Friday, April 22, 2016

Mel Sembler Wants To Save Your Brain

Today, The Tampa Bay Times reported that Mel Sembler plans to raise at least 10 million to to kill proposed Amendment 2, Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions. In response, 
Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager at United for Care stated:
Mel Sembler can spend whatever he wants to try and deny sick and suffering Floridians relief in the form of medical marijuana, but the will of the people is stronger than his money. Mr. Sembler and his allies tried this once already in 2014, they spent $7.5 million dollars attacking medical marijuana and while they were successful in defeating the amendment, an overwhelming, 58% majority of voters still voted “yes”.
The misleading campaign Sembler oversaw in 2014 won’t work again in 2016. This version of Amendment 2 received unanimous approval by the Florida Supreme Court. Editorial boards of Florida newspapers that opposed Amendment 2 in 2014 now endorse it in 2016. The most prominent and visible opponents in 2014 - the Florida Sheriff’s Association - hasn’t yet taken a position this year.
The opposition is going to have to create a new set of lies to oppose Amendment 2. The people of Florida will see through those lies. United for Care will wage a statewide campaign to counter Sembler’s dishonest attacks, and medical marijuana will pass in November.

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Florida millennials please note. This guy is 85 years old and a republican, he will be gone soon and you will have to live with his bull shit. In 2014 we got 58%. VOTE in 2016 and make it happen!

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Dennis Zisman said...

2014 lowest voter turnout in 70 years and still we saw 58%, what does that say about this upcoming presidential?