Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Florida Legislature Apologizes For Slavery

Sen. Tony Hill, black caucus leader, is spearheading the latest effort behind a proposed resolution apologizing for the state's history of participation in slavery, but has been working with Senate President Ken Pruitt for months on the
Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, cried as curator John Phelps read a sobering history of slavery in Florida.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely ridiculous! What mess we have created. Now, for some unknown reason we feel the need to apologize for every single act in the history of mankind. Where will this nonsense end? Slavery was a part of history
as was many,many events since the beginning of this planet.We as citizens of this country have become "slaves" of our own legal system. I don't hear anyone apologizing to the majority who are simply surviving in this idiotic "politically correct" atmosphere we have created. I want an apology because I have to work to earn a living...............

Anonymous said...

...didn't we go through something like this already? Wasn't the land bought and Liberia founded?? Didn't the African-American settlers then proceed to perpetuate the same wrongs upon African born Africans???

So is this going to turn into yet another money grab for "reparations" despite the fact that the families who profited upon slavery had all of their stuff seized way back when???!

And then what? Bloody revolution, or a group of people who want to practice the same or worse behaviors that they have just complained about happening to people that they have never even met?

So what exactly is the purpose of these apologies? To set the stage for lawsuits??

So how is life in the motherland of Sierra Leone these days!!

Vox Populi said...

yes, no one has apologized to MY (ALL) people yet, EITHER.
Of course, my people (ALL) aren't hanging around spreading bullshit stories that are only half-truths at BEST and playing race cards that have no basis in reality, don't belong in the fucking deck and don't belong to THEM, at all.
Their history of slavery only goes back as far as it suits their story.
Which just pisses off anyone who wakes up and thinks for the daily exercise. LOL