Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Environmentalists Protect The Morris Bridge Sink

Contact Swfwmd NOW by email, or phone, and tell them not to use Morris Bridge sink water and grant a 90 day extension to discuss solutions.
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"Thank you to all our great environme ntalists who stood up to protect the Morris Bridge Sink. Everyone had the same message: Sierra Club opposes the permit to pump water from the Morris Bridge Sink. Speaking in opposition was Phil Compton, Sierra Club, Mary Elizabeth Figg, Rick Garrity, Jan Platt, Sid Flannery, Janet Dougherty, the new Director of the Environmental Protection Commission and Chet Joyner." 
Pat Kemp
If we remember correctly they built The Tampa Bypass Canal 
(Destroying Six Mile Creek)  to keep the river from flooding.
 So why now do we have to take the water from The Morris Bridge Sink?

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