Thursday, June 30, 2016

America This Is Your Florida. Do Something About It. Help Us

Algae is everywhere in the southern part of the Treasure Coast, and it's spreading.  Last weekend, all public beaches in Martin County, and many in St. Lucie County, were closed. Ocean waters turned emerald green. here

Rick Scott and the Florida GOP are in the sugar industry's pocket. This is the stuff of destitute Third World backwaters.  This is Rick Scott's Florida.  This is "Big Sugar's" Florida.  This is our Florida.  America, this is your Florida.  Do something about it. Help us. The nation as a whole needs to hear more about this. A national spotlight needs to be shined on the likes of Scott and the sugar industry, with the clear message: in the wake of our own Love Canal, our own Three Mile Island, these people chose the status quo. And as a result, a beautiful coastal region that ought to be a national treasure has been turned into a toilet.
Tourist and locals beware: The toxins can cause nausea and vomiting if swallowed. Touching can lead to a rash and breathing may lead hay fever symptoms. Liver disease is linked to drinking water with toxins.

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