Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Free The Vote, Awake The State Rally

Voting should be fair and accessible for all. But ask 102-year-old Desiline Victor, who waited three hours to vote at her precinct in North Miami if Florida’s elections are fair and accessible. She’ll likely tell you “no.” It’s time to eliminate the unnecessary barriers imposed by Gov. Rick Scott and his legislative allies that prevented an estimated 201,000 Floridians from casting a ballot in 20121. Enough already. Ms. Victor joined First Lady Michelle Obama at last night’s State of the Union address to lend her voice to the call to fix Florida’s broken elections. Will you join us at a rally on March 5th during Gov. Scott’s State of the State address to lend your voice to this rising chorus?
Sign up for a Free The Vote, Awake The State rally near you today, or organize one in your community.
 Gaslight Park, Downtown Tampa
410 N. Franklin Street, Tampa
Sen. Jeff Brandes' District Office
3637 4th Street North, St. Petersburg

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