Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tampa City Council Stop Wasting Our Money On Consultants

We will give you this advice for free. Head on down to the Robert W. Saunders, Sr. Library and check out their display of what I4 and I275 did to Tampa.  The county spent all that money on consultants for 
GO Hillsborough and what did that get us? The start of the solution is simple. Buy the CSX tracks and some trains. Is someone on the council also in bed with 
Beth Leytham? here
City Council remember you work for us, not FDOT. The state tried taking away the power of cities with Fracking and they lost. You want to keep your jobs or move up? Check this out!
Huntersville NC. Mayor Jill Swain and two town commissioners were booted from office because of residents’ anger about the state’s plans to widen Interstate 77 with toll lanes. here

If FDOT wants to go to war with Tampa, bring it on!


Anonymous said...

YEA, you guys always tell it like it is!!

Anonymous said...

Follow the $$$!

Anonymous said...

Right on!!

Jim said...

We just have to wait and see. If they do hire a consulting firm, which one they hire and who suggested it. Then we will know who is sleeping with who.

Anonymous said...

Show me the money! They are all corrupt. We need to kick them all out and start over!