Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bigots In The Hillsborough County Commission

Organizers of this year's GaYBOR Days have received a proclamation from Mayor Bob Buckhorn. Even President Barack Obama's office has sent one. But it doesn't look like Hillsborough County Commissioners will send one after five of the commissioners declined to sign a proclamation for this year's 4-day festival.
Earlier this month, Terry (#1 Bigot) Kemple, who is a member of the county's Human Relations Board, sent an email to all the commissioners warning them that signing such a proclamation would violate county policy.

Kevin Beckner, along with Commissioner Les Miller, are the only board members to have signed a proclamation for this year's GaYBOR Days.

The five commissioners who did not sign this year's proclamation are

Sandy Murman, Victor Crist, Al Higginbotham, Ken Hagan and Mark Sharpe.
What Happens When You Don't Vote!

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Scott D. Barrish, BSW said...

Personally, I can care less what two people do in the privacy of their home in regards to sexual orientation...

What I have a problem with are these events that are supposed to bring awareness to the gay community, yet actually have negative results to the community!

For example, walking all over town in x rated costumes, vulgar language, sex toys on display, etc. ... . SERIOUSLY? Do straight people around the country have parades and walk around town in the same?

If anything, it makes the gay community become more of an outcast than being accepted by the mainstream. And until they get this, then this dichotomy will remain.