Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Is Susan Smith And Deborah Mary Newell Leaving The Democratic Party?

"Count me in that (one-third of voters). I'm going to vote for Alan Grayson in Florida's August primary for Senate, then I'm out of the Democratic Party for good. Same thing with the husband and both voting-age sons. Well-done, Democratic Party! I'm hard-pressed to think of a more disappointing, corrupt establishment purporting to represent "progress". Deborah Mary Newell

"I came close to leaving the Democratic Party in 2010 over its ineptitude. If what I heard this afternoon is true--that someone in the Miami Dade Democratic Party is trying to push Senator Dwight Bullard out of his Senate run--then that could be it for me. Senator Bullard is a champion for women, minorities, low-income communities and the public schools. He is a progressive hero. If the party tries to push him out to make room for (yet another) former Republican, I will be done." Susan Smith

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