Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Mel Sembler Medical Marijuana Act

The Florida House just held its first vote on legislation to implement Amendment 2 the way Mel Sembler, Calvina Fay and the Drug Free America Foundation see fit. The folks who spent 4 years and over $10 million dollars to deny sick and suffering Floridians access to medical marijuana is now helping draft the language to implement the law that over 71% of us approved. 
Ben Pollara was at the committee meeting in Tallahassee yesterday where the bill was being heard. When it came time for public comment, the first person to stand up was Calvina Fay, the longtime head of the Drug Free America Foundation. She expressed her support for the bill, thanked the sponsor for taking so many of her recommendations, and suggested it could be a model for legislation across the country.
Folks, this bill is bad. If passed, it would basically cancel out the vote we had last fall, if not make the situation worse.
Here's just some of what HB 1397 proposes:
  • Bans smoking, vaporizing and eating medical marijuana.
  • Patients have to wait 90 days to certify.
  • Patients must recertify every 90 days.
  • Creates numerous, new criminal penalties for even minor violations.
  • Patients must sign an "informed consent" document warning them of all the dangers of marijuana use and reminding them it is federally illegal.
This IS NOT what we voted for. This WILL NOT help patients. This IS NOT what the constitution says.
Help Florida for Care fight back today. We need your support to educate members of the legislature so that we can actually pass meaningful implementing legislation. here

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Darren said...

What can be said, our vote means nothing. Absolutely! Option is for anal suppositories and topical ointment. This isn't what I voted for. I pay 19.99/mo. Seen and qualified me as a patient. Cost another 75.00 application fee. The FLORIDA Cartel 75.00x500000 people, that's a big salary. This isn't rocket science. The money is going straight into their hands. Pigman and all the other hypocrites. Alcoholics!!! This is their social and it is acceptable getting a DUI and shove it under the carpet. Involuntary manslaughter, domestic violence whatever. BUTT we are only going to have 6 dispensaries in the whole state! That's ridiculous I would have to drive 200 miles to get to a dispensary and get a supository for 250.00 suppository. for Gods way in nature to take care of his people. I want a refund! $20x5. 175.00 so far for the cartel. Who voted for these dinosaur asses like this! What a faliure! These people are miserably sad. They'll answer whatever maker they have. SPINELESS NO HEART for all of us suffering needlessly.