Sunday, May 29, 2011

Police Brutality At The Jefferson Memorial

On May 28, 2011 Television host Adam Kokesh and several other activists participating in a flash-mob were arrested at the publicly-funded Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Their crime? Silently dancing, in celebration of the first amendment's champion; a clear violation of their right to free-expression. In an excessive use of force, video was captured of Adam being body slammed and placed in a choke for his non-crime.

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Scott Barrish said...

It is clearly stated that within the memorial you cannot demonstrate or hold a rally et al. They were clearly warned before arrests were made. Then they resisted arrest and the officers used the force continuum properly in effecting said arrests.

The only part that I disagreed with was the choke hold on the one individual. Not a single agency in the local area approves that I'm sure most if not near all agencies in the country do not approve of such a technique.