Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hillsborough County Commissioner's Same Old Bullshit

The County Commission wants to add a half-cent sales tax to the ballot for 2016 and they only want 25% for transit and a guaranteed 60% for road maintenance and building. It's so much more of the same. Also, despite a $100 million dollar surplus this year, the Commission won't give anything at all to transit. $10 million dollars and we could have a high speed ferry system. $30 million and we could double the budget for HART. It's time for change! 
 Oh yeah - the consultants now have made $1.25 million.
Pat Kemp

"GO Hillsborough" was all a sham!
Check this out!

Hillsborough County we have to 
rid ourselves of our Right Wing Infestation,
Kevin Beckner can not do it alone! 
Where is Pam Iorio? We want her back!

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