Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heather Lawrence Of Spring Hill

Didn't know the name of the girl with the Muslim head covering, or where she was from. But as Lawrence walked by a classroom at Springstead High School on Wednesday, the 16-year-old junior did know one thing: The girl wasn't standing for the Pledge of

Lawrence, an JROTC member plans to enlist in the Army next summer. Don't do it Heather.
Kate's Take


Anonymous said...

If you actually read the story, you'd know that Heather Lawrence lied about the girl sitting duurning the Pledge of Allegiance. She only said that to justify her own racsim. What a b*tch.

Vox Populi said...

stogie, why do you continually give attention to useless and trite whores?
It feeds exactly what we're trying to squelch.
ANY ATTENTION is good attention to these whore types. Even if you throw dog shit at them .... something I learned from Tampa: serially ignore those cunts.
It just about makes them do backflips which is QUITE amusing.

Ain't nuttin like live entertainment.

You need to design me a tshirt with a fine ass on the back of it and tampa's back door on the front of it. I don't really like tshirts, though.

I DO have one that says 'tampa gangstalking capital of america' .....

Which is a halftruth. Tampa's not really competent at anything ....

But it was a pretty fucking awesome place until pam slithered up there....

hey I caught that whole pam iorio, pam bondi, mark ober, kate shitface robinson connection to king high school.


Do they all have tits bought at the expense of innocent soldiers' lives too????

just curious.

Pam and her big dog follow me around sometimes. You could call that crazy but there's the TROUBLING VIDEO OF IT.

So, it was really no surprise when kate turned out to be an online stalker.

Injunctionable. But, why bother?
It must be hard enough being so desperate for attention that you'll blog FOR PEOPLE TO DIE or any other little scummy thang that crosses your radar.

Thanks for the use of your platform, stogie.