Tuesday, March 8, 2016

John Morgan On Tallahassee Window Dressing

The Florida Senate passed HB 307 on a bipartisan 28-11 vote. HB 307 is meant to expand current medical marijuana laws to allow terminally ill patients the use medical marijuana.
Attorney John Morgan, United for Care's Chairman, said, "Once again, Tallahassee politicians are putting their own campaigns before medical science and the rights of doctors. This law would do nothing for people like my brother, a quadriplegic, or any other person who has intractable pain. It does nothing to help cancer patients who need marijuana to counter the affects of chemo. It does nothing for our solders with PTSD or patients with MS. The bill is typical Tallahassee window dressing, designed more to help with campaigns than serve as a true means of access for those that need it. Hospice centers have another drug. It's called morphine."

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