the Florida Phoenix.

They are “refusing to allocate money or enough of it for school lunch programs to feed hungry children; rejecting no-strings-attached federal government dollars to expand Medicaid that would allow the state to enroll 1.4 million people; not prioritizing access to quality healthcare; continuing to siphon off money from traditional public schools to give to church-affiliated and private schools, and passing punishing draconian laws to further alienate and marginalize gay, transgender and LGBTQ children and teens,” Salmon writes.

DeSantis supports public sleeping, camping ban

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday announced plans to work with the Florida legislature to craft new policies aimed at banning camping on public streets, sidewalks, and parks across the state.

During a press conference in Miami Beach, DeSantis pledged support for a pair of bills currently under consideration. The companion measures, House Bill 1365 and Senate Bill 1530, would bar local governments and municipalities from authorizing public sleeping or camping.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz To Hold Press Conference On Resolution Exonerating Trump From J6 Involvement

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz will host a press conference tomorrow at 11:45 a.m. ET with 25 members of Congress following the introduction of a Sense of Congress resolution stating that President Donald Trump did not engage in insurrection.

The resolution is co-sponsored by more than 60 members of Congress.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell camp lays out Rick Scott’s plan to outlaw abortion nationwide

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott has a habit of publishing multi-point plans. But now it’s a Democratic opponent publishing a detailed write-up of the Naples Republican’s abortion positions. Senate candidate Debbie Mucarsel-Powell unveiled a fresh attack saying Scott could enact a national abortion ban in a second Senate term.....Read More

Breakaway Music Festival

Breakaway Music Festival 2024
Raymond James Stadium
4201 N. Dale Mbry Hwy., Tampa

Friday, April 26, 2024: 5pm-12am
Saturday, April 27, 2024: 5pm-12am

Tickets HERE

New library card policy goes into effect for Hillsborough County

A new library card system will go into effect Monday at all Hillsborough County libraries. The new policy gives children access to books based on their age, and then by levels inside those age groups. Parents get to choose what card they want their child to have.....Read More

Ron DeSantis Calls For Ilhan Omar To Be EXPELLED From Congress & DEPORTED Over Somalia Claims

Sunday, February 4, 2024

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Chicken Parmesan
With Salad and Cannoli 

NY, NY Pizza - Ybor City

Angry House Republicans Plotting To Remove 'Gaetz Eight' Who Ousted Kevin McCarthy

Ybor Paparazzi

Anthony and Tarshema 
Visiting from Hotlanta
Thanks for letting me take your pic

Nightlife - Ybor City

Senator Shevrin Jones Jumps in the Rotation

COUNTDOWN: Can Trump run down the legal clock before the election?

Candidate Donald Trump faces some extremely bad polling news but, weirdly, he has time on his side.

A series of new polls conducted by  Bloomberg and Morning Consult found that 53 percent of voters in key swing states would refuse to vote for Trump if he were convicted of a criminal offense.

That might sound like bad news for Trump were it not for the fact that more and more, it looks unlikely that there will be time for a trial — and any convictions — before the election.

OFFENSIVE? The WORST censorship effort from Moms For Liberty EVER


What content could be inappropriate in an elementary school library? Moms For Liberty has scored some wins banning books in a few school districts, pushing a handful of books about LGBTQ rights and racial injustice out of schools. Now they’re broadening their net, targeting even books intended for the youngest readers.....Read More