Tuesday, December 5, 2023

There's Good in Ybor: Fundraiser & Community Rally – Crowbar

Dec 112023 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Crowbar - TIX

Matt Gaetz Is Terrified He'll Be Expelled Next

Jingle Bell Bazaar arrives in Ybor City with a market, gaming truck, and red velvet bakeoff

‘Tis the season to holiday market hop. Beautiful Ybor City will host its 5th annual Jingle Bell Bazaar at Centennial Park (1800 E 8th Avenue) on December 10. Attendees will also be within walking distance of some of my favorite local Ybor spots such as Stone Soup Company and Foundation Coffee Co. The fun goes from 12pm-6pm, and it’s free to attend.....Read More

Rep. Maxwell Frost DROPS Bill That Could END Book Bans FOREVER!

Ron DeSantis says it would take ‘five minutes’ to ‘flatten’ the Bahamas if they attacked Florida

“If people were firing rockets from the Bahamas into like Fort Lauderdale, we would never allow that. I mean, we would flatten them. Within like five minutes, we would flatten them,” he said in Eldridge on Sunday.

Note: the Bahamas has a civilian population of over 417,000

Search warrant obtained in Florida GOP chair case

Ron DeBigot fumes about ‘so many foreigners’ studying at U.S. universities

Florida’s Governor is telling Granite State residents that there are too many “foreigners” at American universities, in his latest appeal to Republican Primary voters.....Read More

City to Award More Lots to Developers for Affordable Housing

Six years after it launched its project to bring affordable homes to our community, the City of Tampa will unveil the third phase of its Infill Housing Program. Eighteen lots will be awarded during Phase III, including some for multi-family housing.....Read More

Tampa Hoods

Ybor Heights

Group calls for charges against Auburndale police sergeant involved in crash that left 5-year-old gi

Rally For Tampa 5

Edgecomb Courthouse 8 AM

Charges dropped on the Tampa 5, Students for a Democratic Society protesters walk free

The Tampa 5 are proud to announce a great victory: their misdemeanor and felony charges will be dropped! This victory was made possible by months of mobilizations of people across the state of Florida, and even across the entire country, in defense of the Tampa 5. It is because of the bravery of students and youth protesters coming out for diversity and for student protest, that these five members of Students for a Democratic Society protesters will not see a single day in prison.....Read More

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Brown Stewed Chicken
With Rice and Platanos

$6.49 Lunch Special 

Hines Caribbean Cuisine
3313 N. Nebraska Ave, Ybor Heights

Tampa's Best Jamaican Food!

Monday, December 4, 2023

Trump posts dictatorship warning

Donald Trump is known for reposting anything and everything that is complimentary or supportive of his political ambitions, but his latest repost takes the cake.

He reshared a post from Florida Representative Cory Mills, linking to an opinion piece that warns the worst is yet to come.

U.S. Senator fears Floridians may be forced to bail out Citizens Property Insurance

He’s the man at the center of a probe into Citizens, Florida’s insurer of last resort.

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse says Floridians may have to shell out thousands to bail out the state-backed company.

VA pausing pension debt collection as lawmakers look into overpayment issue

The Department of Veterans Affairs is pausing the collection of pension debts accrued by thousands of low-income veterans who received notification in the mail as lawmakers say they are looking into the issue.....Read More

1920 Ybor City Welcomes Indie Flea’s Monthly Market in the Upcoming Fall Season

Head over to the Indie Flea, where you can discover the finest food vendors, makers, artists, florists, and more! We are excited to announce our return to Tampa in historic Ybor City, at the newly opened 1920 Club. Mark your calendars from November 2023 to April 2024 for this monthly market extravaganza. Best of all, admission is completely free! Don’t miss out on our first event on November 12th. Calling all vendors, applications are now open!

Save the date for the official market on November 12, Dec 10, Jan 14, Feb 11, Mar 10, and Apr 14. Join us for a family-friendly event that celebrates our local creatives and boosts our economy. Don’t miss out on the impressive turnout, as hundreds of people flock to this monthly market. Discover why Tampa and the greater Tampa area are so extraordinary to live in.

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UNHINGED GOP Declares CIVIL WAR On ITSELF after Latest Vote

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Cigar Review - Perla Del Mar Shade

Ybor Paparazzi


Ybor City | 4th And Angel Dog Park

FSU student group pushes back against university after pro-Palestine rally; demands changes

Credit: Christian Casale

Florida State University’s Students for a Democratic Society plans three demands Monday at the FSU campus, as the group continues concerns over academic freedom and expression, the student code of conduct and the overall Israel-Hamas war.....Read More